100 Best Saint Names For Boys

Choose one of the unique and meaningful saint names for boys confirmation.

If you are blessed with a baby boy, then indeed you're lucky!

But what can enhance your baby's luck? A name that can amplify his personality and help him become more aware of his existence in your life and that of others.

Previously, when a Catholic family used to baptize their child after his birth at the Church, the priest used to give them saint names or confirmation names which is a form of connection or ties to their god and the Bible. Now with changes in both Church and the outlook of people, parents are no longer required to give their children these names.

But, nowadays, very religious parents have begun taking interest in these rare, uplifting, and unique names of saints for their baby boy and baby girl.

If you are interested in ancient names, try out these beautiful saints’ names, which are a great source of inspiration. We have names from Irish to German, French, and even Scottish origins. We have listed Christian saints' and Catholic saints' names too. So, let's dive into the list of popular saint names that are suitable for your beloved baby boy.

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Catholic Saint Names For Boys

Check out some cool saint names for boys which can make great baby names.

Catholic saints' names like Abel and Andrew, among others have always been favorites, but apart from these common names, we selected some unique catholic boy names for your son.

1. Abel (Hebrew origin) means "breath". Famous name bearer Abel of Reims of France.

2. Andrew (Ancient Greek origin) means "strong", "courageous", and "warrior". St. Andrew, was one of the apostles of Christ.

3. Anselm (Germanic origin) means “under the protection of the gods”. Famous name bearer 12th-century saint of Canterbury.

4. Anthony (Latin and Greek origin) means “priceless one”. St. Anthony established religious life in Christianity.

5. Apollo (Greek origin) means "destroyer". Apollo, was an Egyptian Christian who lived as a hermit and Greek god of the sun.

6. Bardo (German origin) means "water". Famous name bearer St. Bardo, an 11th-century bishop in Germany.

7. Basil (Greek origin) means "regal".

8. Benilde (French origin) means “good”.

9. Bernadine (German and French origin) means Bernadine was an Italian priest, a Catholic saint, and a Franciscan missionary. A unisex name perfect for both genders.

10. Blaise (Greek origin) means "lisping", "stammering". Famous name bearer St. Blaise. He was a famous physician from the fourth century.

11. Brice (English origin) means “speckled”.

12. Crispin (Latin origin) means “curly-headed”. Famous name bearer St. Crispin.

13. Cyril (Greek origin) means "lordly, masterful". Famous name bearer Byzantine Christian theologian St. Cyril.

14. Damian (Greek origin) means “powerful man of the people.” Famous name bearer St. Damian, a renowned healer.

15. Isaac (Hebrew origin) means “will laugh". Famous name bearer, the founder of the Dalmatian Monastery, St. Isaac the Confessor.

16. Ivo (Germanic or Celtic origin) means “yew”. Famous name bearer, a 13th-century lawyer turned saint.

17. Pelagio (Ancient Greek origin) means “thanks”. Famous name bearer Saint Pelagio, who received visions of the Virgin Mary.

18. Vincent (Latin origin) means “to conquer”. Famous name bearer, a 5th-century monk Saint Vincent of Lerins.

19. Xavier (Latin origin) means “new house”. Famous name bearer St. Francis Xavier, co-founders of the Society of Jesus.  

Irish Saint Names For Boys

These Christian saints' names are perfect for your baby boy.

Ireland is not only a land of beautiful mountains and landscape but also the home of some legendary saints. So, if you want a name for your son, which represent their sacrifice and love, then check out these names:

20. Aidan (Irish origin) means "bringer of fire". Famous name bearer: Saint Aidan, who established the North Umbria’s monastery.

