100+ Best Squirrel Names

Your pet squirrel deserves the best name.

Naming a pet squirrel, or the squirrel that hangs around in your yard like he pays rent, can be lots of fun.

You can name them based on their nature, or based on their personality. You can also choose a name based on their color.

There is something about squirrels that attracts and fascinates us despite their rebellious ways and loud chatter. Squirrels are surely some of the cutest creatures you can run into when you’re in a park, and their tiny size simply adds to that. Did you know the Biswamoyopterus is the rarest kind of squirrel? You might not come across them in the park but it's cool to know! Not sure about what to name your baby pet squirrels? Which name would suit your baby squirrel? Will it be cute? How about Chocó and Chip for twins? Cute, right? You could also choose some squirrel pun names or famous squirrel names like Mr Squirrel and Nibbles.

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Cute Squirrel Names

These are all time cutest squirrel names.

1.Boggy (English origin), meaning to be "soft and wet". One of the best names for a squirrel.

2. Bolt (Dutch and German origin), meaning to "move quickly". We all have noticed that squirrels run very fast. Using this quality of the animal, there's a cute small name.

3. Boomer (English origin), meaning "something large or notable of its kind".

4. Choppy (English origin), meaning "a hairstyle in which layers and sections of hair are cut at different lengths".

5. Chummy (English origin), meaning "to be friendly". One of the most adorable baby squirrel names.

6. Coco (Latin origin) is "short for coconut". We all have seen coconut has a husk of brown color which is similar to the color of the squirrel.

7. Conny (English origin), meaning to be "fine and brave". A lovely name for a baby squirrel.

8. Dippy (Popular culture origin), meaning to be "silly and eccentric or scatterbrained".

9. Dodo (English origin), means "fool or crazy". A lovely name for baby squirrel.

10. Doodle (German origin), meaning to "swindle or to make fool of".

11. Dribble (English origin), meaning to "move forward by bouncing, tapping, or kicking".

12. Greco (Greek origin), meaning to be "associated or connected with ancient Greek".

13. Grumpy (English origin), meaning "bad-tempered and irritable". One of the best names for baby squirrels.

14. Gummy (German origin), meaning "something that is very soft and sticky".

15. Hamsy (Irish origin), meaning "a little anxious". An adorable baby squirrel name.

16. Hoffer (German origin), meaning to be "great".

17. Momo (Tibetan origin), meaning "a steamed dumpling".

18. Moody (English origin), meaning "an impression of melancholy or mystery".

19. Muff (German origin), meaning "a piece of fur or cloth, usually with open ends, used for keeping the hands warm".

20. Munchy (English origin), meaning "snacks or small items of food". A lovely squirrel baby name.

21. Nibbles (Dutch origin),  meaning "to eat or chew in small bites". Whether wild or gentle, all squirrel nibble. They can nibble on a seed, tree bark, or even your fingertips if you’re not cautious. So, Nibbles one of the cutest and most appropriate squirrel names.

22. Peanut (English origin), meaning "groundnut or ground pea". It generally means pea size or small.

23. Poky (English origin), meaning to be "small and cramped".

24. Puff (English origin), meaning "a short burst of wind". This can also be called Puffy.

25. Pumpkin (Greek and English origin), mostly used to "express adoration for someone".

26. Robo (Czech origin), "short-form for the robot".

27. Smokey (English origin), meaning "to be like smoke in color or appearance". One of the best names for a girl squirrel.

28. Squeaky (English origin), meaning-making "a short, very high sound".

29. Starry (English origin), meaning "full of stars". A lovely name for a female squirrel.

30. Ziggy (German origin), meaning "people who are amazing".

Male Squirrels Names

Select the cutest name for your male squirrel.

Here are some cute names for male squirrels

31. Alex (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "defending men. Squirrels defend their nuts and themselves".

32. Bazooka (English and Dutch origin), meaning "a short-range tubular rocket launcher used against".

33. Brawny (English origin), meaning "physically strong- muscular".

34. Bucky (American origin), meaning like "a buck or like that of a buck especially".

35. Chimmy (Korea origin), meaning "to complete".

36. Draven (Gaelic origin), meaning "child of beautiful shadows".

37. Harley (English origin), meaning "hare's meadow".

38. Honcho (Japanese origin), meaning "a leader or manager".

39. Hulk (popular culture), meaning "large person or thing". C’mon, we all know who is a hulk is.

40. Hunter (German origin), meaning "a person or animal that hunts".

41. Hyde (English origin), meaning "an English topographic surname for someone living on a hide from the land".

42. Rambo (Unknown origin), meaning "an exceptionally tough, aggressive man".

43. Rancho (French origin), meaning "a hut or collection of huts for herders, laborers, or travelers".

44. Ransom (Old French and English origin), meaning "a sum of money demanded or paid for the release of a captive".

45. Roger (German origin), meaning "fame and spear".

46. Salomon (Hebrew origin), meaning "to be peaceful".

47. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning "either name of god or god heard".

