100+ Best Preppy Girl Names

A lot of parents want southern names for babies as they sound elegant and cool.

Baby girls are absolute blessings and sometimes, they need elegant and cool names to express themselves.

We all want to give the best to our children and their names are no exception. A lot of us want our baby girls to have unique yet posh names.

Coming up with preppy baby names can be extremely difficult. After all, names are like a gift that we give to our children. Girl names have a lot of variations like sorority girl names, country girl names, chic girl names, unique baby names, cute southern girl names or a nature girl names and the list goes on. Well, we have a list of some preppy names that will put your mind at ease. A preppy name is generally a posh name associated with sophisticated children going to private colleges or prepping up for Ivy-league schools.

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Perfectly Preppy Names For Girls

Preppy baby girl names are names that give away your daughter's personality and status. She must have names unique enough to be the only one in her class. We are giving you a list of preppy names for girls you are going to love.

1. Aaliyah (Arabic origin), meaning "high" or "exalted" Aaliyah was a famous American singer.

2. Adeline (French origin), meaning "noble" or "nobility". Adeline Rudolph, the German Korean actress who played the role of Agatha Night on Netflix original' Adventures of Sabrina'.

3. Ainhoa (Basque origin), meaning "Town of Virgin Mary". The Max award winner Ainhoa Santamaría who played a role in 'La casa de papel' or popularly known as 'Money Heist'.

4. Alaia (Arabic origin), meaning "wellborn".

5. Alaiya (Hebrew origin), meaning "ascender".

6. Alexandra (Greek origin), meaning "defender" or "a protector of a man". The female form of Alexander.

7. Alice (Old French origin), meaning "appearance" or "kind". Alice from the fantasy film 'Alice in the Wonderland'.

8. Allison (French origin), meaning "noble". It is a trendy version of the name Alice. The Academy Award winner and the popular TV show 'Mom' actress Allison Janney.

9. Alyssa (Greek origin), meaning "rational". From Alyssa Carson, the famous American space enthusiast.

10. Amber (Arabic origin), meaning "fierce". Amber Heard, the American actress and model.

11. Amelia (German origin), meaning "work". It is an English version of the name Amalia. The British actress from 'Haunting of Bly Manor', Amelia Eve.

12. Amoura (American origin), meaning "love". Amoura is derived from the French word Amour.

13. Anna (Latin origin), meaning "favor" or "full of grace". The American model and TV personality from 'The Anna Nicole Show', Anna Nichole Smith.

14. Ariana (Italian origin), meaning "very holy". From the world-famous American singer Ariana Grande.

15. Arya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "noble ones". The famous 'Game of Thrones' character Arya Stark.

16. Autumn (Latin origin), meaning "fall season".

17. Ava (Germanic origin), meaning "life". From the American singer and songwriter, Ava Max.

18. Bailey (Northumberland origin), meaning "steward or a public official" or "courtyard within castle walls".

19. Brooklyn (American origin), meaning "broken land" or "pretty brook".

20. Caroline (Latin origin), meaning "free" or "beautiful". Caroline Krafft from 'Mean Girls'.

21. Charlotte (French origin), meaning "free man" or "petite". Charlotte Doppler is from the Netflix original 'Dark'.

22. Chole (Greek origin), meaning "green shoot". 'Chole' the popular brand of bags and purse. It is one of the popular baby girl names.

23. Claire (French origin), meaning "clear". Claire is a French word in its feminine form. From the Australian actress Claire Holt.

24. Clara (Latin origin), meaning "darling", "beloved", "dear", or "loved one". The German peace activist Clara Zetkin.

25. Cora ( Latin origin), meaning "clear", "bright" or "famous". It is the female version of the Clarus which is a late Latin name. From the author Cora Reilly.

26. Delilah (Hebrew origin), meaning "delicate'. From the Biblical character Delilah.

27. Elena (Greek origin), meaning "bright" or "shining light". It originates from the name Helen or Helena. The noble descent Venetian philosopher Elena Cornaro Piscopia.

29. Emani (Arabic origin), meaning "faith". The female variation of the Arabic name Iman.

30. Emery (German origin), meaning "brave" or "valiant ruler". It is derived from the old German names like Emmerich or Emmerike.

31. Emma (German origin), meaning "whole" or "universe". The all-time favorite Hermione, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson from 'Harry Potter" series.

