100 Best Star Wars Wifi Names

You will need a great WiFi name to protect yourself from the revenge of the internet.

Star Wars is not just a great franchise because of it's plot and characters, but also because of its fans.

Beginning with the first film in 1977, Star Wars quickly blossomed into a worldwide global phenomenon. Due to its vast network, fans get access to an endless amount of quality content, merchandise, movies, and experiences.

To be a part of such an extensive network is an overwhelming experience. Which is why most fans have ended up pledging lifelong loyalty to the franchise. WiFi names named after a Star Wars character or quote are prevalent, which is why there's a need for increasingly clever names for WiFi. So whether you're looking for funny names for WiFi or just Star Wars WiFi names, we have just the list for you. As you are one great Star Wars fan, you would need one of these funny wifi names.

Below is a list of WiFi names that include character references, movie quotes, and vital scene references. Star Wars WiFi names are some of the most relaxed and unique Wifi names in the world, and they'll make your wifi name stand out a whole lot more. Lan Solo and Rey of Wifi are both great Star Wars WiFi names. Choose one for yourself!

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Clever Star Wars Character Names For Your WiFi

Luke Skyrouter is a Jedi that fights against your horrible Internet network.

If you're looking for funny names for your WiFi, the chances are that you most probably want to name it after your favorite character. Whether you're obsessed with Princess Leia or have a soft spot for Chewbacca, there are plenty of good WiFinames for you. Here are some good names for WiFi influenced by Star Wars characters.

1. AdmiraLAN Ackbar.

2. Beru LAN

3. BoWifi.

4. Brother Anakin, I WiFied You.

5. C-3PO Router Connection.

6. Captain LANdo.

7. Captain LANma.

8. Chewbacca Net Zone.

9. Darth TyLANusa

10. Ewoks E-Wifi.

11. Han Yolo.

12. JaWifi.

13. LANa Fett.

14. LANdo Calrissian.

15. LANth Maul.

16. Leia Organa SoLAN.

17. Luke Skyrouter.

18. Obi-LAN Kenobi.

19. Owen LANS

20. R2D2 Serial Port.

21. Rey of Wifi.

22. Strong Wifi Trooper.

23. Supreme LANcellor Palpatine.

24. Supreme LANcellor Velorum.

25. The Last Jedi.

26. The Network Emperor.

27. WiFi Lord.

28. Wifi Masters.

29. X-Wing Wifi Fighter.

30. Y-Fi-Wing Fighter.

Funny Star Wars Themed WiFi Names

Millennium Falcon is an excellent option for a Star wars WiFi Name.

Star Wars WiFi names are some of the most creative wifi names out there. There are thousands of wifi names to choose from, such as star war wifi puns, star war quotes, and witty star wars phrases. Docking bay 94 is an excellent option for those looking for location-based wifi names, while Embrace the Power of the WiFi is a perfect choice for those looking for good wifi names. These wifi names can be used for your WiFi as well as your router network. Here are some funny wifi names inspired by Star Wars.

31. A Long (Long) Time Ago, in a Router Far Away.

32. Attack of the Routers.

33. Belkin's Cloud City.

34. Chewie and his Wifi.

35. Credits Will Do Wi-Fine.

36. Docking Bay 94.

37. Embrace the Power of the WiFi.

38. Error, Unable to Connect.

39. First Network Order.

40. Han Connected First.

41. HoloNET.

42. I'm Riding Solo.

43. I am one with the Internet. The Internet is with me.

44. Internet. Unlimited Internet.

45. Jar Jar Linksys.

46. Lan of No Return.

47.  Lan Solo.

48. Lan strikes back.

49. Lan Wars Story.

50. Let the WiFi-Key Win,

51. Looking for WiFi in Alderaan Places.

52. Luke, I am Not Your Wifi.

53. Millennium Falcon.

54. Not the Network You're Looking For.

55. Oh My Dear Internet.

56. Planer Wars.

57. Pretty Fly for a Wifi.

58. Return of the Lan.

59. Roger Roger Router.

60. Surf or Not, No Internet For You.

61. The Lan of No Return.

62. The LAN Strikes Back.

63. The Last WiFi.

64. The Network of No Return.

65. There is Always a Bigger Wifi.

66. The Wifi Will Do.

67. Tie Wi-Fighter.

68. Wi-Fight Internet Wars.

69. Wi-Five Standby.

70. You Da Wifi, Man.

Best Star Wars WiFi Router Names

Star Wars themed WiFi names are a big hit in the Star Wars fanbase.

Star Wars is the best theme option for your network if you're trying to pick a cool router name. Star Wars provides endless possibilities for funny WiFi names and good wifi passwords with such an expansive universe. Star Wars WiFi network names are generally well-liked, and they also act as a great conversation starter. Here are the best Star Wars WiFi names for you.

71. Anakin Sky Router.

72. Chewie, We Are Home.

73. Darth Vader's Spacecraft.

74. Death Bar Network.

75. Death Star Wireless Network.

76. Death Star Wireless Zone.

77. Free Router World.

78. Han Yolo The Jedi.

79. Imperial Fleet Head Router.

80. Internet Wing Fighter.

81. It's my Network Galaxy.

82. KyLAN Ren.

83. LAN Robot.

84. May the Wifi be With You.

85. Not the Wifi You're Looking For.

86. Nutrons Hi-Speed Router.

87. Phantom Free Wifi.

88. Riding Solo Network.

89. Somebody Has to Save Our Internet.

90. Storm Trooper Unlimited Connection.

91. The Internet is With Me.

92. There is No Such Thing as Free Internet.

93. Try My Free Connection.

94. Wifi Bomber Zone.

95. Wi-Fi Internet Walker.

96. Wifi Rebel.

97. Wifi Speed Star.

98. Wifi Walker.

99. X-Wing Express.

100. Zeta Class Imperial Wifi Shuttle.

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