21. Bean (Scottish origin) means “seller of the bean”. A beautiful unisex name that belongs to St. Bean of Ireland.

22. Cathal (Irish and English origin) means "rule".

23. Clement (English origin) means “merciful”. Famous name bearer Clement of Ireland.

24. Colman (English origin) means “little dove.” Famous name bearer a royal bard who became a bishop of Ireland.

25. Columba (English origin) means “a dove". Columba is among the most common names for saints of Ireland.  

26. Conall (Irish and Gaelic origin) means "strong wolf". Famous name bearer, a fifth-century saint Saint Conall, also known as Conall Stickler.

27. Conan (Irish origin) means “little hound or wolf”.

28. Declan (Irish origin) means "full of goodness". It is among the most popular saint names in America.

29. Enda (Irish origin) means "birdlike". Famous name bearer Enda, the Anglicization, sixth-century Catholic monk.

30. Eoghan (Irish origin) means “land of the yew tree”.

31. Finnian (Irish origin) means “fair”.

32. Fursey (Irish origin) means "virtue".

33. Iarlaith (Irish origin) means "leader" or "prince".

34. Kevin (Irish origin) means “handsome”.

35. Killian (Irish origin) means “church”.

36. Natalis (Latin origin) means “birth, generation”. Famous name bearer, founder of monasticism in Northern Ireland, St. Natalis.

37. Odhran (Scottish origin) means "little pale green one”. Famous name bearer, a sixth-century Irish saint of Tipperary, Odhran.

38. Patrick (Irish origin) means “nobly born”.

39. Ronan (Irish origin) means “little seal”.

40. Tressan (Irish origin) means “one who leaves all comfort for God”.

41. Ultan (Irish origin) means "a man from Ulster." Famous name bearer, a 17th-century saint.

Roman Catholic Saint Names For Boys

Rome is the city of beautiful architecture, Christianity and home of hundreds and thousands of Saints, who fought for their Gods. We hope one of these names is going to speak out to you.

42. Alexis (Greek origin) means “helping”. A unisex name, which was popularized by St. Alexis. He has an interesting story. He is believed to have dressed up as a beggar in order to escape from his wealthy family.

43. Amantius (Latin origin) means "loving". Famous name bearer St. Amantius was the third bishop of Como.

44. Fabian (Roman origin) means “bean”.

45. Florian (Roman origin) means "blond; blooming, flowering".

46. Genesius (Greek origin) means "generates, generated, referring to the birth". Famous name bearer patron saint of clowns and comedians, St. Genesius of Rome.

47. Henry (English origin) means “ruler of the homeland". Famous name bearer St. Henry II, belonging to the mighty Roman Empire.  

48. Hyginus (Latin origin) means "healthy." Famous name bearer Bishop of Rome Hyginus.

49. Leo (Roman origin)) means "lion".

50. Luke (Roman origin) means "the one born at dawn".

51. Rufus (Roman origin) means “redhead”.

52. Sylvester (Latin origin) means “belonging to the woods”.  

53. Theodore (Roman origin) means “‘God’s gift”.

54. Valentine (Roman origin) means "strong, healthy, and love". Famous name bearer, a third-century Roman saint who commemorated Valentine’s day.

55. Vincenzo (Latin origin) means“to win or to conquer”.

Italian Saint Names For Boys

Check out some cool Catholic boy names that are inspired by some brave and famous saints who lived in Italy. They played a major role in the promotion of religion in the region.

56. Abundius (Latin origin) means “abundant, plentiful.” Famous name bearer St. Abundius of Northern Italy.

57. Artemas (Greek origin) means “to follow.”

58. Augustine (Latin origin) means "to increase." Famous name bearer Augustine of Hippo, theologians, and philosophers.

59. Benedict (Latin origin) means "blessed". Famous name bearer is Saint Benedict of Nursia.

60. Benno (Italian origin) means “bear”, “blessed”.

61. Camilo (Latin origin) means "helper to the priest".

62. Cassian (Italian origin) means “hollow.”

63. Conrad (Proto-Germanic origin) means "bold" and rad "counsel".

64. Milo (Italian origin) means “gracious” or “soldier.” Famous name bearer Milo, archbishop of the Italian city of Benevento.  

