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Your social media feeds are full to the brim with wacky and wonderful ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained during the lockdown... but what about your teenagers? While finding ways to keep up with toddlers energy can be hard, finding something to entertain your teen can be an even bigger challenge. Podcasts may just be the solution for you! Bag yourself some time away from the screens and engage your listening skills together - this could be some really valuable family time to explore the weird wonders of the world together with your teens.

In Our Time

In Our Time offers a huge array of choice when it comes to topics for podcasts. You could listen to Melvyn Bragg talk about history, culture, philosophy, religion or science. While these podcasts get released weekly on a Thursday there is a huge archive of them on the BBC Radio 4 website so you can gorge yourself on all the education you desire. Find something that interests you in these engaging podcasts about all elements of the world.

Stuff You Should Know

This thrilling podcast on iHeart Radio offers you answers to the big question such as: 'How COVID-19 works', 'Could a Robot Tax Win the War on Poverty?' and 'Was there a real King Arthur' - all the things that keep you awake at night! While their posts are sporadic, it seems they update and post podcasts in most days of the week. Plus there is a huge backlog of episodes that you could get listening to now.

Teen Girl Talk

If your adolescent girl is crazy about movies and books, then this podcast for teens that explores all things media and offers movie reviews and book recommendations could be just the thing. You could get your teen listening to podcasts before turning to a book she's just listened to a podcast about - result! New episodes are not uploaded at a set time but Teen Girl Talk guarantee new content every week so keep checking for those new episodes.

Science Friday

Known as 'Sci Fri' to its fans, this is the best podcast for curious science lovers. They will show you the latest discoveries and talk all things science. Plus, you guessed it, they upload every Friday! Pop a little science in your schedule and learn about issues such as 'How Humboldt Squid Talk to Each Other in the Dark' or ask yourself, 'Do you have the 'Right Stuff' to be an Astronaut?' Sci Fri has all the answers!


It can be hard to find a reliable and relatable podcast series but Kevin Cassidy, the lead editor and creator of the GoNintendo website, has not missed a week in over a decade so you are guaranteed fresh content every week on Nintendo News, the release of new Nintendo games and off-the-wall humour. Posted every Saturday, plus over 750 episodes already made, this could be your go-to podcast about video games fun for all the family.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

While you don't need to be a history lover to get hooked on this, you might be after the first episode. This thrilling podcast focuses on weird events, overlooked stories and unrepresented groups throughout time. While your kids won't be in their actual history class, bring the history to them at home. A great popular series that is educational, too. What more could you ask for?

The Mindful Kind

Rachel Kable hosts the top-rated mindfulness podcast for people of all ages. With fresh new content on 'Dealing with Anxiety During Coronavirus' and 'Coping with Self-Isolation', this could be the ideal podcast to keep the whole family calm and healthy. Mindfulness is such a key component to living a happy life and this might be just the time to introduce it into your schedule. Kable already has over 200 episodes archived on her website, and has even given a list of her best old episodes that could help you in a time of lockdown, so no need to wait for her new releases. Check out her website now!

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Wait Wait... Don't Tell me!

NPR presents a series that brainy teens will love. It's a combination of news and comedy that involves recurring segments about current affairs and even a weekly celebrity guest! This quiz show will bring the whole family together while you have a laugh and try to answer the latest news questions while you sort the fact from the fiction. Just beware that jokes can sometimes get a bit off-colour so make sure your teens are mature enough to handle them.

Ted Talks Daily Podcasts

Your favourite educational YouTube channel now brings you daily updates from people all over the world. There is a topic for everyone in this huge archive of podcasts, plus with new content everyday you are sure to find something that takes your fancy. While episodes can range from 6-52 minutes, you are sure to find something that suits everyone's attention levels - they might even be binge-worthy!

The Unstoppable Teen

Kevin Mincher presents a 'Home of Help for Teenagers, Parents & Educators' and could help your family experience more achievement and happiness. With topics like '3 essentials elements of teen health' and 'Top 10 employability skills for young people', this could be a great way to get your children on the road to success. Listen together and earn valuable tips on how to motivate and help your kids through the trials and tribulations of the outside world and even find one for yourself in the midst of the parenting podcasts.

The Breakfast Club

Hearing this, most people's minds will automatically jump to the 80s movie starring Molly Ringwald but alas, this is an extremely woke and informative podcast which discusses pop culture and political madness. The particular focus of this series is on race and diversity and what is sensitive and insensitive in today's world. They brand themselves 'The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show' and is the perfect show for teens and parents who are determined to stay 'down with the times'.

Brain Stuff

These short episodes that explore the world around us are the best podcasts for tweens. With all podcasts less than 10 minutes, this could be a nice food for thought that you and your child could use to break up the day. Check back for new content that gets posted almost everyday - this could be just what you need to add to your routine!

What's Good Games

A relatively new series that has been brought to the public by 3 female co-hosts. In the male dominated world of video games these women bring to light a unique and refreshing female perspective. Their podcasts are in the format of YouTube videos but since the video footage is just of them talking to each other there is no reason not to treat it like an audio-only podcast. If you have young gamers in the house this could be the best way to get them off the consoles and listening to radio.

The Moth

This podcast offers informative real-life stories of important elements of the world. Content is released every Tuesday which include re-airs of all new episodes and archived stories from the past two decades. Dive into 'International Women's Month: Carol Spencer' to talk all things feminism or stories about learning to co-exist in a podcast called 'Togetherness'. A insight into the lives and stories of real people to inspire all.

The Best of Youth Sports

This podcast for teens is everything sport related. Specifically designed for youth listeners you could have your sports fans listening in to content related to youth sports topics. There are only 16 episodes posted in this podcast so far but there may be more content on its way. They pride themselves on providing the best youth entertainment while also supporting athletes and their journeys.



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