Best 100+ Spa Names To Make Your Business Stand Out

There are numerous spa names to choose from.

Spas are holistic places where people can go to relax their bodies as well as their mind.

People who are tired from their day-to-day routine and need to rejuvenate their senses go to spas to be able to refresh themselves. The beauty of a spa massage is that it helps your body and soul and boosts our mental health as well as our physical health.

If you are looking to open a spa business, you definitely need ideas for names for a spa. Your spa business could be a day spa, where people only come for a few hours, or you could also have a spa resort where people stay overnight and indulge in multiple spa activities. Whether it is a day spa or a medical spa, picking good spa names and catchy spa names is important for your spa business to stand out from others. Consider picking short and simple business names that will help people quickly catch your presence and remember your business name for years on end. This is a useful tip, whether you are picking a spa name or an esthetician business name. You must identify the essence of your spa and pick a name that will fit well for your spa business.

Here are over 100 of the best spa names to make your business stand out, to help inspire you. If you’d like, you can also have a look at these cafe names that are funny, cute, or famous and these hotel names that will have a great reception for more business name ideas.

Relaxing Names For Spas

The special characteristic of a spa business is to offer a relaxing environment for customers. A spa massage and other spa activities should be able to help others feel comfortable and refreshed and the business name should reflect this same feeling. When looking for catchy spa names or business names for your spa, it is crucial that you pick a refreshing and relaxing business name. Here are some of the best medical spa names, wellness center names and salon and spa names for your spa business.

1. Alive, one of the best spa name ideas.

2. Aqua Spa, for a day spa that uses water based spa therapies.

3. Bano Spa, a relaxing and refreshing name for a medical spa.

4. Bella Vida Spa, for a spa resort that works towards offering customers a good life.

5. Blanche Spa, a very good name for a simple and fresh spa.

6. Brillo Spa, one of the best spa names for a shining and relaxing spa business.

7. Brise Day Spa, a superb French name for spa that means "breeze".

8. Buena Spa, a very good name for a spa.

9. Caricia Spa, one of the best ideas for spa names.

10. Dewy Daisies, another one of the most amazing spa name ideas.

11. Figurati Spa, a very good name for a spa that offers spa massage.

12. Forêt Spa, one of the most relaxing French spa names that means "forest".

13. Hermosa Spa, a relaxing name that means "gorgeous" in Spanish.

14. Lavender Bliss, another fantastic name for a day spa.

15. Little Sunshine, one of the most relaxing spa name ideas.

16. Local Lush, another one of the most serene spa name ideas.

17. Ocean Wave, one of the most intriguing medical spa names.

18. Serene Drift, one of the best medical spa names.

19. Spa Crepuscolo, a superb name for a medical spa that means "twilight".

20. Spa L'Eau, one of the best French spa names that means "water".

21. Spa Lustre, another serene name for a day spa.

22. Spa Paix, another one of the best French spa names that means "peace".

23. Spa Paris, another good name for a day spa.

24. Spa Vivir, for a lively medical spa.

25. Walk In The Clouds, for a serene and out-of-this-world spa business.

Pick spa names that are very magical.

Funny And Catchy Spa Name Ideas

Looking for funny and catchy spa business names? Business names for a spa business can be catchy and funny so that people can have a good laugh about it, relax their spirits and also appreciate the beauty of the place. Such funny and catchy names of spas help leave an impression and might mean that people tend to continue coming back to your spa over and over again. Here are the best business names for a day spa or an overnight spa that’s full of beauty.

