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Introducing our very own collection of exquisite pie humor. Gorge on our best jokes about pie that'll make you hungry for more.

We have them all- pumpkin pie jokes, apple pie jokes, pi jokes, and many more; be it pi-rates or the math pi, these funny pie jokes for kids and all will have you and your friends peeling with laughter.

Did you know the word 'pie' comes from the bird 'magpie', which is a bird that used to collect random objects for its nest? This was because, in medieval times, pies were usually made out of a random assortment of meats—chicken, rabbit, crows, beef, etc. In ancient Rome, the pie crusts were tough and were used only to keep the filling warm and fresh. Pies were so famous in 17th Century England that Oliver Cromwell decided to ban mince pies because they were costly. Nowadays, luckily, pies have been permitted. We get edible crusts, and pastry chefs continue to bake with a variety of sweet and savory fillings. Besides innumerable hilarious pie jokes, did you know pies are also used as props for slapstick humor? Since Ben Turpin received a cream pie to the face in the 1909 film Mr Flip, throwing a pie at someone's face became usual in comedy films. It made the audience roll on the floor, laughing!

Pie jokes can also include funny pi jokes, pi day jokes, pie chart jokes, apple jokes, baking jokes, fall jokes, and many more! So, who doesn't like a slice of tasty pie with a dollop of ice cream? We know, we do - a lot! Sit back and enjoy our carefully curated list of these tastefully funny food jokes about pie. We hope that you find that perfect pie joke you are looking for!

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Fruit Pie Jokes

Fruity pies jokes make people full and happy

Everyone will crave a slice of these fruity pie jokes:

1. Why did the cherry pie and apple pie break up? They were having crust issues.

2. Why did the apple pie go to the dentist? It needed a filling.

3. How did the apple go to the pie shop? On a pie-cycle.

4. How did the audience cheer the Apple Pie for its sensational performance? With apple-ause! Encore!

5. What is the most beautiful pie? A pumpkin pie, since it is gourd-geous!

6. What did the apple tell the pie? You have some crust on you.

7. What was the scarecrow's contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner pot-luck? A Straw-berry pie.

8. If five kids can eat ten apple pies in an hour, how many pies can two kids eat? Zero since the five kids ate all the pies.

9. What would you name a pizza with pineapples as toppings? A pie-napple pizza.

10. What did the cherry pie say at the end of fall dinner? Good-pie!

11. Who will you call to bake the tastiest apple pies? Granny Smith.

12. What is the most important thing to put in a slice of cherry pie? Your teeth!

13. What will happen to a person with a banana allergy if they eat a banana cream pie? They'll have a banana-phylactic shock.

14. Why did the apple pie become red? It interrupted the salad dressing.

15. Why should we not disturb a fashion designer when they're eating apple pie and ice cream? Because they're a la mode.

16. Why shouldn't you overeat pumpkin pie during Fall? You will get autummy ache.

17. What would you call an apple pie train? A puff pastry.

18. What did you call a pie with a short temper? A crab apple pie.

19. What made the apple pie cry? Someone had hurt its peelings.

Dessert Pie Jokes

What's better than a round of these funny jokes on pie after a hearty dinner?

20. Why was everyone sad for the Thanksgiving dessert? It had ex-pie-red!

21. What did the banshee get for Halloween dessert? Boo-berry pie and I-scream!

22. What is the name of Mario's most favorite dessert? Princess Peach Pie!

23. How would the dessert propose to his girlfriend? By saying "Pie love you berry much."

24. What will happen if you mix an apple pie with a Christmas tree? You'll get a pine-apple pie.

25. What did the monkey get for Thanksgiving dessert? A banana cream pie.

26. What did the pie tell his wife? I will never dessert you.

27. What do you call a street full of pies? A desserted street.

28. How was the Thanksgiving sweet potato pie? Absolutely yamtastic!

29. What did George Washington like for his Thanksgiving dessert? A cherry pie.

30. What made the dessert excited? Winning the first pies in the competition.

Pie-Rate Jokes

Keep these jokes safe. They are your hidden treasure!

