100 Best Preppy Boy Names

Preppy baby boy names are something most high-in-status boys love.

The best preppy names for your uptown boy, keeping it classy and unique.

If you plan to send your boy to the Ivy-league schools, then these names are a must to choose from. Your baby will embody elegance with these names.

Preppy is an American subculture comprising the wealthy, country club members who send their children to elite schools and colleges. They are social groups, are well-educated, and with a high sense of fashion. Hence, preppy names are cool and sophisticated boy names that can sometimes seem a bit pretentious too. Yet make no mistake, these names are elegant and many are very sweet-sounding for you precious baby boy.

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Smart Preppy Baby Names

Baby boy names with a preppy tone can really stand out.

If you are looking for baby boy names that are preppy and smart, you may find a name you love from this name list. Here are a few preppy boys names.

1. Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "man of Adria". Adrian Pucey was a Harry Potter character.

2. Alden (Latin origin) meaning "friend". This is quite a unique name.

3. Aldrich (German origin) meaning "noble" or "wise ruler".

4. Allister (Scottish origin) meaning "defending men". It is the Scottish version of Alexander.

5. Aston (English origin) meaning "eastern settlement". This name is very royal.

6. Beaumont (French origin) meaning "beautiful mountain".

7. Branson (English origin) meaning "Brand's son".

8. Brooks (English origin) meaning "stream".

9. Caldwell (Latin origin) meaning "cold" and "stream". This baby name is very unique.

10. Chad (English origin) meaning "from warriors town". This is a great preppy name for your boy.

11. Channing (French origin) meaning "young wolf". Quite classy and preppy for your baby boy.

12. Darcy (French origin) meaning "from Arcy". Mr Darcy is a famous character from Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'.

13. Dean (English origin) meaning "from the valley".

14. Digby (English origin) meaning "from the farm by the ditch". This is quite a unique name. However, it is also the most pretentious name on this list too, which you may love to give your child if they have pretensions to greatness later in life.

15. Ford (English origin) meaning "river crossing". This is a great baby name with many celebrities sharing the name.

16. Hamilton (English origin) meaning "crooked" and "hill". The famous play 'Hamilton' reminds of this preppy name.

17. Ingram (German origin) meaning "Ing's raven". Ing was a famous Greek God.

18. Jefferson (English origin) meaning "territory".

19. Leighton (English origin)meaning "from the town by the meadow". Leigh is one of the smart preppy names for boys and it is a clipped form of this name.

20. Lucas (Latin origin) meaning "bright" or "shinning". One of the common baby boy names that are quite sophisticated too.

21. Nathaniel (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". Nathaniel Hawthorne shares this name.

22. Orson (English origin) meaning "bear cub". Orson Welles is a famous American actor, writer, director.

23. Pierce (English origin) meaning "rock". The famous Bond, Pierce Brosnan is reminded of this name.

24. Pierpont (Norman origin) meaning "stone" or "bridge". This is one of the unique country boy names.

25. Preston (English origin) meaning "the priest's town".  This is a preferred baby name if you are looking for baby names for boys.

26. Remington (English origin) meaning "the ridge town". Often used for characters by writers, this is a great boy names choice.

27. Ryland (English origin) meaning "one who lived near rye farming". Names for boys are quite interesting to know about.

28. Scott (English origin) meaning "from Scotland". One of the preferred baby boy names.

29. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's name". Samuel is one of the famous preppy boy names.

30. Trent (English origin) meaning "one who lived by the River Trent". Baby names for boys can have an interesting 'geography' too.

31. Warner (English origin) meaning "army guard". This is a strong male name and is associated with Warner Bros., an entertainment company.

Classy Baby Boy Names

There are a few exotic boy names which do not go out of fashion.

Classy boy names are something most parents love. These names for boys rarely go out of trend and have an effect. Here are some boy names that are quite classy.

32. Abel (Hebrew origin) meaning "breath" or "vapor". It has a Biblical connotation.

33. Abner (Hebrew origin) meaning "father of the light". This is one of the rare boy names.

34. Abraham (Hebrew origin) meaning "the father of multitude". The name resembles none other than Abraham Lincoln.

35. Aldridge (English origin) meaning "dwelling". This name is one of the old fashioned yet classy boy names.

36. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "manly" or "brave". This could be said old fashioned yet quite preppy.  

37. Archer (French origin) meaning "one who does arching as an occupation".

38. Arlington (Norman origin) meaning "town of Alffrith". Very unique name for your baby boy.

39. Arthur (English origin) meaning "noble" or "courageous". Arthur is one of the royal and sophisticated boys names.

40. Barrington (English origin) meaning "from Barentin in France". This is a popular surname but also used as first names among wealthier families.

41. Barron (English origin) meaning "noble man". A classy choice for names for boys. This is one of the boy names that sounds royal and it similar to Baron, a nobility rank.

42. Baxter (Scottish origin) meaning "baker". Baxter goes great as a baby name.

43. Bowen (English origin) meaning "son of Owain". Bowen is a vintage name and can be a suitable name for your baby boy.

44. Bradford (English origin) meaning "broad". This is a classy choice for your baby boy.

45. Bradley (English origin) meaning "broad wood". From the famous actor, Bradley Cooper. It is one of the famous boy names.

46. Carter (Latin origin) meaning "one who transports wood by a cart". McCarter is one of the class boy names.

47. Chandler (English origin) meaning "a seller or maker of candles". From Chandler Bing from the legendary sitcom 'Friends'. It is quite among the preferred baby boy names.

