52 Best Rogue Names To Choose From

Rogues are devious mythical creatures found in numerous folklore

A sly and sneaky villain, a rogue is a class of character from the world of elves and druids.

From all the posts and media available, we know they usually consist of lowlifes, pirates, and wrong-doers of society. From J.R.R Tolkein's literary works like 'The Hobbit' to the classic role-playing game of 'Dungeons And Dragons', rogues are the infamous characters who always cause trouble.

They are also popularly known from the fan favorite video game 'World of Warcraft'. Known for their sneak attacks and tricks in a melee, rogues are quick in combat, and have an ability to disappear into the shadows. So, it's only fitting for a rogue to have strong, unique, and interesting names.  If you need a memorable name for your gaming character, or you need dark and mythical names for your blog posts or new work of fiction, see the complete list of names given below. Choose from funny names to ferocious ones from our extensive list. Hurry and get naming your new character today!

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Female Rogue Names

Rogues are often on the run

Feisty and fierce, female rogues are devious and agile, and know how to assassinate enemies just as swiftly as their male counterparts. The following list posts female thief names that represent this cutthroat persona. Choose any of the below names and it would make the perfect title for a female rogue.

1. Ahlai (Israeli Origin) means "sorrowful experience".

2. Deianira (Greek Origin) is a perfect name for a feisty female rogue, and it means "man-destroyer".

3. Kali (Indian Origin) is the name of the Hindu Goddess, and it means "essence of destruction".

4. Kami (Japanese Origin) is a rogue name that means "God".

5. Kamira (Japanese Origin) means "sunshine and moonlight".

6. Kunoichi (Japanese Origin) is an apt name for a female rogue meaning "female ninja".

7. Matahari (Malay Origin) means "eye of the day".

8. Moana ( Greek Origin) is a short form of 'Simone', and means "unreachable wishes".

9. Solan (Old Norse Origin) means "sun".

10. Tempest (English Origin) means "violent storm". We think this is one of the best names.

Male Rogue Names

Rogues fulfil many roles in fantasy games

Now it's time to select good rogue names for dark and dangerous warriors. The cool and mysterious male rogues sometimes wield weapons coated with poison, and prefer to work alone rather than join a band or guild. They know how to escape in the shadows, are quick on their feet, and are very sly.

11. Anwir (English Origin) is a name that means"liar".

12. Ares (Greek Origin) is one of the good rogue names that refer to the "Greek God of war and ruin".

13. Azwame (Israeli Origin) means "strong death".

14. Astram (Sanskrit Origin) is one rogue name that means "a weapon of occult power".

15. Belial (Hebrew Origin) is a name that means "worthless".

16. Dolion (Greek Origin) means "deceitful".

17. Donovan (Irish Origin) is a good rogue name meaning "dark warrior".

18. Gedeon (Hebrew Origin) is one of the rogue names meaning "destroyer".

19. Pyry (Finnish Origin) means "like a snowstorm".

20. Sephtis (Persian Origin) means "eternal death".

21. Tavarious (English Origin) means "misfortune".

22. Ubel (German Origin) means "evil".

Gender Neutral Rogue Names

This next list includes powerful names that rogues of all genders can share. These are great options for WoW rogue names ('World of Warcraft') that will no doubt be memorable and different from all the other online players. These names have origins from across the world, and will add dominance to your character.

23. Adofa (African Origin) means "warrior".

24. Ahriman (Indian Origin) is one of the cool rogue names meaning "evil spirit".

25. Amon (Greek Origin) means "the hidden one".

26. Enyo (Greek Origin) refers to a Goddess of destructive warfare.

27. Helmer (German Origin) is a good name meaning "a warrior's wrath".

28. Jela (Egyptian Origin) means "to suffer".

29. Kek (Egyptian Origin) means "God of darkness".

30. Matchithew (Native Indian Origin) means "to have a heart like evil".

31. Pele (Hawaiian Origin) means "warrior of destruction".

32. Runihura (Egyptian Origin) is one of the ancient names meaning "destroyer".

Rogue Names Inspired By Pop-Culture

The following list includes names taken from popular people in fantasy movies and TV shows. Named after movie characters, mythical creatures like vampires, demons, and other fictitious beings, these will be the best bet for  DND characters ('Dungeons And Dragons').

33. Beelzebub (Hebrew Origin) is a popular name from Abrahamic religion, and is another word for "satan".

34. Damon (Greek Origin) is known as the vampire from a popular TV show, and means "to tame".

35. Dracula (Romanian Origin) derives from multiple folklores, movies, and posts about vampires, and means "son of the dragon".

36. Caine (Irish Origins) means "son of a fighter".

37. Chibi (Japanese Origin) is a term used to indicate a "short person" and is popularly associated with 'manga'.

38. Chort (Russian Origin) is one of the funny rogue names, and refers to "a demon of doom".

39. Gorgon (Greek Origin) is a popular name that personifies mystery, and means "terrible"

40. Heinz (German Origin) is known as the evil scientist in a popular animated show 'Phineas and Ferb.' The name means "home-ruler".

41. Sauron (Multiple Origins) is known as the villain from 'Lord of the Rings' and means "absolute evil".

42. Scar (English Origin) is the famous villain from 'The Lion King' and means "a mark left on the skin".

Funny Rogue Names

The rogue is known to be a good thief

The rogue community has its fair share of weaker members who are not as terrifying as their powerful counterparts. In this final list, you will see funny names taken from different literary sources and media.

43. Bilbo (English Origin) is taken from 'Lord of the Rings' and means "an old sword".

44. Bing (Scottish Origin) means "metallic waste or a heap".

45. Crumb (German Origin) means "small fragments"

46. Moody (English Origin) means "unpredictable temperament".

47. Jiggy (Multiple Origins) refers to being "uninhibited and excited".

48. Kibble (German Origin) means "pellets or dog food".

49. Queso (Spanish Origin) means "cheese".

50. Schrodinger (Austrian Origin) is derived from the Shrodinger experiment, and is a term given to the resulting equation.

51. Teddy (English Origin) means "divine gift".

52. Ziggy (German Origin) is a pet name meaning "victory".

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