45 Best Punk Names For Your Cute Little Rocker

Dad sitting with his baby listening to punk rock music and making a punk rock sign with his hand.

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Punk rock first hit the scene in the 1970s with bands such as The Ramones and The Clash and is seen as an expression of youthful rebellion. More recently punk has been revived with pop punk bands such as Blink 182 and Green Day.

We've compiled a list of potential baby names taken from cool punk rock names inspired by band names, '80s punk names, stage names and song names including icons such as Sid Vicious and Iggy Pop. Read on to find 45 punky girl names and baby boy rockers names.

If you're looking for a music inspired baby name check out this list or find some more edgy boy baby names here.

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Names Of Punk Musicians

These cool punk names all belong to famous bands and musicians and would make great baby names. There's some especially strong punk girl names such as Courtney and Patti.

1.Avril (French Origin), meaning "the month of April". Avril Lavigne was a pop punk singer in the '00s, known as the pop punk Queen.

2.Billie (Germanic Origin), meaning "determination, strength". Billie Joe Armstrong is the vocalist and guitarist for punk rock band Green Day.

3.Brett (English Origin), meaning "breton". Brett Gurewitz was the lead guitarist for punk rock band Bad Religion.

4.Courtney (English Origin), meaning "a French dynasty name". Courtney Love was a well known American singer in the punk scene during the '90s.

5.Curtis (Latin Origin), meaning "courteous". Ian Curtis was the vocalist for post-punk band Joy Division who were heavily influenced by punk rock music.

6.Debbie (Hebrew Origin), meaning "bee". Debbie Harry was vocalist for band Blondie.

7.Deryck (English Origin), meaning "gifted ruler". Deryck Whibley was lead vocalist for punk rock band Sum 41.

8.Dexter (English Origin), meaning "dyer of clothes". Brian Keith 'Dexter' Holland was the lead vocalist for The Offspring.

9.Fletcher (English Origin), meaning "arrow maker/folk army". Fletcher Dragge was the guitarist for punk rock band Pennywise.

10.Glenn (English Origin), meaning "courteous". Glenn Danzig was the vocalist and songwriter for punk rock band the Misfits.

11.Gwen (Welsh Origin), meaning "blessed ring". Gwen Stefani was the vocalist for ska-punk band No Doubt.

12.Iggy (English Origin), meaning "fiery one". Iggy Pop is known as the Godfather of punk.

13.Joe (English Origin), meaning "God will increase". Joe Strummer was a member of punk rock band The Clash.

14.Johnny (American Origin), meaning "courteous". Johnny Rotten was lead singer for the Sex Pistols.

15.Kathleen (Irish Origin), meaning "pure". Kathleen Hannah was lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and pioneer of the feminist punk movement Riot Grrrl.

16.Kennedy (Irish Origin), meaning "helmet". The band the Dead Kennedy's were an American punk rock band.

17.Lou (German Origin), meaning "famed warrior". Lou Reed formed The Velvet Underground who are considered to be influential in the development of punk rock.

18.Mike (English Origin), meaning "who is like God". Fat Mike was the vocalist for NOFX.

19.Patti (English Origin), meaning "noble". Patti Smith was an influential singer-songwriter during the '70s punk scene.

20.Penny (English Origin), meaning "with a web over her face". Penny Rimbaud (Jeremy John Ratter) was co-founder of the band Crass in 1977.

21.Pete (English Origin), meaning "rock". Pete Shelley was a member of the English punk rock band the Buzzcocks.

22.Ramone (Spanish Origin), meaning "counsel protection". The Ramones are known as being one of the first punk rock bands.

23.Sid (English Origin), meaning "diminutive of the name Sidney". Sid Vicious was a member of the Sex Pistols, a British punk rock band.

24.Siouxsie (Hebrew Origin), meaning "lily, rose". This name is pronounced Susie. Siouxsie and the Banshees were a post-punk band.

25.Travis (English Origin), meaning "from the crossing or tollgate". Travis was the drummer for pop punk band Blink 182.

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Names From Punk Songs

These punk rock baby names all feature in song titles.

26.Adam (Hebrew Origin), meaning "man of the Earth". From the song 'Adam's Song' by Blink 182.

27.Dottie (English Origin), meaning "gift of God". From the song 'I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel' by The Get Up Kids.

28.Gloria (Latin Origin), meaning "glory to God". From the song 'Gloria' by Patti Smith.

29.Jen (English Origin), meaning "fair phantom". From the song 'Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore' by Less Than Jake.

30.Judy (English Origin), meaning "from Judaea". From the song 'Judy Is A Punk' by the Ramones.

31.Lori (American Origin), meaning "Laurel". From the song 'Lori Meyers' by NOFX.

32.Oliver (English Origin), meaning "descendant of the ancestor". From the song 'Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys)' by Flogging Molly.

33.Polly (English Origin), meaning "great sorrow". From the song 'Polly' by Nirvana.

34.Ruby (American Origin), meaning "courteous". From the song 'Ruby Soho' by Rancid.

35.Sheena (Scottish Origin), meaning "God is gracious". From the song 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker' by the Ramones.

36.Vincent (Latin Origin), meaning "victorious". From the song 'Vincent' by NOFX.  

Mum and baby sitting in a window seat, the baby is cupping its mum's face.

Names From Punk Subculture

We love these potential baby names inspired by artists, writers and designers of the punk era.

37.Andy (English Origin), meaning "manly". Pop art, such as by Andy Warhol, played a major rule in influencing the look of the punk scene. Warhol also managed The Velvet Underground for a short time.

38.Don (English Origin), meaning "world leader, man". Don Letts was a videographer for The Clash and also directed the documentary The Punk Rock Movie.

39.John (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God is gracious". John Holmstrom was a punk cartoonist who designed work for bands such as the Ramones.

40.Malcolm (Scottish Origin), meaning "follower of St. Columba". Promoter and manager for the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren was also the owner of a well known London boutique selling punk fashion designed by Vivienne Westwood.

41.Mark (Latin Origin), meaning "warlike". Mark Perry created a famous British zine in 1976 which eventually averaged sales of 15,000 copies a month.

42.Marten (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "warrior of Mars". Dr. Martens boots were a punk fashion staple.

43.Nancy (English Origin), meaning "grace". Nancy Spungen was the American girlfriend of Sid Vicious, the bassist from the Sex Pistols.

44.Raegan (Irish Origin), meaning "little King". Raegan Butcher was a punk poet.

45.Vivienne (French Origin), meaning "alive". The designer Vivienne Westwood was associated with early punk fashion.



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