80 Best Rihanna Quotes About Life, Love, And Success

Rihanna quotes will always motivate you to do better and be the best.

Rihanna is a pop icon and probably one of the most well-known celebrities and recording artists in the world.

Her fans span the globe, and they love her music as her albums chart worldwide. She truly is an inspirational character.

Rihanna's full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, but she is better known to the world by her stage name 'Rihanna'. She is a singer, actress, and businesswoman all in one. She is originally from Barbados and she loves her native land. Her cultural upbringing is clear in her music that has the flavor of her homeland. Rihanna is an inspiration for numerous people, especially women across the world. Not only that but she is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, which makes her very popular among the community as well. She has her own cosmetics brand called Fenty Beauty and she is very successful in all her fields. Here are a few famous Rihanna quotes, Rihanna love quotes, and Rihanna lyric quotes that you will absolutely love.

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Inspirational Rihanna Quotes About Living Life

Rihanna quotes are just what you will need to get through your day.

Rihanna is one of the most inspirational celebrities in the world. Not only is she an icon in the music industry she is also the CEO of Fenty Beauty. Her net worth is 600 million USD and she was featured in Forbes' list of richest self-made women in 2020.

1. "Ask God for forgiveness, and leave your regrets in the past!"

- Rihanna.

2. "I think a lot of people are afraid of being happy because of what others might think of it."

- Rihanna.

3. "Sure u wish u did some things differently, but no sense in becoming burdened with regret over things u have no power to change."

- Rihanna on Twitter.

4. "When you realize who you live for, and who's important to please, a lot of people will actually start living. I am never going to get caught up in that."

- Rihanna.

5. "I don't do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life."

- Rihanna

6. "Let go of the things that make u feel dead! Life is worth living!"

- Rihanna.

7. "I stand up for what I believe in, and a lot of the time that can be against people's opinions."

- Rihanna.

8. "It's nice to look back on your life and see things as lessons, and not regrets."

- Rihanna.

9. "People gonna talk whether you doing good or bad."

- Rihanna.

10. "I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world."

- Rihanna.

11. "I could never identify with that word, 'weak.'"

- Rihanna.

12. "Women feel empowered when they can do the things that are supposed to be only for men, you know?"

- Rihanna.

13. "I think women want freedom."

- Rihanna.

14. "You may never be good enough for everybody, but you'll always be the best to somebody."

- Rihanna.

15. "I think a lot of people are afraid of being happy because of what others might think of it."

- Rihanna.

16. "It's tougher to be vulnerable than to actually be tough."

- Rihanna.

17. "Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you."

- Rihanna.

18. "I love music, and after my first experience with movies, I can't wait to do more."

- Rihanna.

19. "I used to feel unsafe right in the moment of an accomplishment - I felt the ground fall from under my feet because this could be the end."


20. "I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that's a little off."

- Rihanna.

21. "I'm gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it - and I lived it for me."

- Rihanna.

22. "They want to be empowered. They want hope. They want love; they want all the things that I want, and I'm not afraid to say those things and act on them, and I think that's why they identify with me."

- Rihanna.

23. "God just has a way of working things out the way he wants to and you have no say in that."

- Rihanna.

24. "I think love is one of the purest things you can sing about. One of the best things you can sing about."

- Rihanna.

25. "I love singing. I love it, and it doesn't feel like a chore. It's an expression."

- Rihanna.

26. "I don't leave things hanging. I will work all day in a meeting, leave that meeting at 1 or 2am, and then come home with a tiny group of staff and work until 5, 7am."

- Rihanna.

27. "All you need to do is help one person, expecting nothing in return. To me, that is a humanitarian."

- Rihanna.

Relatable And Funny Rihanna Quotes

Even though Rihanna is an icon, she is still very down to earth. Here are a few relatable Rihanna quotes that will make you smile.

28. "Oh my God - this is scary and sad all at the same time. I literally dream about buying my own groceries. Swear to God. Because it is something that is real and normal."

- Rihanna.

29. "I never eat salad. I make sure I don't put a lot of junk into my system, but I hate vegetables!"

- Rihanna.

30. "I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances out all the other toxic stuff I put into my body."

- Rihanna.

31. "The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently."

- Rihanna.

32. "I am a child but I have to think and act like a woman, this business forces you to."

- Rihanna.

33. "Don't hide from who you are."

- Rihanna.

34. "When I see myself as an old woman, I just think about being happy. And hopefully, I'll still be fly."

- Rihanna.

35. "More than anything, I like a jacket. You can do anything with a great jacket, the bigger the better."

- Rihanna.

36. "I was so rude when I was a little girl."

- Rihanna.

