Best Pokemon Facts That Will Inspire You To Catch 'Em All

Boy holding out a Pokeball.

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Pokemon has been a household name since the '90s and has only continued to grow since.

Pokemon is the highest grossing franchise of all time, currently valued at 92.121 billion dollars. From highly valued merchandise to memes, the face of Pikachu has spread everywhere on the planet but we're not mad about it!

Here is a list of 25 facts all Pokemon lovers will enjoy.

Where It All Began

View of a landscape of Japan, looking out at Mount Fuji.
Image © David Edelstein, Unsplash

What are the origins of this huge phenomenon? These facts will tell you all about the Pokémon background story that led to the franchise we know and love today.

1.Japanese gaming enthusiast Satoshi Tajiri created Pokemon in 1995, however, his passion for catching them all started when he was a young boy. Tajiri's favourite hobby as a child was collecting many different types of insects. He was so enamoured by these creatures that his classmates gave him the nickname "Mr Bug".

2.Tajiri always wanted to be an entomologist (someone who studies bugs) but growing up in the '80s also meant spending a lot of time in the arcades. Gaming took over his life to the point where he almost failed high school due to skipping class to play Space Invaders. Fortunately, he found a way to merge these two interests and thus Pokemon was created.

3.Along with his friend Ken Sugimori, Tajiri created a production company called Game Freak that have since produced all of the Pokemon games as well as many more successful creations.

4.Contrary to popular belief, the first Pokemon ever created was not Pikachu! The original Pokemon to be designed was Rhydon, the Drill Pokemon, whose design was based on a rhino.

5.The original name of the franchise was Pocket Monsters, eventually shortened to the name we know it as today.

Gaming Glory

Pokemon game on a blue Nintendo Gameboy held up in front o a blue background.

Working alongside Nintendo for the last 20 or so years, Pokemon has created some of the most successful and iconic video games ever. Here is some Pokemon trivia about the many different games that have come out over the years.

6.Pokemon is the second highest selling video game franchise of all time, coming in second to another Nintendo creation; Mario. As of 2019, the company has sold around 340 million units, including spin off games. The hit app Pokemon Go! has over one billion downloads, making it the most popular mobile game ever.

7.Pokemon video games are usually released in sets. The first three versions of the game came out in 1996 for Japanese audiences. They were Pokemon Red and Green, with a special release of Pokemon Blue. The commercial success in Japan allowed Pokémon Red and Blue to be introduced in the wider world. Since then they have released sixteen other sets of video games.

8.Video games are not the only thing Pokemon have taken over, they also have an incredibly successful trading card game. In fact, they are the second biggest trading card game in the world, second only to the wildly popular Japanese franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! They have sold 25.7 billion cards and also run an online trading card tournament where players all over the world can battle each other.

9.In every version of the video games, you can find the latest Nintendo console (at the time of release) in the player's bedroom, a fun Easter egg for eagle-eyed fans of the company.

10.The height and weight statistics for each Pokemon are nothing more than fun pieces of trivia, they don't actually affect the Pokemon's performance in battle. The largest, heaviest Pokemon could be beaten by the smallest given the right skill and strategy of the player. The complicated logic and planning it takes to beat your opponent is the kind of engaging content that keeps gamers returning to the world of Pokemon after all these years.

Cool Characters

Figurines of famous video game characters, such as Sonic the hedgehog.
Image © Ryan Quintal, Unsplash

There are so many unique characters within this franchise whether it's based on a deep sea monster or a bag of rubbish, there's a Pokemon for everything. Here are five Pokemon fun facts about some of the iconic characters we know and love.

11.Koffing and Weezing, the two Poison Gas Pokemon were originally going to be named "Ny" and "La", after the smoggy cities New York and Los Angeles.

12.The first generation of the franchise included 150 different Pokemon. As the storyline of the games and anime expanded, so did the number of characters created. Today there are 807 kinds of Pokemon, it would take a very long time to catch them all!

13.It's hard to imagine anyone other than the most popular Pokemon, Pikachu, being the adorable face of the franchise but Clefairy, the pink fairy Pokemon, was almost picked to be the mascot. The creators found that audiences responded better to the cute but electrifying design so they chose Pikachu.

14.Ash Ketchum, the main character of the anime, always wears rubber gloves and a rubber belt. This is to keep him safe from Pikachu's electricity as Pikachu prefers to travel on Ash's shoulders instead of staying inside a PokeBall as all the other Pokemon do.

15.One of the main themes of the anime series is friendship. As we follow Ash along his adventures, there are eleven side characters that join him at various stages of this journey. Much like in Doctor Who, these companions come and go as the story progresses.

Amazing Anime

Family sat on the sofa eating popcorn ready to watch anime.

Along with the major success of the games, Pokemon has taken over another set of screens with a plethora of films and anime series.

16.Pokemon is the longest running video game spin-off series, with the first episode of the anime "I Choose You!" airing on Japanese television in 1997. Having aired 23 successful seasons over the last two decades, this adventure still shows no sign of slowing down.

17.There are over 1,000 episodes of the Pokemon anime to be watched. This show is credited with increasing the popularity of anime in general across the Western world as well as having a beneficial effect on the sales for the game series.

18.Although the show's catchphrase is "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" the main character of the anime, Ash Ketchum, has only captured 80 of the 807 Pokemon out there.

19.As of 2019, there are 22 full length Pokemon films, only one of which is live-action. The first film, "Pokemon The First Movie: MewTwo Strikes Back," was released in 1998 with huge success. Netflix has recently created a remake of this film, 21 years after its original release this story is still making an impact.

20.Ash Ketchum is actually voiced by a female actress. In the subbed version of the anime, we hear the voice of Veronica Taylor. She also lent her talents to the character of Ash's mother and May. After season eight she left the job and another female actress, Sarah Natochenny, got the role.

Really Random

Group of friends sat on the sofa each playing games on their smartphone.

Pokemon has transcended from the fictional universe and made a huge impact on the world we live in. Here are some funny Pokemon facts that you might not believe...

21.The most expensive Pokemon trading card is the ultra-rare Pikachu Illustrator card. There are only an estimated 20 - 40 of these cards in existence, made as prizes for an illustration competition in 1998. You'll have to save up a lot of pocket money to grab one of these cards, one sold in July 2020 for $250,000!

22.The largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia belongs to super-fan Lisa Courtney. As of 2017, she owns a record 17,127 unique pieces of Pokemon merchandise. She has made several trips to Japan for the sole purpose of adding more items to her collection.

23.In 2017 Japanese scientists found a new kind of protein that has some electric properties, they named it "Pikachurin". That sounds oddly familiar...

24.In 2001 the South Pacific Island of Nuie printed Pokemon on their money. Their $1 coin featured their national coat of arms on one side and a picture of Pikachu on the other. It makes for an interesting game of heads or tails!

25.There is so much lore and backstory in the fantasy world of Pokemon that there is a whole online encyclopaedia based solely on the franchise called Bulbapedia, after Bulbasaur the Seed Pokemon. Here you can find out anything you would ever like to know about Pokemon.



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