100+ Best Redguard Last Names For Inspiration

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Redguards are the swarthy race that belongs from the long lost continent of Yokuda and now inhabit the settlements of Hammerfell in 'Elder Scrolls'.

The names of this list could be great Redguard names for your characters or for your gamer tags Redguard naming conventions are relatively easy to understand.

Did you know that Redguards are of the Daggerfall Covenant faction in 'Elder Scrolls'? If you are wondering if Redguards should join the Stormcloaks, they can, but keep in mind that this is a lesser-evil choice for Redguards.

The majority of Redguards don't have any last names but that is not always the case. Some have last names which connect them to their distinctive locations and families. In these surnames the prefix "al-" describes the character's geographical designation and the prefix "at-" designates their family lineage. There is also the prefix "af-", but the meaning of this is relatively unknown. Many Redguard characters inherited their surname at birth or gained it through marriage. In any case you can give your characters a last name, a full name or form a name tag easily with the help of these prefixes and the names in this list.

Dunmer also have last name, but in comparison to other races, Dunmer characters have a complicated naming ritual because of their surnames. Dunmar surnames can be categorised into three categories: Ashlander last names, Great House last names and family last names.

This article is all about the last names of Redguard characters in 'Elder Scrolls', read on for a list of 100 ideas, and for more check out these Redguard names and these Wood Elf names.

Male Redguard Family Names

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(There are many Redguard male last name options to get inspired from.)

Here is a list of some male Redguard names from the 'Elder Scrolls' game.

1. af-Angilia, an ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) commoner found at Bergama gambling den.

2. af-Ahmus, name of a soldier residing at Morwha's Bounty.

3. af-Davood, a noble man from at-Tura Estate.

4. af-Islah, a laborer from Koeglin Village.

5. af-Ganet, name of a nobleman from at-Tura Estate.

6. af-Haba, a commoner from Leki's Blade.

7. af-Hisham, a commoner from Sentinel City.

8. af-Kardyn, a character found at Fireband Keep.

9. af-Mahala, a mage found from Duneripper Downs.

10. af-Nazila, a Fighters Guild member found at Sentinel City.

11. af-Tasa, a merchant from Leki's Blade.

12. al-Akir, a dead Yokudan price who later arose as mummy.

13. al-Antiphyllos, a noble Redguard from at-Tura Estate.

14. al-Bergama, a Redguard captivated by House Montclair soldiers.

15. al-Hareem, a hunter from Elinhir City.

16. al-Hallin, a resident of Shornhelm City.

17. al-Miran, a commoner found at the Evermore.

18. al-Myrkwasa, a vampire found at Northpoint.

19. at-Ajwan, a ESO commoner found at Stone Oasis Inn.

20. at-Areshu, a tailor who resides at Hunding Port and sells his wares.

21. at-Aswala, can be found in ESO, this character is part of the Fighters Guild association.

22. at-Baqar, an ESO character found at Kozanset.

23. at-Dolmir, an ESO character.

24. at-Ebdoh, an ESO character found in Kozanset.

25. at-Ganet, an ESO character who unloads carts at warehouse.

26. at-Gar, an ESO character found at Tu'whacca's Throne.

27. at-Halma, a clothier.

28. at-Hassef, a commoner from Sentinel City.

29. at-Hawraz, a commoner from Kozanset City.

30. at-Jafra, a commoner from Velyn Harbor.

31. at-Kalan, a commoner from Sentinel city.

32. at-Karim, a commoner from Kozanset City.

33. at-Nazdar, a commoner from Kozanset City.

34. at-Pawan, a soldier from Bergama City.

35. at-Sal, a werewolf. One of the cooles Redguard names.

36. at-Salan, a knight from Daggerfall.

37. at-Tamina, a scholar.

38. at-Tarin, a commoner from Bergama City.

39. Conele, resident of Crosswych.

40. Dadisun, a Dunmer trader. One of the famous Redguard names that you can use.

41. Dren, this character hides in the Nammu cave and also leads smugglers band.

42. Epinard, a weapon smith. A cool Redguard name to use.

43. Hawker, a trader who needs a divine scroll to help him to escape.

44. K'Elmar, a cartographer.

45. Lylvieve, a farmer in Skyrim. A cool name if you are a Skyrim fan.

46. Mirel, one of the male Redguard swordsmen.

47. Ruuz, a smuggler.

48. Sendu, a farmer who is killed by bandits.

49. Sesnit, a famous warrior name.

50. Tharn, a 165-year-old battle mage and the head of Elder Council.

Female Redguard Names

Child playing Redguard.

(Gamers will love these Redguard female names to get inspired from.)

Here is a list of some female Redguard surnames from 'Elder Scrolls'.

51. af-Armin, a patron of an inn in Sentinel city.

52. af-Ashora, a commoner from Wayrest.

53. af-Bazra, a miner from Sentinel City. A name from the game that you should consider using.

54. af-Dometri, a warrior from Rain Catcher Fields.

55. af-Dushana, a commoner who resides at Wayside Inn.

56. af-Katayoun, a commoner from Sentinel City.

57. af-Ozalan, a Redguard commoner of Hammerfell province who lives in the city of Kozanset.

58. af-Perah, a beggar from Kozanset City.

59. af-Whrdh, an ESO character found in Bergama City.

60. al-Azif, a commoner from Sentinel City.

61. al-Bergama, is a cult figure who dances.

62. al-Glessa, a commoner from Merchant District.

63. al-Hllins, an escapee from the mines of Onsi's Breath.

64. at-Housel, an ESO character from Valley Of Scars.

65. al-Masri, a resident of Elinhir City.

66. al-Morwha, an alchemist from Daggerfall.

67. al-Natedan, a resident of Leki's Blade.

68. al-Ojwambu, a commoner who works at Yokudan Heritage House.

69. al-Skaven, a conjurer from the game.

70. al-Satkalaam, a Redguard fighter who lives in Shornhelm city.

71. al-Sentinel, a nobel Redguard from Satakalaam.

72. al-Tahud, an armorer.

73. al-Tava, belongs to Ash'abah faction.

74. Aldwyr, a knight.

75. Alielle, an assassin from Wayrest City.

76. at-Abbas, resides at Daggerfall City.

77. at-Dorcolm, an ESO character found at Sleepy Sailor Inn.

78. at-Fada, an alchemist who sells wares at her shop.

79. at-Fara, an ESO character found at Haddock's Market.

80. at-Gamati, a fisher.

81. at-Gina, an ESO character residing at Glenumbra.

82. at-Glina, an ESO character.

83. at-Hollus, a soldier from Bergama City.

84. at-Pykel, a commoner from Kozanset City.

85. at-Renazh, a noblewoman from Vivec City.

86. at-Rusa, a commoner who lives in Sentinel.

87. at-Shadal, a warrior from Wayrest City.

88. at-Wardiya, a character of Wayrest City.

89. Cedmain, an ESO commoner.

90. Derre, a commoner residing at Northpoint City.

91. Dunestrider, a Redguard who worked as a guide.

92. Elena, a pirate.

93. Ghiardelli, a laborer found in ESO.

94. Lavergne, a commoner.

95. Lemaitre, a brewer working in Cloudy Dregs Inn.

96. Leki, an ESO character who appears in the spirit form.

97. Longtemps, a commoner who resides at Wayside Inn.

98. Morel, a laborer.

99. Ottus, an author of the guidebooks of city . A great surname for a creative character in 'Elder Scrolls'.

100. Stictal, a noblewoman from Daggerfall City.

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