48. Charles (German origin) meaning "man". Charles falls under classy names too.

49. Chase (English origin) meaning "to catch" or "seize". Chase Hudson is a well-known internet celebrity.

50. Collins (English origin) meaning "son of Colin". Collins Key is an American entertainer. Collins is a unique baby name and one of the classic boy names as well.

51. Douglas (Scottish origin) meaning "black stream". One of the most famous preppy boy names.

52. Elliott (Greek origin) meaning "God". It is one of the fancy old names.

53. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong" or "firm". Ethan Hawke and Ethan Wayne are famous actors sharing this name. It is one of the favorite baby names for boys.

54. Everett (German origin) meaning "strong". It is quite unique and suits the taste for preppy baby boy names.

55. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". George is a preferred name in the name list of every parent of a baby boy.

56. Grant (Norman origin) meaning "tall" or "huge". Grant Williams is an American basketball player.

57. Harrison (English origin) meaning "son of Harry". Harrison Ford is a famous actor. This is another old English surname also a proper name. It is one of the top names for boys.

58. Henry (German origin) meaning "home ruler". Henry Carter will share the name of your baby boy. This is a royal name and a great choice among the boy names in this name list.

59. Hugh (English origin) meaning "spirit". Hugh Grant, Hugh Dancy, and Hugh Jackman are famous personalities who made this one of the popular and preppy baby boy names.

60. Isaac (Hebrew origin) meaning "laughter". With a Biblical origin, this is an old fashioned name but one of the preferred baby boy names.

61. Jacob (Hebrew origin) meaning "to supplant".

62. Jude (Hebrew origin) meaning "praised". Jude Law will share your baby boy's name.

63. Judson (English origin) meaning "son of Judd". Judson is a rare name and can be a great choice.

64. Keller (German origin) meaning "cellar master". Your baby boy can have this rare preppy name. It is among the top boy names which many parents love.

65. Louis (French origin) meaning "warrior". Preppy boy's names could not get more appropriate than this.

66. Marshall (Scottish origin) meaning "keeper of horses". One of the cool country boy's names.

67. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "gave". Baby boy names with classic origin are a great choice.

68. Neil (Gaelic origin) meaning "passionate". Neil is quite a confident-sounding name for your baby boy.

69. Philip (Greek origin) meaning "friend of horses". Phillip is a common name for preppy boys.

70. Porter (English origin) meaning "gatekeeper". One of the uncommon preppy boy names.

71. Reid (Scottish origin)meaning "red".

72. Richard (German origin) meaning "king" or "strong".

73. Sterling (English origin) meaning "star". One of the most high-class baby boy names.

74. Tate (English origin) meaning "to be cheered".

75. Teague (Irish origin) meaning "poet" or "philosopher". This is a stylish baby name.

76. Thomas (English origin) meaning "twin". Thomas is a very common name but loved by many parents.

77. Thompson (English origin) meaning "son of Thom". This is royal and preppy for your baby boy.

78. William (German origin) meaning "desire" and "protection". It reminds of regality and is quite preppy of a name.

Unisex Preppy Names For Your Boy

Unisex preppy names for both boys and girls can be really great.

These preppy names are for both boys and girls.

79. Alden (Old English origin) meaning "old friend". It is a great choice for both a baby boy and baby girl names.

80. Ambrose (Greek origin) meaning "immortal". A small twist, Ambrosia, makes it a girl's name. An awesome name choice for both boys and girls.

81. Arden (Latin origin) meaning "ardent or enthusiastic" or "valley of the eagle". Quite classy. Also, it reminds of Michael Arden, the American actor.

82. Arlen (Gaelic origin) meaning "pledge or oath". Another unique baby name is Arlen.

83. Augustine (Latin origin) meaning "the great, venerable". So many kings that we have seen sharing this name.

84. Barrett (German origin) meaning "strife". An uncommon name for a baby boy which many parents love.

85. Beau (French origin) meaning "handsome" or "attractive". Beau Bridges is one of the most famous people with this name.

86. Bennett (Latin origin) meaning "little blessed one".  Although we have heard Bennett as surnames in English literature, it is quite often used as proper names too.

87. Billie (German origin) meaning "resolute protector". Billie is a favorite name for parents. Billie Eilish and Billie Joe Armstrong are both famous singers.

88. Blaine (Scottish origin) meaning "yellow". Blaine is an unusual baby name.

89. Blair (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "meadow" or " field". Blair Underwood will be sharing your baby's name.

90. Blake (English origin) meaning "dark-haired". Blake Shelton or Blake Lively this is a great name for a baby.

91. Cameron (Hebrew origin) meaning "bent nose". Cameron is a great name for both baby boy and baby girls. Cameron Diaz or Cameron Boyce, this has always been a special choice of name by expecting parents.

92. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "vigilant". A different name from other mainstream baby names.

93. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "ally" or "friend". Dakota Johnson or Dakota Meyer, it is quite a beautiful choice of name for your baby.

94. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "warrior or hero".

95. James (Hebrew origin) meaning "heel". James Franco and James Anderson are a few names of people named James, yet never gets old.

96. Jamie (English origin) meaning "supplanter". Jamie names are quite popular and also a great preppy name for your baby.

97. Marlowe (English origin) meaning "driftwood". This is one of the popular baby names for babies.

98. North (English origin) meaning "geographical direction".

99. Quinn ( Gaelic origin) meaning "intelligence". Quinn is an underrated name for boys and also used for girls.

100. Reese (Old Welsh origin) meaning "ardor". This is quite a unique name for your baby boy.

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