Best St Patrick's Day Activities To Do With Your Kids

There are lots of fun activities you can do with your children at home this St Patrick’s Day.

Don't let lockdown stop your kids (or you) from enjoying St Patrick's Day this year.

There are plenty of fun St Patrick's Day activities that you and your children can do that are sure to get you in the Irish spirit from the comfort of your own home. We've got you covered with our favorite St Patrick's Day activities for children that we think you and your kids will love.

With this list, you'll have plenty of festive ideas, ready to make this March 17 fun-filled for the whole family to celebrate. We've done the hard work for you so you don't have to spend any time sorting through information trying to find fun activities for your children.

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St Patrick's Day Activities For Preschoolers

Here's our favorite activities to do with your little ones this St Patrick's Day.

1. Color In Irish Themed Pictures

There are lots of free printable coloring-in sheets available online for your children and you to enjoy. From leprechauns and shamrocks, to pots of gold, rainbows, Saint Patrick himself, and all things Irish, there is something that every kid will like.

2. Face Painting

If you're down to get a bit messy, you can turn each other's faces into pieces of art. You and your kids will have great fun as you decorate each other's faces. Some cute ideas are a rainbow, a leprechaun, a shamrock or even just completely painting your faces green!

3. Read A St Patrick's Day Bedtime Story

There are lots of fun picture books your little one will have a blast reading with you to help them fall asleep. From Adam Wall's 'How To Catch A Leprechaun' to Teddy Slate's 'The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever', your child will be dreaming of rainbows and leprechauns in no time.

4. Shamrock Finger Painting

Finger painting is a fun way to get creative. You and your little one can use your hand prints to make the shape of a shamrock for you to hang up on your fridge.

St Patrick's Day Activities For Kids

Make this St Patrick's Day a holiday to remember with these fun-filled activities your kids will love. These are our favorite ideas for St Patrick's Day activities for children of all ages.

5. Learn An Irish Jig

If you want to keep your kids (and you) active this St Paddy's Day, why not learn a traditional Irish jig? You'll be sure to have a ton of fun and a lot of laughs with this great little activity. There are plenty of free dance tutorials online for the whole family to learn.

6. Watch An Irish Movie

There are plenty of great Irish films that will help your family get into the Irish spirit. This is the perfect activity for children of all ages. From John Crowley's 'Brooklyn' to Tomm Moore's 'Song Of The Sea', there's many to choose from.

St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without learning an Irish jig!

St Patrick's Day Traditions

While many of us are used to spending St Patrick's Day enjoying the wonderful Irish-themed parades across the country, there are also lots of fun ways to celebrate the day virtually.

8. Watch A Virtual Parade

If one of your family's St Paddy's Day traditions is to watch the yearly parade, you're in luck. There are many virtual parades you can find and watch online. So, you can tune in to see the fantastic St Paddy's Day festivities from your own home.  

9. Read An Irish Blessing

If you're looking to bring good luck when you celebrate St Patrick's Day this March, you and your kids can read an Irish blessing together.

10. Teach Your Children The History Behind The St Patrick's Day Tradition

If you want to get in touch with the roots of the holiday, you can teach your children about the history of St Patrick's Day. The day celebrates Saint Patrick himself as well as Christianity in Ireland. March 17, 461 AD is believed to be the date of St Patrick's death.

St Patrick's Day Crafts

If your kids love to create art and get their hands dirty, then these are the perfect St Patrick's Day activities for them. There are plenty of fun St Patrick's Day craft ideas that will guarantee you and your kids have a fun and festive celebration as you paint and create.

11. Fruit Loop Rainbow

All you need for this activity are Fruit Loops, a printable rainbow outline and glue. It's a fun hands on activity and you can even teach your children the colors of the rainbow as they try to sort through the cereal, gluing each piece onto the rainbow template.

12. Set A Leprechaun Trap

Kids will love making their own leprechaun trap this St Paddy's Day. There are hundreds of ways you and your kids can do this fun little activity, from very simple five minute traps, to more complex and time consuming traps. There is plenty of inspiration online to find what works for your family.

13. Make Good Luck Charms

If you want to channel the luck of the Irish on St Patrick's Day, there's no better way than making lucky charms. The shamrock is the Irish symbol of good luck. Hanging a horseshoe in your home is also said to bring good luck.

Try making your own lucky charms with little four leafed clovers these holidays.

St Patrick's Day Games

If you're looking for fun games for St Patrick's Day that your kids will love, then give these a try. Your little one will have a blast doing these St Patrick's Day activities at home.

14. Pin The Shamrock On The Leprechaun

This fun Irish version of the classic pin the tail on the donkey party game is loads of fun for kids of all ages. All you need is an image of a leprechaun and print outs of shamrocks which you can get for free online. All of the players are blindfolded and they have to do their best to stick the shamrock on the leprechaun's hand.

15. Have A Costume Competition

Nothing says St Patrick's Day like putting on your finest green outfits to channel the festive spirit. There are plenty of fun St Patrick's Day outfit ideas, from leprechaun costumes and shamrock dresses to just crazy green outfits. If your littles ones are headed to school, they can even wear their wonderful green outfits to class and show them off to their classmates.

16. Freeze Jig

This Irish spin on the classic freeze party game is sure to get your little one excited for St Patrick's Day. The rules are very simple. Firstly, you can play some fun Irish tunes. While the music is playing everyone must do their best jig, but when the music stops everyone has to freeze in that exact position. Players are eliminated if they move when the music stops.

17. Scavenger Hunt

With Irish themed clues hidden all around the house, from rainbows to four leafed clovers, your kids will have a blast trying to hunt down their very own pot of gold. You can't go wrong filling their own pot with some yummy chocolate gold coins (and if you're lucky they might even share some with you).

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