100 Best Sci-fi Names To Inspire You

There are a plethora of meaningful Sci-fi names to choose from.

Science fiction is one of pop culture's crowned rulers.

There is no pop culture without Sci-fi. Science fiction occupies a significant chunk in popular culture because entertainment is all about being outer-worldly.

New parents are always on the lookout for unique names that have a great ring to them. They look for names that sound beautiful and mean something relevant and pleasant, which will perfectly go with the personality of their little bundle of joy. Choosing an amazing name for your child is a great start as a parent.

If you are a science geek and want to name your child after some sci-fi inspired characters from pop culture like Battlestar Galactica, then look no further. The best way to come up with science fiction names is this handy list of unique fantasy names from your favorite sci-fi movies, TV series, books, and comics that have been curated just for you.

If you are interested in learning more about different fantasy names, you can look at our other articles Futuristic Names and Fantasy Boy Names.

Sci-fi Names For Boys

Cool sci-fi names for your kids are food for great personality in a child.

Here's a galactic list of the best sci-fi boys' names you will ever find.

1. Alex (Latin origin) meaning "defender"; one of the main sci-fi characters in 'The X-Files'.

2. Anakin (Biblical origin) meaning "giant"; one of the iconic science fiction names from 'Star Wars.'

3. Apollo (Greek origin), meaning "destroyer"; one of the popular characters in science fiction series, 'Battlestar Galactica.'

4. Ash (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy"; one of the science fiction characters in 'Alien.'

5. Ben (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of my right"; the name of Ben Kenobi from 'Star Wars.'

6. Buck (English origin) meaning "deer,"; a character from 'Alien Nation.'

7. Connor (Irish origin) meaning "wolf lover"; from 'The Terminator.' A great choice for a baby name.

8. Duncan (Scottish origin), meaning "war"; a character from 'Dune.'

9. Echo (Greek origin), meaning "reverberating sound"; from 'Star Wars'.

10. Finn (Nordic or Irish origin) meaning "white"; a popular baby name choice from 'Star Wars.'

11. Fox (English origin) meaning "wild dog,"; a unique choice amongst baby names for boys from 'The X-Files'. He is also the main character in the series.

12. Groot (Dutch origin) meaning "big,"; a lovable character from 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

13. Han (Hebrew origin) meaning "Gracious God"; the name of Han Solo from 'Star Wars.'

14. Harold (English origin) meaning  "power, brightness,"; a titular character from 'Doctor Who.'

15. Henry (Biblical origin) meaning from "lord"; from 'The Twilight Zone'; a common choice amongst science fantasy names for boys.

16. Holden (English origin) meaning "gracious"; from Blade Runner'.

17. Jack (English origin) meaning "God is gracious"; one of the most popular space names from 'Doctor Who.'

18. Jonas (Hebrew origin) meaning "peaceful being,"; a character from 'Stargate SG-1'.

19. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "dedicated to Jupiter"; from 'Star Trek.'

20. Kaidan (Arabic origin) meaning "companion"; one of the science fantasy male names from 'Mass Effect.'

21. Kane (Irish origin) meaning "war-like,"; a character from 'Alien.'

22. Lando meaning "a famous land"; from 'Star Wars.'

23. Lon (Spanish origin) meaning "noble,"; a popular little character from 'Star Trek.'

24. Luke (Latin origin), meaning "light,"; the most popular character from 'Star Wars.'

25. Malcolm (Gaelic origin) meaning "devotee of Saint Columba,"; a character from 'Firefly.'

26. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest"; a character name from 'Max Headroom.'

27. Mickey (American origin) meaning "who is like God?"; a popular character from 'Doctor Who.'

28. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier"; from 'Star Trek.'

29. Montgomery (English origin) meaning from "powerful"; from 'Star Trek' is often referred to as Monty, one of the most popular dark names.