32. Eva (Latin origin), meaning "life" or "living one". The fictional character, Eva Beadle from the TV show 'Little House on the Prairie'.

33. Gabriella (Hebrew origin), meaning "messenger of god". The recurring character Gabriella from the '90s TV series 'The Little Mermaid'.

34. Genesis (Greek origin), meaning "beginning", "birth". Genesis is the first book of the Bible.

35. Gianna (Italian origin), meaning "god of gracious". It is a variant of the name Giovanna. The 'New Testament' female character, Gianna.

36. Greer (Scottish origin), meaning "guardian". From British and American actress 'Greer Garson'.

37. Hailey (English origin), meaning "dweller in the hay meadow". American actor, Stephen Baldwin's daughter is Hailey Rodhe Bieber, who is an American model and actress herself.

38. Isabella (Hebrew origin), meaning "concentrated" or "pledge to god". Tom Cruise named his beautiful daughter, Isabella Jane Cruise. It is also a popular baby girl names.

39. Isla (Scottish origin), meaning "dynamic", "vibrant" and "bright as sun". It is derived from Islay, an island that is in the west coast of Scotland.

40. Ivy (English origin), meaning "faithfulness". From Ivy Valentine in the video game series, Soulcalibur.

41. Josephine ( French origin), meaning "shall grow". The Australian actress, Josephine Langford, from the 'After' series.

42. Julia (Latin origin), meaning "of the gens Julia" or "a descendant of Julus". It is the female version of the name Julio.

43. Kaisley (English origin), meaning "loving".

44. Kennedy (Gaelic origin), meaning "grandson of Cinnedidh". Kennedy McMann is a famous actress making it one of the popular baby girl names.

45. Kinsley (English origin), meaning "Cyne's filed". This can be a great aesthetic girl name.

46. Lyanna (Latin origin), meaning "dedicated to Jupiter". The fictional character Lyanna Stark from HBO's 'Game of Thrones'.

47. Lydia (Greek origin), meaning "beautiful one" or "noble one". The musician Lydia Night.

48. Madeline (Greek origin), meaning "of Magdala". The rival of Captain Ray Holt, Madeline Wuntch from NBC's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

49. Madelyn (English origin), meaning "tower" or "magnificent". The Netflix drama series 'Outer Banks' actress Madelyn Cline.

50. Maya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "illusion" or "magic". The character Maya Matsumoto from the anime series 'Working!!'

51. Mia (Scandinavian origin), meaning "the sea" or "bitter". The American fashion model, actress, and activist Mia Farrow. One of the few popular names for girls.

52. Naomi (Hebrew origin), meaning "pleasantness". The English actress and singer, Naomi Scotts.

53. Navy (English origin), meaning "a fleet of ships".

54. Paisley (Scottish origin), meaning "church". The character Paisley Houndstooth from Disney's 'ANT farm'.

55. Quinn (Irish origin), meaning "wisdom" and "intelligence".

56. Ruby (Irish origin), meaning "red". The name is taken from the gemstone ruby. The Australian model, Ruby Rose, has this name.

57. Rylee (Irish origin), meaning "brave". The Canadian football player Rylee Foster.

58. Samantha (Greek origin), meaning "flower". The character Samantha from the movie 'Her' played by Scarlett Johansson.

59. Skylar (English origin), meaning "noble scholar". The character Skylar White from the series' Breaking Bad'.

60. Valentina (Latin origin), meaning "healthy" or "strong". This is one of the lovely names for girls. This is also one of the beautiful and posh baby girl names.

Popular Preppy Girls Names

Parents enjoy picking preppy baby names for their babies which are characterful and fun.

You can also gift her sassy girl names like Lyre and others from the list. A preppy baby girl deserves unique baby names. She should perfectly match the vibe. Here's a list of names preppy enough to win your heart.

61. Beck (Hebrew origin), meaning "Martyr". The character Beck from the Netflix thriller 'YOU'.

62. Beth (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is abundance" and "God is my oath". The character Beth from the ongoing TV Show 'This is Us'.

63. Blythe (Old English origin), meaning "joyous, kind, cheerful, pleasant". 'Blythe', the city in California.

64. Buffy (American origin), meaning "nickname for Elizabeth". Buffy from the famous TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. This baby name is quite popular for a baby girl.

