100+ Best Spanish Horse Names

Choose a name for your horse that suits it the best.

Horses are slender, majestic creatures that make great pets.

Having a horse ensures an active and social lifestyle. Did you know, the scientific name for a horse is Equus Caballus?  

Domestic in nature, they have an instant flight-or-fight response to any threatening situation. Since they are more accustomed to living in herds, forming a loving relationship with their human half is a long process. An important part is naming the horse. Its true calling will only get you closer. Horses usually live up to 25-30 years. These animals are involved in both work and entertainment-related activities. Some competitive sports involving horses are equestrian vaulting and horse racing or betting, etc.

For more naming ideas, breeze through these fun Kidadl articles as well White Horse Names and Male Horse Names.

Female Spanish Horse Names

Go through these deep Spanish names for female horses.

Choose a name for your horse that suits it the best.

1. Adelita (Spanish origin), meaning “nobility”. A lovely name for your female horse.

2. Agua (Spanish origin), meaning “water”.

3. Alba (Spanish origin), meaning “sunrise”.

4. Alegria (Spanish origin), meaning “cheerful”.

5. Angel (Spanish origin), this name from Spain means “angel”.

6. Aurora (Spanish origin), meaning “dawn”.

7. Bonita (Spanish origin), meaning “pretty”. Surely a name everyone will like.

8. Cielo (Spanish origin), meaning “heaven”.

9. Coco (French origin), meaning “original”.

10. Damita (Spanish origin), meaning “little lady”.

11. Descarada (Spanish origin), meaning “cheeky/sassy”.

12. Esmeralda (Spanish origin), meaning “emerald gem”. The perfect horses name for your pet.

13. Flora (Latin origin), stands for the Goddess of plants, flowers and fertility.

14. Gabriela (Hebrew origin), derived from the angel Gabriel in the Bible.

15. Hermoso (Spanish origin), meaning “beautiful”.

16. Morena (Spanish origin), meaning “brunette”.

17. Nina (Spanish origin), meaning “girl” in English.

18. Raquel (English origin), meaning “ewes”.

19. Rubia (Spanish origin), meaning “blondie”.

20. Unica (Spanish origin), meaning “the only one”.

Male Horse Names In Spanish

Check out these male Spanish names, can you see your horse answering to any of them?

21. Anibal (Spanish origin), which means “graced by God”.

22. Axel (Scandinavian origin), is an anagram of Alex and derived from Alexander the Great.

23. El Fuego (Spanish origin), means “the fire”. One of the best names you will find.

24. Felipe (Spanish origin), is the classic Spanish name Felipe itself.

25. Feliz (Spanish origin), means “happy”. You will surely want to name your male horse Feliz.

26. Fresco (Spanish origin), meaning “cool”.

27. Jarron (Spanish origin), meaning “vase”.

28. Lorenzo (Spanish origin), means “Lawrence”.

29. Magnifico (Spanish origin), meaning “magnificent”.

30. Maximo (Spanish origin), meaning “full or maximum”.

31. Miguel (Spanish origin), meaning “who is like God?” in English. One of the common names used for the male horse species.

32. Ocaso (Spanish origin), meaning “sunset”. A wonderful name to give to a male horse.

33. Pablo (Spanish origin), meaning Paul which is derived from the Saint Paul in the New Testament.

34. Poderoso (Spanish origin), meaning “mighty and powerful”.

35. Raro (Spanish origin), means “rare”.

36. Rubio (Spanish origin), meaning “blond male”.

37. Solamente (Spanish origin), means “only”.

38. Supremos (Spanish origin), meaning “supreme”.

39. Tempestuoso (Spanish origin), meaning “stormy”.

40. Ventoso (Spanish origin), means “windy”.

Mexican Male and Female Horse Names

If you’re into a strong name for your female horse or a feminine name for your male pony, then do check out this list of gender-neutral Mexican horse names.

Why not choose a gender-neutral name for your male or female horse.

