120 Best Spanish Restaurant Names

Names for restaurants should speak about the food you are serving

Today, every other restaurant around the world is trying to emulate a classic tapas experience.

However, only an authentic Spanish restaurant can create that magic. Did you know: 'restaurante' is restaurant in Spanish.

In today's world, you don't need to go to Spain or Mexico to enjoy some authentic Spanish food. All you need to do is walk up to a classic restuarant or a food truck near your favorite park areas to enjoy a taco or some other delicacy.

Today, a catchy Spanish restaurant is one way to keep above the competition. You don't want your potential customers to pass your place and decide to go somewhere they know. You want them to look at the name and image of all the mouth-watering food they can eat. After all, you know you have the best food, the best wine, the best ambience, but your potential customers don't know that yet. So check out our list of restaurant name ideas for your Spanish restaurant to name your restaurant.

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Popular Spanish Restaurant Names

Choosing good restaurant names can be the best way to create business value

Choosing restaurant names in Spanish is one way to attract your customers apart from your competitors and helps you create a brand for yourself. Our business name ideas listed below are inspired by all things related to Mexican and Spanish cuisines.

1. Albahaca: translates to “basil”, a famous diner in Granada, Spain.

2. Bueno, Bonito y Barato: translates to “beautiful, delicious and cheap”, based in Madrid.

3. Cuchillo y Tenedor: translates to "knife and fork”, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

4. Delicioso: translates to “delicious”, a famous restaurant in Huesca.

5. El Antojo: translates to “craving”, located in both US and Canada.

6. El Árbol: translates to “the tree”, is famous for tacos.

7. El Aroma: translates to “aroma”, located in Spain.

8. El Arrecife: translates to “the reef”, situated in Ecuador.

9. El Arte de Los Sabores: translates to “the art of flavors”.

10. El Barco: translates to “boat”, famous for seafood and Mexican in Chicago.

11. El Boliche: translates to “bowling”, based in Buenos Aires.

12. El Botín: translates to “the loot”, now run by the third generation of the González family.

13. El Coste: translates to “the cost”, famous for grilled food.

14. El Encanto: translates to “the charm”, situated in Guatemala City.

15. Broken Spanish: famous for its retro ambiance, located in Los Angeles.

16. El Ermitaño: translates to “the hermit”, famous for its beautiful ambiance.

17. El Espectador: translates to “the looker”, another famous diner in Quito.

18. El Galerón: translates to “the shed”, located in Ohio, US.

19. El Galiciano: translates to “the Galician”.

20. El Gallo y La Luna: means “the rooster and the moon”.

21. El Gastrónomo: translates to“the gourmet”, is a typical Spanish diner.

22. El Glotón: translates to “piggish”, situated in Bogota.

23. El Huerto: translates to“the kitchen garden”, a vegetarian restaurant in Chile.

24. El Huerto Secreto: translates to “the secret garden”, serves healthy food in Madrid.

25. El Insaciable: translates to “the insatiable”, famous for its lively atmosphere in Torrevieja.

26. El Jardín de los Encantos: translates to “the garden of delights”.

27. El Jardín de los Sabores: translates to “the garden of flavors”.

28. El Jardín Encantado: translates to “the enchanted garden”.

29. El Lugar de la Abuela: translates to “grandma’s place”.

30. El Mejillón: translates to “the mussel”.

31. El Mercado: translates to “the market place”.

32. El Molino de Harina: translates to “the flour mill”.

33. El Mono: translates to “the monkey”.

34. El Muro: translates to“the wall”.

35. El Nido: translates to “the nest”.

36. El Palader: translates to “the palate”.

37. El Parapeto: translates to “the parapet”.

38. El Pecado: translates to "sin”.

39. El Pecado de la glotonería: translates to “the sin of gluttony”.

40. El Pescador: translates to “the fisherman”.

Traditional Spanish Restaurant Names

For catchy Spanish restaurant name ideas, you can use fun words using the location in your name

Each restaurant has a unique style of serving food. You can use the same menu as every other restaurant, but you need to spice the menu up and then serve something super tasty with a bit of a twist. Check out some cool traditional name for a Spanish restaurant below.