30. Poe (English origin) meaning from "peacock"; one of the best 'Star Wars' names ever.

31. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "stone, rock"; the name of the lead character Peter Jason Quill in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

32. Quinn (Gaelic origin) meaning "wisdom and intelligence,"; a character from 'Sliders.'

33. Richard (Germanic origin) meaning "strong or brave leader,"; a character from 'Bid Time Return.'

34. Riker (Dutch origin) meaning "strong power"; a character from 'Star Trek.'

35. Rocket (English origin) meaning "jet-propelled tube"; the raccoon character's name from 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

36. Saren (Welsh origin) meaning "star,"; a character from 'Mass Effect.'

37. Wesley (Anglo-Norman origin), meaning "western lea,"; a character from 'Star Trek.'

38. Yoda (Sanskrit origin), meaning "warrior,"; an iconic Jedi master from 'Star Wars.'

39. Ziggy (German origin) meaning "victorious protector,"; a character from 'Quantum Leap.'

Sci-fi Names For Girls

An uncommon name for your child will make you live in a fantasy world every day as a parent.

Here's a cosmic list of futuristic sci-fi girls' names from fantasy and sci-fi.

40. Aeryn (American origin) meaning "Ireland"; one of the fantasy girls' names from 'Farscape.'

41. Alura (English origin) meaning "Godlike advisor,"; the Kryptonian daughter of In-Zee Supergirl's mother.

42. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of wisdom and war"; one of the most beautiful fantasy female names  from 'Battlestar Galactica.'

43. Beverly (English origin) meaning "dweller at the beaver meadow"; one of the many futuristic girl names in 'Star Trek.'

44. Clara meaning "clear, bright, famous"; one of the cute fantasy names from 'Doctor Who.'

45. Dana (Hebrew origin) meaning "arbiter,"; the main character of 'The X-Files.'

46. Dasha (Slavic origin) meaning "wealthy,"; a unique name for a baby girl, the 'Masha and Bear' series.

47. Delenn (Scottish origin) meaning "from the alder grove"; from 'Babylon 5.'

48. Diana (Roman origin) meaning "the goddess of the hunt"; the real name of the DC superhero Wonder Woman.

49. Donna (Italian origin) meaning "woman"; from 'Doctor Who.'

50. Elise (Greek origin) meaning "truth"; from 'Bid Time Return.'

51. Ezri (Hebrew origin) meaning "to help"; a little character from 'Star Trek.' it is one of the most unique sci-fi baby names for a daughter.

52. Gamora (Biblical origin) meaning "rebellious people"; one of the titular character in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' It is one of the most perfect baby names from the fantasy and the sci-fi universe.

53. Holly (English origin) meaning  "hollow-eyed,"; a character from 'Red Dwarf.'

54. Inara (Arabic origin) meaning "ray of light"; a character from 'Firefly.'

55. Janice (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious,"; a popular character from 'Star Trek.'

56. Jenny (English origin) meaning "fair"; an important character from 'Doctor Who.'

57. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "to behold,"; a character from 'Dune.'

58. Kathryn meaning "pure,"; a character from 'Star Trek.'

59. Kira (Russian origin) meaning "mistress, ruler"; another popular character from 'Star Trek.' It will make a beautiful sci-fi baby name.

60. Leia (Latin origin) meaning "lioness"; one of the titular characters in 'Star Wars.' It is one of the greater sci-fi baby names for a daughter, especially if you are a 'Star Wars' fan.

61. Liara (Hebrew origin) meaning "light for me,"; a character from 'Mass Effect.'

62. Lorraine (German origin), meaning "made famous in battle,"; a character from 'Back to the Future.'

63. Maggie (Greek origin) meaning "child of light" or "pearl,"; a character from 'Sliders.' It is a great name for a sci-fi baby.

64. Martha (Latin origin) meaning "mistress,"; a character from 'Doctor Who.'

65. Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion or magic,"; a character from 'The Twilight Zone.' It is undoubtedly one of the cutest baby names from fantasy and sci-fi.