Greek Saint Baby Names For Boys

These beautiful catholic baby boys names will help you connect with God and helps you in instilling some good qualities in your son.

65. Achaicus (Greek origin) means “a native of Achaia”. Famous name bearer Corinthian Greek saint Achaicus who carried the letter from Corinthians to St. Paul.  

66. Achilles (Greek origin) means "pain". Famous name bearer Achilles from Homer’s ‘Iliad.’

67. Agapius (Greek origin) means “love, affection, esteem”. Famous name bearer, an 18th-century saint and martyr of Galatista, St. Agapius.

68. Aimilios (Greek origin) means "strength".

69. Athanasios (Greek origin) means “immortal”. Famous name bearer, Greek saint, theologian, and hymnographer, Athanasios.

70. Athenagoras (Greek origin) means “mystical”. Famous name bearer Ante-Nicene Christian apologist Athenagoras.

71. Cosmas (Greek origin) means “decency” and “order”. Famous name bearer Father Cosmas in the Greek Orthodox Church.

72. Cyriacus (Greek origin) means “of the Lord”. Famous name bearer renowned saint of Greece, Cyriacus.

73. David (Greek origin) means "beloved". Famous name bearer David the Dendrite, a saint of Thessaloniki.

74. Demetrius (Latin origin) means "devoted to Demeter".

75. Dionysios (Latin origin) means “Greek God of wine”.

76. Ephraim (Hebrew origin) means "being fruitful”.

77. Eumenes (Greek origin) means “benevolent, good-hearted”.

78. Eustathius (Greek origin) means "to stand, to set up". Famous name bearer Eustathius, a Greek saint and Archbishop of Thessalonica.  

79. George (Greek origin) means “farmer”.

80. Gerasimus (Greek origin) means "the one who deserves honor".

81. Giles (Greek origin) means “pledge”.

82. Gregory (Greek origin) means "to watch". Famous name bearer Gregory V of Constantinople.

83. Joachim (Hebrew origin) means "raised by Yahweh".

84. Joseph (Hebrew origin) means “he will add”. Famous name bearer St. Joseph, who was a great liturgical scholar.

85. Kalafatis (Greek origin). Famous name bearer Greek Orthodox bishop of Izmir, Chrysostomos Kalafatis.

86. Macarius (Greek origin) means "happy, fortunate, blessed". Famous name bearer St. Macarius of Corinth.

87. Maximus (Greek origin) means " greatest”. Famous name bearer a Greek saint, scholar, publicist, and translator, Maximus.

88. Nectarios (Greek origin) means "nectar" or "ambrosia". Famous name bearer Saint Nectarios.

89. Nicholas (Greek origin) means Nicholas "victory of the people". Famous name bearer Greek spiritual saint and theological writer, Kabasilas.

Unique Boys' Saint Names

We have compiled a list of some unique and interesting patron saint names.

90. Nicodemus (Greek origin) means "victory of the people." Famous name bearer: St. Nicodemus, who underwent a heart change.

91. Nikephoros (Greek origin) means "bringer of victory." Also a ruler of Byzantine.

92. Paisios (Greek origin) means “elevated, high”.

93. Phanourios (Greek origin) means Phanourios, the Great Martyr, is recognized as a saint by the Greek Orthodox church.

94. Philothei (Greek origin) means "lover of God". Famous name bearer: saint and martyr of Greece during the era of Ottoman.

95. Porphyrios (Spanish origin) means "purple-clad".

96. Publius (Greek origin) means "of the people".

97. Raphael (Hebrew origin) means "he has healed." Famous name bearer Eastern Orthodox saint, Saint Raphael of Greek.

98. Savvas (Greek origin) means "Sabbath", "Saturday".

99. Triantafyllos (Greek origin) means "rose." Also the name of a famous and revered saint during the Greek Orthodox church.

100. Zachary (Hebrew origin) means "God remembers".

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