120 Best Seafood Puns That Won't Make You Crabby

We tend to get crabby when we don't get to sea food.

Seafood is a common favorite cuisine all around the world, hence, puns about seafood should not be in poor taste.

Whale whale whale, when it comes to seafood, where do we even begin? We are absolutely spoiled for choice, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

There are a plethora of seafood types coming from different geographic areas all around the world. Hence, seafood is a widely loved cuisine choice because of the number of fishes that make it to our dishes. The sea world is a near-infinite fish tank, and we get to choose what we catch and put in our bellies. Just like seafood choices, puns, and jokes about seafood are also pretty famous.  They make great Instagram captions as well. Food is a widely searched item on Instagram, and seafood is a ruling food category that has found its way into countless famous food profiles. And like all good food deserves appreciation, good pictures need deserving food-related captions that actually appreciate the said food item. Seafood captions for most foodstagrammers are in great demand, as is seafood as a cuisine. If you are amongst them, but you just flounder with finding a good list of puns, welcome to this large fish tank of fish puns. We have lobster puns, crab puns, prawn puns, oyster puns, salmon puns, shellfish puns, bass puns, tuna puns, and any other seafood pun you can name. You could also take a look at dolphin puns and fish puns and jokes.

Trawl through this enormous list of fish puns including food puns, instead of baiting around for the perfect catch. There is absolutely no requirement to scale back. Just go ahead and choose the best one you sea.

Seafood Fish Puns

There are plenty of fish puns for you to sea.

Are you looking for an amazing fish pun or a joke to crack? Here's a krill-iant list of fish puns that will have people drowning in laughter.

