100 Best Polish Girls' Names With Meanings

Baby sitting in the park with her teddy bear might be named using our Polish girls' names.

Choosing a name for your baby is an incredibly personal decision, and with so many lovely names out there, it can be hard to narrow it down.

Poland has a wealth of beautiful names for girls. In this list, we've gathered together 100 of our favourites along with their meanings for you to browse and get inspired by.

What Is The Most Popular Girl Name in Poland?

The Polish language has an incredible variety of names. Some are variations on popular names heard throughout Europe, while others are uniquely their own. The most common name for girls and women in Poland is Anna, but Julia, Maja, Zuzanna and Lena have been favourites among Polish parents in the last couple of years. All of those have made it on to this list, along with plenty of more unusual choices.

Do All Polish Girl Names End With A?

Unlike English names, which can often be given to both boys and girls, names in Poland are clearly male or female. Boy names in Poland usually end in consonants, like Piotr, the most common Polish name in 2020, while girl names end  in -a, like Alicija. Many Polish baby names have versions for boys and girls, such as Czeslaw for a boy and Czeslawa for a girl. Girls' names ending in -a can often be turned into a loving nickname by adding -ka at the end. For example, the name Irena becomes Irenka.

In this list, we've gathered together some of the best Polish girls' names from Adela to Zuzanna for you to browse. Some are traditional Polish baby names that have been around since the middle ages, while others have recently been topping the "Most popular baby girl names" lists in Poland. They're arranged in alphabetical order, so if you're looking for girl names starting with a specific letter, it's easy to jump ahead in the list.

Polish Girls' Names Starting With A-H

In this section of our list you'll find a wide variety of Polish girl names beginning with the letters A-H.

1. Adela: noble. Related to the English names Adele and Adelaide.

2. Adelajda: noble person. It's the Polish spelling of Adelaide.

3. Adrianna: person from Adria. A Polish name saying someone is from northern Italy.

4. Agata: virtuous; good. A classic among Polish baby girl names.

5. Agnieszka: pure; holy. Agnieszka is the Polish form of the girls' name Agnes.

6. Aldona: old. This Polish baby name once belonged to a queen.

7. Aleksandra: defender of men. This local form of Alexandra has become one of the most popular names in Poland in the last few years.

8. Alicja: noble. A Polish version of Alice, and one of the most popular names in Poland.

9. Alina: bright and beautiful. A popular name all over Poland and Russia.

10. Amelia: work. One of the most popular Polish girls' names.

11. Andzelika: angel. Polish version of the name Angelica.

12. Aneta: favour; grace. This Polish name comes from the same root as Anna.

13. Aniela: gracious; merciful. This baby name is a Polish original.

14. Antonina: priceless; praiseworthy. This name has been very popular in Poland in recent years.

15. Apolonia: sun. Well-known in Poland, it comes from the name of the Greek sun god, Apollo.

16. Basia: foreigner. A form of Barbara, this Polish girls' name can also be spelt Basha.

17. Beata: blessed. Several saints in Poland have had this name.

18. Bogna: given by God. Female version of the Polish boys' name Bogdan.

19. Celestyna: heavenly. Comes from the Latin word for heavenly.

20. Czeslawa: glory. One of the traditional Slavic names.

21. Dagmara: day maiden. Another of the traditional Slavic names.

22. Danuta: gift from God. Polish religious name.

23. Daria: sea; king. Some say this Polish girls' name is a female form of Darius, an ancient king, while others say it comes from the Persian word for the sea.

24. Dorota: gift of God. A Polish name for Dorothy.

25. Dosia: giving to God or gift of God. Often used as a nickname for the longer girls' names Teodozja and Dorota.

26. Ela: my God is an oath. Short and sweet, this baby name is the Polish nickname for Elizabeth.

27. Elzbieta: my God is an oath. Polish form of Elizabeth.

28. Estera: myrtle leaf. This Biblical Polish name is a version of Esther.

29. Felka: lucky; happy. A traditional baby name in Poland.

30. Gaja: earth. A Polish version of Gaia.

31. Gizela: pledge; promise. This baby name is similar to Giselle.

32. Grazyna: grace; beauty. A unique baby name invented  by a Polish poet.

33. Halina: bright; shining or calm. Polish form of the names Helena, meaning bright, and Galina, a popular Russian name meaning calm.

34. Hanna: grace; favour. Polish spelling of the Hebrew name Hannah.

35. Henrieta: home ruler. Female version of Henry, often shortened to Yetta.

Polish Girls' Names Starting With I-O

In this section of our list, we've collected some of the best Polish girl names beginning with letters I to O, including traditional girls' names and their nicknames as well as some more unusual baby names.

1. Inga: protected by Ing (one of the Norse gods). It's also often used in Poland as a nickname for other names ending with -ga.

2. Irena: peace. This Polish girl name can also be spelt Irenka.

3. Iza: my God is an oath. Pet name for Izabela.

4. Izabela: my God is an oath. This Polish form of Isabella comes from the same root as Elizabeth, and is often shortened to Iza.