65. Carolyn (English origin), meaning "womanly, beautiful". The famous frictional character Princess Carolyn from 'Bojack Horseman'.

66. Diana (Indo-European origin), meaning "divine". The Princess of Wales Diana. A unique baby name for a baby girl with a royal touch.

67. Eleanor (Latin origin), meaning "the other one". The character Eleanor from the novel 'Eleanor and Park' by Rainbow Rowell.

68. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), meaning "the god is an oath". The popular American actress Elizabeth Olsen.

69. Hannah (Hebrew origin), meaning "favor" or "grace". The character Hannah Baker from '13 reasons why'.

70. Jacqueline (French origin), meaning "supplanter". From the Indian actress, Jacqueline Fernandez.

71. Jennifer (Celtic origin), meaning "fair one". The very talented actress, Jennifer Lawrence. A great baby name for a baby girl.

72. Juliet (English origin), meaning "youthful". The protagonist from Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' - Juliet Capulet.

73. Kendall (English origin), meaning "the Kent river valley". The very famous American media personality Kendall Jenner. One of the popular baby girl names that you can give to your baby girl.

74. Laura (Latin origin), meaning "bay laurel plant". The character Laura Biel from the movie "365 Days".

75. Lexi (Greek origin), meaning "defending men". The only member who is a female in the Loonatics from 'Loonatics Unleashed'.

76. Luna (Latin origin), meaning 'moon'. The character Luna Lovegood from the 'Harry Potter' series. A comforting baby name and one of the unique names for a baby in these times.

77. Scarlett (Medieval Europe origin), meaning, "designated to a person who sold scarlet". The famous actress Scarlett Johansson. One of the popular names for girls. This also comes under the unique names for a baby.

Unique Names To Give To A Preppy Baby

Parents like to pick the name of the baby together and want to give unique names to their baby.

Names for girls have a lot of variations. Some parents want unique names and some simply want cute names for girls. Some parents want lovely posh girl names like Gina for their as their baby girl names which are preppy. But whatever the choice may be, baby girl names should be aesthetic like Zoey. Here's a list of preppy baby names that are not only unique baby names but also aesthetic for your baby girl.

78. Alessandra (Greek origin), meaning "defender of men".

79. Amanda (Latin origin), meaning "deserving to be loved". The DC universe character Amanda Waller who was the director of missions in 'Suicide Squad'.

80. Angel (Greek origin), meaning "messenger of God". The character Angel Salvadore from the movie 'X-Men'.

81. Camila (Arabic origin), meaning "beauty". The American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello.

82. Chloe (Greek origin), meaning "blooming" or "fertility". The fictional character Chole Suvillon from the TV series 'Smallville'.

83. Destiny (Latin origin), meaning "to determine".

84. Eleven (English origin), meaning "powerful" or "strong-minded". The character Eleven from Netflix's 'Stranger Things'.

85. Evelyn (Hebrew origin), meaning "life".

86. Grace (Latin origin), meaning "God's favor". The character Grace Adler from the TV series 'Will and Grace'.

87. Hazel (Old English origin), meaning "hazel". It comes from the name of the tree or the color Hazel.

88. Heaven (English origin), meaning "home of the God".

89. Hope (Old English origin). The fictional character from the Marvel universe, Hope Pym.

90. Maddison (German origin), meaning "daughter of Maud". The Australian actress Maddison Brown.

91. Maeve (Gaelic origin), meaning "intoxicating". The British paleoanthropologist Meave Leakey.

92. Margot (Greek origin), meaning "pearl". The Australian actress Margot Robbie.

93. Millie (Latin origin), meaning "industrious". The English actress Millie Bobby Brown.

94. Natalie (Latin origin), meaning "Christmas day". The actress and filmmaker Natalie Portman.

95. Nora (Latin origin), meaning "honor". The character Nora Allen from the 'Flash'.

96. Phoebe (Greek origin), meaning "bright". The character Phoebe Buffay from the TV series 'Friends'.

97. Phoenix (Greek origin), meaning "bright red".

98. Sophia (Greek origin), meaning "wisdom". The American actress, Sophia Bush.

99. Stella (Latin origin), meaning "star". Princess Stella from the animated series 'Winx Club'.

100. Talia (Greek origin), meaning "dew of god".

101. Victoria (Latin origin), meaning "victory". The actress Victoria Pedretti.

102. Violet (English origin), meaning "purple".

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