31. What do you call a sailor who loots desserts? A pie-rate.

32. Did you hear of the pastries that used to terrorize the West Indies? They are the Pie-rates of the Caribbean.

33. What happened to the sailor who changed into a pumpkin pie? He became a squash-buckling pie-rate.

34. What would you call the dessert menu full of pies? Treasure Hunters, since it has all the Pie-Rates.

35. Did you know I have a pie truck that I drive around town? The pumpkin pie is $4, and the meat pie is for $8. These are the Pie-Rates of the Car I Be In!

Timeless Pie Jokes

Pie is not only tasty, but these pie jokes are very funny too.

Are you pie-ning for some good jokes? Here you go!

36. How does an Egyptian like his Pie? Any way mummy makes it.

37. What do you call a pie that loves to go to the gym? A buff pastry.

38. What did the pie yell when it heard a knock at the bathroom cubicle? Occu-pied!

39. Who saved the town from the Pie Attack? The Pie'd Piper of Hamlin.

40. What is a pie's favorite sort of event? A meat and grit.

41. What do you call a dessert that flies a plane? A pie-lot.

42. Why did the other pies stop playing with Pecan Pie during recess? Because it was nuts.

43. What do you call a baker who invented a new way to bake a pie? A pie-oneer.

44. What happened to the snake that ate a whole pie? It became a pie-thon!

45. What is the most critical part of a pie? The fork you put in to eat it with.

46. Where will Dorothy calculate the weight of her dessert? Somewhere over the rainbow, Weigh a pie!

47. What is a shark's favorite dessert? Octo-pie!

48. How did the ghost scold her child when she ate her cherry pie really fast? Quit goblin up your dessert!

49. What does Kane not like for dessert? Earl Abel Pie.

50. Which band did the Pie like the most? S-pie-ce Girls.

51. Why did the man eat a Pecan Pie in the bank? Because the man wanted to eat rich food.

52. How do you cure a person with a pie allergy? Use an E-pie pen on them.

53. Did you hear of the man who robbed a pie shop? He was put into custardy.

54. What do you call a pie ghost that keeps returning? A boo-meringue.

55. How was the pie with fish innards? Cod offal!

56. What do you feel after having a lot of tasty pie? Hap-pie!

57. What happens when you take out the p from pie? It explains itself.

58. Name the sailor who loves spinach pie? Po-pie the Sailor Man!

59. What did the scientist use for his pie experiment? A peach-tree dish.

60. What can a full pie do that half a pie can't? Look round.

61. Why was the potato pie a part of so many arguments? Because it was full of agi-taters.

62. What did the barkeep say to the pie? "Sorry, but we don't serve food here."

63. What type of eel hits your eye like a big pizza pie? A Moray!

Math Jokes About Pi

Lighten up your Math class with these pi jokes.

64. A mathematician's favorite dessert is? A Pi.

65. How many cooks do you need to bake a pie? 3.14

66. When does the local pi shop close? Rarely, it is open 22/7.

67. How do you compliment a math nerd? Just call them a "qt pi".

68. What would you gift a math teacher on their birthday? A 3.14-pound pie.

69. What was Newton's most favorite dessert? An apple pi.

70. How do you pay your math teacher? With pi.

71. What will happen if one divides an ice cream bowl's circumference by the diameter? You'll get a pi a la mode.

72. What did the Home Science teacher say when the Math teacher said pi r square? She agitatedly responded: No, pies are not square, they are only round.

73. What do you get if you weigh half a pumpkin pi? 1.57 pounds.

74. How far is the nearest pie shop? Only 3.14 miles.

75. Why couldn't the math teacher ration his pie stock? Because "Pi is irrational".

76. What happens if you divide the sun's circumference by its diameter? A pi in the sky!

77. What would you call a film DVD with 3.14 stars? A pi-rated movie.

78. Why should someone never speak to a pi? He will go on forever.

79. Did you know why the roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was called Sir Cumference? This was because he had way too much pumpkin pi.

80. Why did the police take away pumpkin pi's driver's license? Because he did not know when to stop.

81. What is a flock of sheep standing in a circle called? A shepherd's pi.

82. Who was the detective that solved the math problem? Magnum PI.

83. What is Pi Day's official mascot? A pi-thon.

84. Did you know overeating pie is not a sin? Because the sin of pi is always zero.

85. What will a pie chart on procrastination look like? I'm still planning to make it.

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