100+ Best Raccoon Names

Choosing a cute name for your raccoon is fun!

Choosing your pet raccoon names can be quite a daunting task.

Maybe you're looking for a name for a pet racoon, or just one that is hanging out in your garden. Either way you'll be looking for a name that is funny or quirky or cute, you need a name that best defines the personality of the tiny rascals.

Raccoons have eyes like the Pandas and, though they can be loyal and sweet pets, given half an opportunity these naughty monsters can tear into your trash. Hence their hilarious nickname on the internet, Trash Pandas.

Did you know? Male raccoons are called boars and a female is called a sow.

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Cute Raccoon Names

An adorable raccoon deserves an adorable name.

Some raccoons can be a real handful but no one can say they're not cute. If you're looking for cute names we're sure you'll find it here.

1. Adora (French origin), meaning “adorable”. A cute raccoon name for a simply adorable raccoon.

2. Babe (Jewish origin), just right for a precious baby raccoon.

3. Candy (US origin),  meaning “sweet as a candy”.

4. Cuddles (Scottish origin),  a perfect name for a cute little one.

5. Dash (English origin), one of the cute raccoon names, perfect for a little rascal.

6. Flash (English origin), a name that you may surely love for your raccoon.

7. Fiddle (Anglo-Saxon origin),  one of the cute raccoon names.

8. Jerry (Old English origin), a name that will remind you of the naughty mouse from Tom & Jerry.

9. Joy (Latin origin),  meaning “happiness”.  

10. Monster (Latin origin), a really cute name for your little monster meaning “a prodigy”.

11. Mushy (unknown origin), a name which means “pulpy”. One of the cutest raccoon names.

12. Naughty (unknown origin), meaning “mischievous”.

13. Rebel (English origin),   means “defiant”.

14. Ringtail (unknown origin), a name that defines the tail of your raccoon.

15. Sunshine (Medieval Germanic origin), means someone with a “sunny disposition”.

16. Swift (Old English origin),  for those little ones who are on their toes.

17. Whiskers (Scottish origin),  for the ones with poky and cute whiskers.

Funny Food Inspired Names For Raccoons

All raccoons love food, so why not give them a good related name? Find a funny food inspired fun names for racoons from our selection below.

(Why not choose a food inspired name for your raccoon.

18. Biscuit (Latin origin), the name means “cooked”.

19. Brownie (US origin), the name is a derivative from the color “brown”.

20. Brown Sugar (Indian origin), for your pet raccoon.

21. Choco (Aztec origin), short for chocolate. One of the tasty pet raccoon names.

22. Cocoa (Aztec origin), means “powdered chocolate”.

23. Coffee (Arabic origin), after the drink.

24. Cupcake (US origin), one of the beautiful raccoon names.

25. Kitkat (English origin), a popular chocolate name.

26. Marshmallow (Egyptian origin), is derived from the mallow plant species.

27. Raisin (Latin origin), means “dried grape”.

28. Rum (Latin origin), refers to the “rum drink”.

29. Spice (French origin), someone who is easy to mingle.

30. Toffee (unknown origin), a sweet little indulgence.

Funny Raccoon Names

Give a funny name to these cute little beings. Choose the one that tickles your bones.

31. Boi (urban slang), a casual alternate way of referring to “boys”.

32. Buttons (French origin), a character in the pantomime of Cinderella.

33. Coo, short for raccoon.

34. Egg (English origin), referring to the food.

35. Gizmo (unknown origin), means “gadget”.

36. Marine (Latin origin), means “of the sea”.

37. Prowler (English origin), refers to an animal or man who prowls.

38. Raku (Japanese origin), means “comfort music”.

39. Rascal (English origin), means “a mischievous person”.

40. Rigby (English origin), means “ridge farm”.

41. Ringo (Japanese origin), means “apple”.

42. RJ (urban slang), can be a short form of a name.

43. Rocky (English origin), means “rest”. Rocky is inspired from the movie franchise ‘Rocky’. Rocky is truly a lovely name for a raccoon.

44. Smoothy (English origin), for the silky raccoon.

45. Swifty (English origin), refers to someone who is “very fast”.

46. Tico (Costa Rican origin), means “the holy one”.

47. Trash Panda (urban slang), a very popular name for a raccoon.

48. Trouble (Latin origin), another funny name for these troublemakers.

49. Zorro (Spanish origin), refers to someone who is “sly”.

Famous Raccoon Names

Raccoons have found themselves being cast in various movies and cartoons. The reason being these inimitable creatures have a sense of inquisitiveness about them and add a fair bit of comic relief to any situation. The following names of raccoons have been made famous by their portrayal in highly successful movies.

