Best 70 Soft Boys Names That Are Perfect To Pronounce

Blue-eyed baby boy lying on his back on a soft white rug gazing up at his parents.

Do you want a name for your little boy that is both powerful yet graceful?

Strong yet soft? Welcome to the new generation of baby names, where gentle options roll off the tongue like honey.

But, what makes for boy baby names that have that gentle soft sound many people love? Names that end in ley, in fact the top 65 that we have compiled, tend to be loved by those seeking a soft boy name and have the added bonus that many have several syllables which helps the flow. The same can be said for names ending in ie, like Andie, Jamie and Ollie, and we have compiled the 75 best of them, so check it out. In fact, the right ending can transform a name: Fred Vs Freddie and Huck Vs Huckleberry.

It can also depend on the pronunciation of a particular letter. Boy names that start with a c can be split into those that are gentle names with a soft c (think Spencer, Lance and Pierce) and those that use the hard c - as in the case of Christopher, Caden and Conrad. At the other end of the scale names that focus on the harder sounds like k, x and g shout loud and strong.

Think about how the name sounds to you. You'll naturally begin to differentiate between the soft and hard sounds to find a name you love. To help you on the way we've gathered together 70 softly-spoken names that you'll fall in love with.

One Syllable Soft Boy Names

It is possible to go short and soft with your boys' names choices. The trick is to avoid those names with a harsh x or k at the end. These great examples all have the softest edge but without relying on a ley or ie ending. Perhaps your baby boy could be a:

1.Bae (Korean). Means 'inspiration'.

2.Beau (French). Means 'beautiful'.

3.Cho (Korean). Means 'handsome'.

4.Dae (Korean). Means 'shining' or 'the great one'.

5.Gi (Korean). Means 'brave'.

6.Hugh (Teutonic). Means 'bright in mind and in spirit'.

7.Jin (Korean). Means 'truth' or 'jewel'.

8.Jude (Latin). Means 'praised'.

9.Joel (Hebrew). Means 'the Lord is willing'.

10.Jules (French). Means 'youthful'.

11.Lee (English). Means 'meadow' or 'clearing'.

12.Seth (Hebrew). Means 'appointed' or 'compensation'.

Three- And Four-Syllable Soft Names

As a general rule the more syllables in a name that more it rolls off the tongue which helps to create that soft sound. For example: Julian rolls off the tongue beautifully, while Kurt has a harder edge to it. The use of sibilance can also soften a name. This is when the soft consonants – s, plus sh, ch, th, z, x, f and in some cases c – create the hissing sound you hear in Sebastian, Wesley and Nathaniel. Why not try one of these for size for your baby boy?

13.Gabriel (Hebrew). Means 'God is my strength'.

14.Jeremiah (Hebrew). Means 'appointed by God'.

15.Julian (Latin). Means 'bearded'.

16.Nathaniel (Hebrew). Means 'gift of God'.

17.Raphael (Hebrew). Means 'God's healer'.

18.Sebastian (Greek). Means 'venerable'.

19.Timothy (Greek). Means 'in God's honour'.

Boy Name Choices That Start With A Vowel

Baby boy in a diaper crawling in his wooden cot looking up at his parents.

Pick a name, any name... but choose a boy name that starts with A, E, I, O or U and you're already on to a winner for a name that people will fall in love with for its softness. It can be hard to determine what makes a name sound hard or soft and sometimes it's all to do with the letter combination. Many people would classify a name that starts with a vowel, n, m, l, r, y or w as being soft.  Likewise, names that finish with a vowel tend to be soft compared to a more abrupt ending; in this case, it's the difference between Max (hard) and Milo (soft).

20.Aidan (Irish). Means 'little fire'. Variations include Aiden.

21.Amos (Hebrew). Means 'strong' or 'brave'.

22.Arlo (German). Means 'hill'.

23.Asher (Hebrew). Means 'blessed' or 'happy'.

24.Ashley (English). Means 'dwells near the ash tree meadow'.

25.Atlas (Greek). The name of a Greek God.

26.Aubrey (English). Means 'the ruler of elves'.

27.Eli (Hebrew). Means 'high'.

28.Ethan (Hebrew). Means 'strong' or 'firm'.

29.Evan (Welsh). Means 'young'.

30.Ezrah (Hebrew). Means 'helper'. Variations include Ezra.

31.Ira (Hebrew). Means 'watchful'.

32.Ollie (Latin). Means 'olive tree'. Diminutive of Oliver. Variations include Oli, Oly.

33.Otis (German). Means 'wealth'.

34.Otto (German). Means 'wealthy'.

35.Owen (Welsh). Means 'young warrior'.

Boys Names That Finish With A Vowel

While you may like a name that starts with a vowel, you'll love a name that ends in a vowel for the way it sounds. These are gentle, flowing and peaceful choices that are great for little boys.

36.Bodhi (Indian). Means 'enlightened'.

37.Hei (Korean). Means 'wisdom'.

38.Jesse (Hebrew). Means 'gift'.

39.Louie (English). Means 'famed warrior'.

40.Luca (Italian). Means 'man from Lucania'.

41.Milo (Latin). Means 'soldier' or 'merciful'.

42.Reece (Welsh). Means 'ardour'. Variations include Rhys.

43.So (Korean). Means 'smile'.

44.Tae-hui (Korean). Means 'great' or 'superior'.

45.Theo (Greek). Means 'divine gift'.

46.Young-jae (Korean). Means 'one destined to be forever prosperous'.

Other Soft Sounding Names

And then there are those names that just sound soft despite a distinct lack of vowels at either the start or the end. We're talking about:

47.Callum (Scottish). Means 'dove'.

48.Casper (Persian). Means 'bringer of treasure'.

49.Dallas (Irish). Means 'skilled'.

50.Declan (Irish). Means 'full of goodness'.

51.Finley (Scottish). Means 'fair warrior' or 'hero'.

52.Freddy (German). Means 'peaceful ruler'. Variations include Freddie.

53.Haneul (Korean). Means 'heavenly'.

54.Holden (English). Means 'hollow valley'.

55.Jonah (Hebrew). Means 'dove'.

56.Jonas (Greek). Means 'dove'.

57.Lewis (English). Means 'famed warrior'.

58.Liam (Irish). Means 'strong-willed warrior' or 'the protector'.

59.Mal-chin (Korean). Means 'persists to the end'.

60.Mason (English). Means 'stone worker'.

61.Matthew (English). Means 'gift of God'.

62.Noah (Hebrew). Means 'wandering' or 'rest'.

63.Remy (French). Means 'oarsman'.

64.Reuben (Hebrew). Means 'behold, a son'.

65.Samuel (Hebrew). Means 'told by God'.

66.Shin (Korean). Means 'belief'.

67.Sonny (American). Means 'a son'.

68.Stefan (Greek). Means 'crown' or 'garland'.

69.Teddy (English). Means 'divine gift'.

70.Tristan (Welsh). Means 'the loud one'.

If you enjoyed reading this list of soft boy names that are perfect to pronounce, why not check out our top 100 one syllable baby boy names and best 55 two syllable baby boy names that are so easy to pronounce!



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