1. I went to the ocean disco last night but I hurt myself. I must have pulled a mussel.

2. Fishes usually go to learn at the school of fish.

3. When the baby shark did not have his way with things, he whaled.

4. A fish with a brain condition should always visit a brain sturgeon.

5. When the aquarium fish wanted more space, he told the others, "I want to discus something with you all."

6. A dolphin's favorite type of flour is all-porpoise flour.

7. When a fish is confused, it says, "can you please be a little more pacific?"

8. When two fish were arguing, one said, "I don't sea it that way!"

9. The fishes crossed the sea to get to the other tide.

10. Fishes usually sleep on water beds.

11. When two fishes met after a while, one told the other "long time no sea!

12. The fish student got bad grades in his school because it was below C level!

13. Fishes don't like basketball because they are scared of the net!

14. Fishes need a lot of vitamin sea to keep healthy

15. Fishes save all of their money in a sea bank.

16. One way to make a fish laugh to tell a whale of a tale.

17. A fish's favorite TV Show is 'Whale of Fortune'.

18. I never should have gone to the fishy store. I got prawned.

19. A fish's favorite activity is to surf the net.

20. When fishes leave they usually wave goodbye.

21. The fishes hated going to the beach because it was so un-tidey.

22. Oh my cod, I laugh so hard when someone cracks a seafood joke.

23. The fish really schooled me, when he proved me wrong.

24. If anybody steals fish from the store the boss will make them walk the plankton.

25. When the fish's grades came, his teacher said "Not bad, but you cod do better."

26. We should dolphinitely go easy on the fish puns.

27. Any fin is possible if you trout your gut!

28. The fish puns were so funny, they were krilling me with laughter!

29. The criminal fish was pronounced gill-ty in the court.

30. Fish puns are all I have been herring about.

31. The fish couple made their wedding news o-fish-al.

32. The fish that go to heaven are angelfish.

33. You can tuna fish by adjusting their scales.

34. The fisherman who couldn't read was lost at C.

35. A celebrity fish is called a star-fish.

36. When you mix a fish and a banker, you get a loan-shark.

37. To make an octopus laugh, you need to give it ten-tickles.

38. I have not thought of a fish pun yet. Seems like I need some time to mullet over?

39. I am hoping to avoid turtle disaster.

40. I am running out of fish puns. I cannot find any betta ones.

41. You should not be making a-trout-cious fish puns. They are of-fin-sive.

42. My dad quit being a fisherman because his net income was very low.

43. I'm hooked with making fish puns now, but I am still not quite up to scale.

44. A lone fish after a disaster is called the sole survivor.

45. I love fish puns from the bottom of my sole.

46. We have no time to address fishcious rumors. We have better fish to fry.

47. DJ's are banned from working in fish markets because they always drop the bass.

48. Some people don't really like puns about fish, but they are kraken me up!

49. When the two fish became friends, it seemed that they were swimming along nicely.

50. I'll bait that these fish puns cannot go on for much longer.

51. All I can sea are bass-ically the cod awful fish puns!

52. There is one piece of advice I swear by. Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

53. We whaley need to stop now! We've had too much pun.

54. You can tune a guitar but you cannot tuna fish unless you play the bass.

55. The school of fish keeps up with recent happenings because they listen to the current news.

56. Most fish like to keep their food a little cold and bait a little warm.

57. The Lochness monster's favorite thing to eat is fish-n-ships.

58. A fisherman can never be a good boxer. All he throws are hooks.

59. To communicate with a fish you haven't met in ages, you should drop a line.

60. Most fishes come from Finland.

61. Fishes who live at the bottom of the ocean are the ones who dropped out of school.

62. A fish's favorite musical instrument to play is the bass guitar.

63. If you can come up with better fish puns, do let minnow.

64. A fish in an orbit is usually in router space.

65. The bigmouth bass who got caught by a fisherman is now in a boatload of trouble.

66. When a fish is hyperventilating due to anxiety, clam it down.

67. The most expensive fish in the market is goldfish.

68. A fish's favorite TV Show is 'Tuna Half Men.'

Seafood And Fish Puns

Are you on the lookout for some of the choices jokes and puns on seafood for Instagram or photo captions? Here's a list of the best fish puns about seafood to satiate your hunger for humor and have you gasping for breath.

69. I heard about the fight that broke out in the seafood restaurant. There was battered fish everywhere.

70. I went to the seafood mart but the employees seemed fishy.

71. I never should have eaten seafood at that fishy place. I feel eel.

72. A blind person was eating see-food but it did not help.

73. I don't think I should buy from the seafood market here. There isn't salmon I can trust.

74. When I went to eat at the seafood eatery, I thought I saw my old friend. But it was salmon else.

75. When the baby tuna fish was asked his age, he replied, "I am tuna half."

76. Ribs become seafood when you go to a so-fish-ticated restaurant.

77. The most blessed seafood is holy mackerel.

78. A favorite party game of fishes is 'Salmon says.'

79. It was a great oppor-tuna-ty to try new fish!

80. I love seafood so much. I think it's fintastic.

81. There are countless good plaices to eat seafood at.

82. Whenever I see food, I eat it because I am on a seafood diet.

83. I hated the clownfish that they served in the restaurant. It tasted funny.

84. I hate people who crack seafood site jokes. Seems like they are fishing for laughs.

85. The fish chef did not listen to any criticism because he was hard of herring.

86. A seafood delivery truck should actually be called a school bus.

87. The Rock's favorite seafood is a rock lobster.

88. I made a lot of fish eye soup. It will sea me through the week.

89. Seafood is really healthy because it is good for the mussels.

Prawn Puns That Are Shrimply The Best

Don't wok away from these amazing prawn puns.

Prawn is a widely common seafood item. Check out this list of prawn puns that are shrimportant.

90. The shrimp could easily afford to buy a new house because he prawned everything!

91. A shrimp usually goes to borrow money from a prawn broker!

92. I cannot eat shellfish that have been steamed in water. I have shellfish steamed issues.

93. A shrimp that keeps getting hurt is accident prawn.

94. Young shrimp is not popular in Japanese cuisine because of short tempura.

95. The young shrimp left his job because it was a temporary role.

96. A necessity while cooking prawns in the kitchen is a-ron.

97. An indecisive prawn is so tempuramental.

Crab Puns That Will Make You Crab For More

These crab puns are not crabby at all.

Here's a list of the best tasting crab puns and shellfish jokes for you to check out.

98. Crabs frantically search for a place to hide so that they can eat alone. I think that's shellfish.

99. The best job for a crab is being a crab driver.

100. A crab that throws things is called a lobster.

101. During Christmas, Santa Claws brings presents to young crabs.

102. When a crab eats too much it feels clawful!

103. When a crab gets a smartphone they take lots of shellfies.

104. Crabs get around on land by using the sidewalk.

105. The kind of helmets that hermit crabs wear are shell-mets.

106. Crabs love to shellabrate on their birthday.

107. When crabs go to coffee shops, they usually order a cup of crab-uccino!

108. Crabs usually call their friends on a shell phone!

109. The crab and lobster never share their food because they are shellfish!

110. A crab's favorite fruit is crab apples!

111. The crustacean was really unhappy because his wife was being crabby.

112. When you cross a shellfish and an apple, it becomes a crab.

113. A meditating crab in self-isolation is called a hermit crab!

114. A crab answers the phone by saying "Shello?"

115. A crab who is afraid of small spaces is claw-strophobic!

116. Crabs usually leave the hospital on crotches after treatment!

117. Crabs only prefer just a pinch of salt in their food.

118. The crab refused to speak a single word after it went through acute trauma. It was completely shell shocked.

119. The crab buffet came with so many restrictions. I should have read the claws before paying for it.

120. There is no need to feel crabby about crab puns.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully accumulated lots of amazing puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for seafood puns, then why not take a look at beach puns, or for something different take a look at pumpkin jokes.



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