41. Alberto (Spanish origin), meaning “the noble and bright”. A lovely name to give your male horse, or female horse.

42. Amarilla/Amarillo (Spanish origin), meaning “yellow”.

43. Amor (Spanish origin), meaning “love”. Great for a female or male horse.

44. Azul (Spanish origin), meaning “blue”.

45. Bello (Spanish origin), meaning “beautiful”.

46. Blanco (Spanish origin), meaning “white”.

47. Caballero (Spanish origin), meaning “gentleman”. A lovely name for a male horse, but can be used for females as well.

48. Castano (Spanish origin), meaning “chestnut”.

49. Colina (Spanish origin), meaning “hills”.

50. Dorada/Dorado (Spanish origin), meaning “golden”.

51. El mar (Spanish origin), meaning “the sea”. You should definitely give your horse this name.

52. Illuvia (Spanish origin), meaning “rain”. Perfect for your male or female horse.

53. Joven (Spanish origin), meaning “young”.

54. La noche (Spanish origin), meaning “the night”.

55. Ligera/Ligero (Spanish origin), meaning “light”.

56. Marron (Spanish origin), meaning “brown”.

57. Montana (Spanish origin), means “mountain”.

58. Morada/Morado (Spanish origin), meaning “purple”.

59. Nubarrones (Spanish origin), meaning “storm clouds”.

60. Olas (Spanish origin), meaning “waves”.

61. Perla (Spanish origin), meaning “pearl”.

62. Rio (Spanish origin), means “the river”.

63. Rockosa/Rockoso (Spanish origin), meaning “rock”.

64. Roja/Rojo (Spanish origin), meaning “red”.

65. Verde (Spanish origin), meaning “green”.

Cute Spanish Names

Since Spanish is an intricate language, there are many suitable names not only for horses but even other animals. Here’s a list of cute names that go with anything.

66. Brilla (Spanish origin), meaning “shines”.

67. Crisantemo (Spanish origin), meaning the flower “chrysanthemum”.

68. Dalias (Spanish origin), means the “flower dahlia”.

69. Dom (Spanish origin), meaning “the sun”.

70. El Narciso (Spanish origin), meaning “the daffodils”.

71. El nino (Spanish origin), means “the boy”.

72. Estrella (Spanish origin), meaning “stars”.

73. Girasol (Spanish origin), means the “sunflower”.

74. Jacinta (Spanish origin), derived from the flower hyacinth.

75. Jazmin (Spanish origin), meaning “jasmine flower”.

76. Kahlo (German origin), derived from the famous painter, Frida Kahlo.

77. La peonia (Spanish origin), meaning “peonies”.

78. Lavanda (Spanish origin), means the color or flower “lavender”.

79. Linda/Lindo (Spanish origin), means “nice or bonny”.

80. Lirio (Spanish origin), meaning the flower "lily”.

81. Luna (Spanish origin), meaning “the moon”.

82. Maravilla (Spanish origin), meaning “the flower marigold and also wonderful”.

83. Margarita (Spanish origin), meaning “daisies”.

84. Rosa (Latin origin), meaning “rose”.

85. Tulipan (Spanish origin), meaning “tulips”.

86. Verano (Spanish origin), means “summer”.

Good Female Horse Names

There is a large diversity of beautiful names not only in Spanish but other languages as well. Go through these names with meanings from different languages that might be your Horse's true calling.

87. Aabid (Arabic origin), meaning “the worshiper”.

88. Aadab (Arabic origin), meaning “hope”.

89. Adoncia (Mexican origin), means “the sweet one”.

90. Aidan (Irish origin), meaning “little and fiery”.

91. Aishah (Arabic origin), meaning “a girl” from the Qurran.

92. Akira (Japanese origin), meaning “a bright dawn”.

93. Ayame (Japanese origin), meaning “iris”.

94. Bolt (English origin), meaning “speed”.

95. Dash (English origin), meaning “speed” as well.

96. Eiko (Japanese origin), means “prosperity”.

97. Fury (English origin), meaning “ferocious”.

98. Mogra (Indian origin), meaning “the flower Mogra”.

99. Mudra (Indian origin), meaning “posture or currency”.

100. Samh (Irish origin), means “peacefully”. A lovely name for a female horse.

101. Socair (Irish origin), meaning “calm and easy”.

102. Trathnona (Irish origin), means “evening”.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Spanish Horse Names then why not look at something different like Female Horse names or Funny Horse names.



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