41. El Pirata: translates to “the pirate”.

42. El Placer: translates to “pleasure”. A perfect business name for a small and quaint place.

43. El Puente: translates to “the bridge”.

44. El Puerto: translates to “the port”.

45. El Rincón de los Sabores: translates to “the corner of tastes”.

46. El Rincón de Paco Paco’s Corner: translates to “nook”. Such names for a restaurant are unique and rare.

47. El Sabor Rico: translates to “the good taste”.

48. El Torero: translates to “the bullfighter”.

49. El Toro: translates to “the bull”.

50. El Trébol: translates to “clover”.

51. El viejo Restaurante: translates to “the old Restaurant”.

52. Encantado: translates to “charmed”.  A restaurant name like this is all about food and ambiance.

53. En el Horno: translates to “in the oven”. A cool business name for your new venture.

54. Especialidades al Horno: translates to “baked delicacies”.

55. Homenaje a Los Gordos: translates to “let’s hear it for the fatsos”.

56. Increíble: translates to “unreal”.

57. La Abadía: translates to “the abbey”.

58. La Bahíait: translates to “the bay”.

59. La Barra: translates to “the counter”.

60. La Boca Feliz: translates to “happy mouth”. Such interesting Mexican restaurant ideas are hard to come across.

61. La Braseria: translates to “brasserie”.

62. La Brújula: translates to “the compass”.

63. La Casa de la Abuela: translates to “grandma’s house”. A business name that invokes trust in your customers.

64. La Casa de Los Sabores: translates to “the house of flavors”.

65. La Casa de mi Abuela: translates to “grandma’s house”.

66. La Cazuela: translates to “small house”.

67. La Catedral: translates to “the cathedral”.

68. La Caverna: translates to “cave”.

69. La Chalupa: translates to “shallop”.

70. La Cocina de la Abuela: translates to “Grandma’s Kitchen”.

71. La Cocina de Mamà: translates to “my mommy’s kitchen”.

72. La Cocina de Paco Paco’s: translates to “kitchen".

73. La Cortina: translates to “the curtain”.

74. La Cuchara: translates to “the spoon”.

75. La Cuchara de la Abuela: translates to “grandma’s spoon”.

76. La Cuchara Vieja: translates to “the old spoon”.

77. La Ermita: translates to “the hermitage”. The use of the word hermitage inspires faith, trust, and a sense of authentic dining.

78. La Escalera: translates to “the ladder”.

79. La Estufa or El Horno: translates to “the stove”.

80. La Fabrica de Chismes: translates to “the gossip mill”.

Fancy Spanish Restaurant Names

A great many things must be kept in mind while choosing names of restaurants, you should unique words from Spanish or any other language, be creative and imaginative, and voila, you have the best restaurant name. We hope our selection of Spanish restaurant name ideas is just what you are looking for.

81. La Fábula: translates to “the fable”.

82. La Glotonería Inocente: translates to “innocent gluttony”.

83. La Gulait: translates to “greed”. The use of the word greed here in a good way. The greed for good food.

84. La impresión: translates to “excellent” or “the excellent impression”.

85. La Jaiba: translates to “crab”.

86. La Langosta: translates to “lobster”.

87. La Llave: translates to “the key”.

88. La Mansión: translates to “the mansion”.

89. La Mesa: translates to “the table”.

90. La Nevera: translates to “the fridge”.

91. La Olla: translates to “the pan”.

92. La Orza: translates to “the daggerboard”.

93. La Paella Paella: after the traditional Spanish dish 'Paella.'

94. La Parrilla: translates to “the grill”.

95. La Pelota: translates to “the ball”.

96. La pequeña Madrid: translates to “the small Madrid”.

97. La Roca: translates to “the rock”.

98. Las Arroceras: translates to “the rice makers”.

99. Las Brasas de Paco Paco’s: translates to “embers”.

100. Las Buenas Migas: translates to “the good migas”.

101. Las Cuatro Veces: translates to “the four times”.

102. Las Tapas: translates to "snack foods. Some places specialize in these famous Mexican appetizers.

103. Las Virtudes: translates to “virtues”.

104. La Taberna: translates to “the little tavern”. A cool name for a restaurant with great drinks and food.

105. La Taberna: translates to “the tavern”.

106. La Taberna de los Sinvergüenzas: translates to “the scoundrels’ tavern”.

107. La Tienda de Los Sabores: translates to “the shop of flavors”.

108. La Trinidad: translates to “trinity”.

109. La Ventana: translates to “the window”.

110. Mar y Montaña: translates to “sea and mountain”.

111. Marzapan: translates to “marzipan”.

112. Migas: translates to "traditional dish".

113. Mucho: translates to “too much”.

114. Naturalmente Rico: translates to “naturally delicious”.

115. Nuestro Amigo, el cocinero: translates to “our friend, the chef”.

116. Pizza Loca: translates to “crazy pizza”.

117. Que Aproveche!: translates to “enjoy” or “have fun”.

118. Sabor del Mar: translates to “taste of the sea”.

119. Tierra y Mar: translates to “land and sea”.

120. Viejo Madrid: translates to “old Madrid”.

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