5. Jadwiga: battle. A traditional Polish girls' name.

6. Jadzia: battle. This is a pet name for Jadwiga, one of the more traditional names in Poland.

7. Jagoda: berry. This Polish girls' name can also be used as a pet name for the traditional female name Jadwiga.

8. Jolanta: violet flower. The Polish form of Yolanda.

9. Julia: youthful. Also often found spelt Yulia.

10. Justyna: righteous; just. This popular baby name is a Polish spelling of Justine or Justina.

11. Kalina: viburnum, a tree with white and pink flowers.

12. Katarzyna: pure. A Polish form of the names Catherine or Katerina.

13. Karina: pure or beloved. Well-known among Polish girls' names, it's usually used as a short form of Katarzyna, meaning pure, but it can also be a Polish spelling of Carina, meaning beloved.

14. Kasia: pure. A nickname for the girls' names Catherine and Katarzyna.

15. Kinga: brave. A popular female name.

16. Krystyna: Christian. A Polish variation on Christina.

17. Ksenia: hospitable. A Russian and Polish form of the female name Xenia.

18. Larysa: cheerful; joyful. The Polish form of Larissa.

19. Lena: Short for several popular Polish names, it also stands on its own as one of the most popular girl names in Poland in the last few years.

20. Leokadia: white; clear. A unique-sounding Polish girls' name.

21. Lilianna: lily; pure. A popular Polish girls' name similar to Lilian.

22. Lyudmila: loved by the people. A traditional Polish name.

23. Maja: good mother. Can be a variant of Maia, or a Polish pet name for Mary. One of the most popular Polish names in recent years.

24. Magdalena: from Magdalene. A very popular female name in Poland in years gone by.

25. Marcelina: warlike. One of the more uncommon Polish names.

26. Maria: bitter or from the sea. One of the most popular baby names in Poland in the last few years.

27. Marzanna: goddess. This unique girls' name belongs to an ancient Polish goddess.

28. Miroslawa: peace and glory. Another of the traditional Slavic names.

29. Nadia: hope. One of those girls' names that is always popular.

30. Natalia: born on Christmas Day. A popular name in many countries.

31. Natasza: born on Christmas Day. Polish form of Natasha.

32. Ola: defender of men. A popular Polish nickname for Aleksandra.

33. Oliwia: olive. One of the most popular names in Poland.

Polish Girl Names Starting With P-Z

The final section of the list. Here are some of Poland's most memorable names beginning with letters P to Z.

1. Patrycja: noble. One of the more unusual spellings on this list, it's a version of Patricia.

2. Pola: of Apollo. Short for Apolonia, another popular Polish girl name. It was the name of Polish silent film star Pola Negri.

3. Radomila: glad favour. This is one of the traditional female Polish names.

4. Radoslawa: glad glory. Another of the traditional Slavic names.

5. Renia: queen. This is one of many Polish girls' names that come from Renata.

6. Roksana: dawn; star. Polish form of Roxanne.

7. Roza: rose. The Polish version of the popular flower name.

8. Ruta: friend. One of several Polish female names with Biblical origins, this is a form of Ruth.

9. Sabina: Sabine. A woman from the northern Italian Sabine tribe.

10. Salomea: peace. Polish version of the Biblical name Salome.

11. Stanislawa: famous. This is one of the oldest Polish names on our list.

12. Stefcia: garland; crown. This unusual baby name is a feminine version of Stephen.

13. Teodozja: giving to God or gift of God. Another of Poland's religious names. Often shortened to Dosia.

14. Truda: warrior woman. A strong name for a baby girl.

15. Ula: little bear. This tiny baby name is short for Urszula.

16. Urszula: little bear. Polish form of Ursula.

17. Wanda: wanderer. A Polish original at the top of our list for a free-spirited baby girl.

18. Wera: truth. Polish form of Vera, this name can also be a short form of Weronika.

19. Weronika: true image. A popular spelling of Veronica in Poland.

20. Wiktoria: victory. The Polish spelling of Victoria.

21. Wiola: violet. A Polish form of the English flower name.

22. Wioletta: violet. Another Polish form of Violet; the names are closely related.

23. Wisia: battle; victory. This is a pet name for several popular Polish names on this list, such as  Wiktoria and Jadwiga.

24. Wislawa: great glory. One of many girls' names in Poland ending in -awa.

25. Yetta: home ruler. Short for the names Henrieta and Henrietta.

26. Zaklina: supplanter. The Polish spelling of Jacqueline.

27. Zaneta: God is gracious. Related to the English names Janet and Jane.

28. Zdzislawa: created with glory. One of the traditional Slavic names.

29. Ziva: life. This Polish name belongs to an ancient Slavic goddess.

30. Zlota: golden. This mythic name refers to the Polish legend of Zlota Baba.

31. Zosia: wisdom. This baby name is Poland's version of Sophia and has been one of the most popular Polish girls' names in recent years.

32. Zuzanna: lily. This form of Susanna is one of the most popular Polish girls' names.



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