48. Sebastian (Greek origin), meaning "Venerable".

49. Simon (Greek origin), meaning "to listen".

50. Sky (English origin), meaning "the region of the atmosphere and outer space seen from the earth".

51. Speckles (English origin), meaning "a small speck, spot, or mark, as on the skin".

52. Stormi (American origin), meaning "Impetuous Nature".

53. Stuart (French origin), meaning "guardian".

54. Tiger (Greek origin), meaning to "refer to someone fierce, determined, or ambitious".

55. Tyson (French origin), meaning "firebrand".

Cute Female Squirrels Names

Your little pet deserves a super adorable name.

Here are some cute names for female squirrels.

56. Sahara (Arabic origin), meaning "to help, support, or assistance".

57. Auryn (Latin origin), meaning "gold".

58. Brielle (French origin), meaning "God is my strength".

59. Cassia (Greek origin), meaning "cinnamon". One of the best names for a girl squirrel.

60. Cora (Greek origin), meaning "girl or daughter".

61. Dusty (Old English and Dutch origin), meaning-"filled, covered or clouded with or as with dust".

62. Elora (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is light". One of the best female squirrel names.

63. Elysia (Greek origin), meaning "blissful". One of the best female squirrel names.

64. Fluff (English origin), meaning "soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton".

65. Ginger (Old English and Latin origin), meaning "reddish-orange color".

66. Indie (English origin), meaning "independent".

67. Luna (Latin origin), meaning "Moon". One of the best names for a girl squirrel.

68. Maia (Greek origin), meaning "brave or confident".

69. Mirey (Old English origin), meaning "soft and watery".

70. Misty (English origin), meaning "indistinct or blurred in form or outline. Obscure- vague".

71. Petal (Greek and Modern Latin origin), meaning "brightly colored leaves of the corolla of a flower".

72. Pixie (Unknown origin), meaning "fairy specifically or a usually petite vivacious woman or girl". A lovely name for a flying squirrel.

73. Sally (Old English and French origin), meaning "the action of rushing or bursting forth".

74. Sandy (English origin), this female squirrel name means "light yellowish-brown".

75. Siena (Italian origin), meaning "reddish-brown". One of the famous squirrel names.

76. Sorsha (Gaelic origin), meaning "bright or radiant".

77. Sushi (Japanese origin), it's a bit out there, but we think this it will make an adorable name for a squirrel.

78. Terra (Latin origin), this female squirrel name means "earth".

79. Tiara (Latin from Greek origin), meaning "a jeweled ornamental band worn on the front of a woman's hair". Perfect for a fancy squirrel.

80. Wella (English origin), one of the pet names meaning "stream".

81. Willow (English and Dutch origin), meaning "slender or graceful". One of the best flying squirrel names,

Cool And Funky Squirrel Names

If you've found a funny and funky squirrel friend, these are the names for you.

82. Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning "intelligent, beautiful, loyal woman".

83. Akuna (Aboriginal origin), meaning "to know or follow".

84. Amy (French origin), meaning "beloved".

85. Andie (Greek origin), meaning "mankind or brave".

86. Bricky (English origin), meaning "resembling or suggesting bricks especially in color".

87. Brio (Italian origin), meaning "vigor or vivacity of style or performance".

88. Cocoa (Spanish origin), meaning "a powder made from roasted and ground cacao seeds".

89. Dale (English origin), meaning "a valley, a wide, open area that stretches between hills".

90. Eira (Sanskrit origin), meaning "the earth".

91. Fiona (Gaelic origin), meaning "white or fair".

92. Footsie (English origin), meaning "an act of flirting".

93. Hedi (Hebrew origin), meaning "sweet".

94. Iker (French origin), meaning "visitor or visit".

95. Josh (Unknown origin), meaning "tease (someone) in a playful way".

96. Leia (Hebrew origin), meaning "weary".

97. Leon (Greek origin), meaning "lion".

98. Lexi (Greek origin), meaning "defending man".

99. Marshy (English origin), meaning "characteristic of or resembling a marsh- waterlogged".

100. Neo (Greek origin), meaning "new".

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