37. "My body is weird. I wake up when the sun comes up, and it's hard for me to go to sleep. My thoughts just take over."

- Rihanna.

38. "I could never give relationship advice to anybody!"

- Rihanna.

39. "If I cry, it's because I'm very angry and I can't do anything about it because I've run into a dead end. That's when the tears would come down."

- Rihanna.

40. "I don't have a sleep pattern. I have sleep pockets."

- Rihanna.

41. "Hurt me with the truth. Don't comfort me with a lie."

- Rihanna.

42. "I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else."

- Rihanna.

43. "It's every girl's dream to be a cover girl!"

- Rihanna.

44. "I take risks because I get bored. And I get bored very easily."

- Rihanna.

45. "I believe everybody's an individual. You can't judge someone based on someone else's actions."

- Rihanna.

46. "People think, because we're young, we aren't complex, but that's not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might."

- Rihanna.

47. "Nobody can understand what you're feeling unless they burn the way you burned."

- Rihanna.

48. "When it's over and it's gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so you can have the good."

- Rihanna.

49. "Eating ice cream late at night is so bad, but I love it!"

- Rihanna.

50. "I'm just me. I don't feel a reason to change."

- Rihanna.

51. "If someone is right for you, you'll know it."

- Rihanna.

52. "I always keep my guard up with guys and I guess that can get in the way sometimes. I can make them go through hell."

- Rihanna.

Famous Rihanna Song Quotes

You will love these song quotes by Rihanna if you love her music.

Rihanna is most famous for her incredible music. She has won 13 American Music Awards, 12 Billboards awards, and nine Grammys. She released her debut album in 2005 under Def Jam Recordings. People love her music and it's clear why. Here are a few song quotes by Rihanna that have won millions of hearts.

53. "When the sun shines, we'll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever."

- 'Umbrella', 2008.

54. "You're a shooting star I see

A vision of ecstasy."

- 'Diamonds', 2012.

55. "Yellow diamonds in the light

Now we're standing side by side

As your shadow crosses mine

What it takes to come alive."

- 'We Found Love', 2011.

56." We opened up a cold case love

And it got the best of us."

- 'Cold Case Love', 2009.

57. "Want you to make me feel

Like I'm the only girl in the world."

- 'Only Girl (In the World)', 2010.

58. "I believed all of your dreams, adoration

You took my heart and my keys and my patience."

- 'Work', 2016.

59. "Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can't live without you."

- 'Stay', 2012.

60. "Baby I'm fist fighting with fire

Just to get close to you."

- 'Love on the Brain ', 2016.

61. "Don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not

Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught."

- 'Take a Bow', 2008.

62. "Are you hiding from me, yeah?

Somewhere in the crowd."

- 'Where Have You Been', 2011.

63. "You needed me

To feel a little more, and give a little less."

- 'Needed Me', 2016.

64. "Money on my mind

Throw it, throw it up

Watch it fall off from the sky."

- 'Pour It Up', 2012.

75. "Just gonna stand there and hear me cry

Well that's alright, because I love the way you lie."

- 'Love the Way You Lie', 2010.

66. "He's more than a man

And this is more than love

The reason that the sky is blue."

- 'Unfaithful', 2006.

67. "Your mind is in Disturbia

It's like the darkness is the light."

- 'Disturbia', 2008.

68. "Hurting bad man, and it hurts inside when I look you in your eye."

- 'Kiss It Better', 2016.

69. "Be that one you share your everything when no one's around."

- 'If It's Lovin' That You Want', 2005.

80. "You the one that I dream about all day

You the one that I think about all da way."

- 'You Da One', 2011.

71. "I'm lost, you got me lookin' for the rest of me."

- 'SOS', 2006.

72. "Must everything you do make me wanna smile

Can I not like you for awhile?"

- 'Hate That I Love You', 2008.

73. "If you play, you play for keeps

Take the gun, and count to three."

- 'Russian Roulette', 2009.

74. "Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers

Move both ya feet and run to the beat."

- 'Pon de Replay', 2005.

75. "It's getting crowded over here, but babe the wait is over

Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win, the wait is over."

- 'Wait Your Turn', 2009.

76. "These fancy things will never come in between

You're part of my entity, here for infinity."

- 'Umbrella', 2008.

77. "Shine a light through an open door

Love and life I will divide."

- 'We Found Love', 2011.

78. "When you hold me, I'm alive

We're like diamonds in the sky."

- 'Diamonds', 2012.

79. "Love is testing me, but still I'm losing it"

- 'SOS', 2006.

80. "Tell a pray, just carry on

And the shadows will never find you."

- 'Towards the Sun' (2015).

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