66. Missy (American origin) meaning "bee"; one of the characters from 'Doctor Who.'

67. Monica (Latin origin) meaning "to advise"; one of the important characters from 'The X-Files.'

68. Moya (Celtic origin) meaning "exceptional"; one of the unique fantasy and sci-fi character names from 'Farscape.'

69. Padme (Persian origin) meaning "Lotus Flower"; one of the most beloved queens in 'Star Wars.'

70. Rey (Spanish origin), meaning "ruler,"; the protagonist in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

71. Ripley (English origin) meaning "from the strip field"; one of the main characters from the 'Alien' franchise.

72. River (English origin) meaning "a stream of water that is flowing to the sea"; names of two characters appearing in both 'Doctor Who' and 'Firefly.'

73. Rose (Germanic origin) meaning "famous,"; a titular character in 'Doctor Who.'

74. Serina (Latin origin) meaning "serene" or "calm"; one of the characters from 'Battlestar Galactica.'

75. Tasha (English origin) meaning "born on Christmas Day"; one of the characters from 'Star Trek.'

76. Theora (Greek origin) meaning "watcher"; one of the characters from 'Max Headroom.'

77. Vala (English origin) meaning "Chosen"; one of the important characters in 'Stargate SG-1.'

78. Zephyra (Greek origin) meaning "strong wind"; a name that references the action film 'Zephyr.'

79. Zyla (Polish origin) meaning "vein,"; one of the unique fantasy girl names that also refers to a Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter from 'World of Warcraft.'

80. Zhora (Slavic origin) meaning "Earth worker,"; one of the titular characters in 'Blade Runner.'

Sci-fi Last Names

Here's an amazing list of fictional Sci-fi last names that could be great middle names for your little one.

81. Amidala meaning "a beautiful flower,"; the last name of Padme Amidala, a titular character in 'Star Wars.'

82. Chapel (French origin) meaning "hooded cloak,"; the surname of Christine Chapel from 'Star Trek.'

83. Harkness (Scottish origin) meaning "a habitational name from an unknown place" is the last name of Captain Jack Harkness from 'Doctor Who.'

84. Kenobi (Scottish origin) meaning "Christ,"; the last name of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin's mentor in 'Star Wars.'

85. Kent (English origin) meaning "high or coastal land,"; the surname of Clark Kent, which is the real name of the DC hero, Superman.

86. Kirk meaning "church"; the last name of James T. Kirk from 'Star Trek.'

87. Mulder (German origin) meaning "the maker of wooden bowls,"; the surname of Fox Mulder, the protagonist of the sci-fi series 'The X-files.'

88. Organa (Fictional origin) meaning "unknown"; the last name of Leia Organa, one of the most important characters in 'Star Wars.'

89. Oswald  (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "god" or, "rule"; is the last name of Clara Oswald from 'Doctor Who.'

90. Parker (English origin) meaning "park keeper,"; the last name of Peter Parker, which is the actual name of Spiderman.

91. Picard (French origin) meaning "a person from Picardy,"; the last name of the iconic 'Star Trek' character Jean-Luc Picard.

92. Pond meaning "'enclosed expanse of water"; the last name of one of the important characters named Amy Pond in 'Doctor Who.'

93. Quill (Irish origin), meaning "forest" or "shrub,"; is the last name of the main character Peter Quill or Starlord from 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

94. Scully (Irish origin), meaning "scholar,"; is the last name of Dana Scully, the female protagonist of 'The X-files.'

95. Skywalker (Fictional origin) meaning "one who walks in the sky,"; the iconic last name of the Skywalker family in 'Star Wars.'

96. Solo (Hebrew origin) meaning "peace,"; the last name of the beloved character from 'Star Wars,' Han Solo.

97. Song  (English origin), meaning "music,"; the last name of River Song from 'Doctor Who.'

98. Stark (German origin) meaning "strong" or "powerful,"; the last name of Tony Stark, which is the real name of Iron Man.

99. Vader (Fictional origin) meaning "dad,"; the last name of the 'Star Wars' supervillain, Darth Vader.

100. Wayne (English origin) meaning "wagon driver,"; the last name of Bruce Wayne, which is the real name of Batman, one of the best dark names.

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