26. Angel’s Sense, a super catchy business name for a wellness center.

27. Adam And Eve, one of the most interesting name ideas.

28. Bella Center, a catchy business name for a day spa.

29. Blue Fusion, another very intriguing idea for your business.

30. Easy Life, a catchy business name for a spa that relaxes the mood of people.

31. Elite Florals, a super funny business name for a spa.

32. Escape Your Day, a very catchy spa name idea.

33. Fancy Pampers, one of the best spa names ideas.

34. Garden Of Eve, one of the best name ideas for your spa company.

35. Head To Toe Spa, a super catchy business name for a day spa.

36. Hot Stones, one of the catchiest spa names ideas if you indulge in stone therapy.

37. Just Relax, a super simple and hilarious name for a spa.

38. Love Yours, a short and simple name idea for a spa which is still very interesting.

39. Luscious Rooms, one of the most interesting name ideas for a day spa.

40. Pamper Me Please, another one of the funniest business names for a spa.

41. Pamper Palace, one of the funniest spa names ideas.

42. Pixie Heaven, another super catchy name idea for your business.

43. Pure Beauty, a good business name for a spa that brings out the inner beauty of people.

44. Relax Room, catchy spa name ideas don’t get better than this one!

45. Remarkable Delights, this might not be short and simple but it sounds very catchy.

46. Serenity Called, another one of the funniest spa names ideas ever.

47. Spa Rire, one of the funniest spa names in French that means "laugh".

48. Spring Of Youth, another catchy business name for your lovely day spa.

49. Total Healing, one of the best name ideas for a relaxing spa center.

50. Unwind, one of the best spa name ideas.

Spa names help your business stand out.

Classy And Unique Spa Names

It is a good idea to find unique spa names for your business that are edgy and classy to give your business an extra advantage over your competitors. If you wish success for your spa business, have a look at these very unique spa names. You can use them as they are to attract new customer or give them a twist of your own to bring out the real beauty of the name.

51. Ava, for a lively and youthful place.

52. Avalon View, for a serene and classy spa place.

53. Body And Mind, one of the most classy names.

54. Cloud Retreat, for a resort spa.

55. Cloud Silver, a unique name.

56. Clover Company, another unique name for a day spa.

57. Clover Essence, a super unique name.

58. Cozy Halo, for a resort spa.

59. Crystal Floras, a gorgeous unique name!

60. Crystal Luxe, another good name for a spa.

61. Derma Life, for a medical spa.

62. Drift Harmony, classy spa names don’t get better than this one!

63. Earth Veda, a super classy name for a unique spa.

64. Elite Luxe, a classy choice.

65. Essence Of Lilies, another one of the most unique names for spas.

66. Eve Retreat, for a resort spa.

67. Evian Spa, one of the best spa names.

68. Feel Good, another unique one!

69. Garden Of Tranquility, one of the most relaxing names for a spa.

70. Glory Maxim, a special spa name.

71. Health Derma, for a medical spa.

72. Hope View, another happy place name.

73. Inhale, a super classy name for a unique place.

74. Lily Heaven, an excellent choice.

75. Lily Luxe, for a floral heaven.

76. Little Delights, for a day spa.

77. Lotus Love, another good name.

78. Luminous, another unique name for one of the most unique spas.

79. May Rejuvenate, another unique name for your spa center.

80. Nirvana Dawn, one of the most unique names for spas!

81. Orchids, a very classy name.

82. Orchid View Essence, another very classy name.

83. Pink Melody, for a serene place.

84. Planet Orchid Essence, one of the most beautiful spa names.

85. Planet Zen, another super classy name.

86. Renew New, for a unique spa.

87. Royal Serenity, a classy spa name.

88. Saltwater Spa, for a spa that uses water based treatments.

89. Soak Mojo, a unique name for a lively spa.

90. Spa Boutique, for a classy spa center.

91. Spa Express, for a fun spa.

92. Spa Urban, one of the most modern names for a spa .

93. Steamy Stones Spa, for a spa that uses hot stone therapies.

94. The Skin Company, another classy name for a spa that focuses on skincare treatments.

95. The Zen Company, one of the most unique names.

96. Tranquil Essence, for a serene and classy spa.

97. Urban Calm, a modern name.

98. Vedic Essence, a super classy name for a classy spa.

99. Vedic Life, one of the most classy names for a unique spa.

100. Wonder Breeze, a unique name.

101. Zen Essence, a superbly unique name that captures the essence of a successful spa.

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