50. Adam the Raccoon, the title character of Glen Keane’s book series ‘The parables for kids’, the book follows Adam on various adventures.

51. Eddie the Rac, is an orphaned raccoon, who is adopted and kept in Hank’s ranch in the comics ‘Hank the cow dog’.

52. Freddy, is a troublemaker and a classmate and friend of the cubs in the famous American TV called ‘Chucklewood Critters’.

53. Joey, is the name of the raccoon in the movie ‘Dr Dolittle 2’.

54. Jojo, is a raccoon and a character in the Nintendo game ‘Rocket: Robot on wheels’.

55. Meeko, is the title characters friend and associate in the movie ‘Pocahontas’. The name Meeko means “beauty”, “majesty” and “grace”.

56. Rocket, is the name of the character in the Marvel Comics. Rocket essays the role of a marauding bandit in several Marvel movies like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, the ‘Avengers’ saga etc. Rocket is one of the most popular names on our list. This name may be perfect for your funny little rascal.

57. Roderick, is the cartoon raccoon friend of Smiley and Fone Bone in the fifth book in the Bone series, Rock Jaw - Master of the Eastern Border.

58. Rory, the raccoon is one of the principal characters in the American animated TV series ‘Linus the Lionhearted’.

59. Skelter, is a raccoon is a scientist in the online multiplayer game ‘Genesis’.

60. Woo, is the raccoon of Sandra in the web-comic ‘Sandra and Woo’.

Quirky Names For Raccoons

A quirky pet deserves a quirky name. If you are looking for a slightly unconventional name that will set your pet rascal aside from the herd, then look no further, this list of quirky, funny names will help you find it.

61. Bandit (Italian origin), a name meaning “thief”.

62. Chica (Spanish origin), is derived from the word chico which means “small”.

63. Dart (French origin), is the name of a river.

64. Hip-Hop (urban slang), a dance form which is popular worldwide.

65. Jazz (US origin), another form of Western dance which is world-famous.

66. Jumper (Arabic origin), means “sweater”.

67. Knight (Germanic origin), a feudal tenant.

68. Kohl (Arabic origin), refers to a powdered form of cosmetic to darken the eyes.

69. Lightning (English origin), refers to a family who lived in a clearing.

70. Magic (US origin), a name meaning “full of wonder”.

71. Mask (Latin origin), is derived from the word “masca” which means “nightmare”.

72. Pandora (Greek origin), means “all gift”.

73. Peekaboo (French origin), is a game popular amongst children.

74. Rhythm (Greek origin), means “gift of God”.

75. Shadow (English origin), another quirky name for your pet raccoon. It means “shade from the sun”.

76. Smokie (English origin), refers to “soul of fire”.

77. Twist (Germanic origin), a name meaning something is “twisted”.

78. Willow (Germanic origin), means “slender or graceful”.

79. Wizard (English origin), means “gift of God”.

80. Brainwave (urban slang), means tiny particles of electrical activity.

Good Raccoon Names

This list of names is perfect for a racoon who is actually very well behaved. We have lots of names perfect for a rascal in this article but some raccoons make perfect pets! If you're looking for names for a good raccoon, look no further.

81. Aaron (Hebrew origin), means “strong”.

82. Alex (Greek origin), short for Alexander.

83. Booboo (urban slang), has no explicit meaning.

84. Brittany (French/English origin), means “from Britain”.

85. Brooke (English origin), refers to a small stream.

86. Charlie (English origin), means “free man”.

87. Chloe (Greek origin), means “fertility”.

88. Cleo (Greek origin), means “to praise”.

89. Lola (Spanish origin), means “sorrow”.

90. Mara (Greek origin), means “eternally beautiful”.

91. Melanie (Greek origin), means “blackness”.

92. Oz (Hebrew origin), means “strength” and “courage”.

93. Pablo (Latin origin), means “small”.

94. Parker (English origin), means “keeper of the park”.

95. Paula (Latin origin), also means “small”.

96. Roy (varied origin), a cute little name.

97. Sheeba (African origin), means “beauty”.

98. Stella (Italian origin), means “star”.

99. Walter (German origin), means “powerful army”.

100. Will (English origin), means “someone who lived by a stream”.

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