30+ Best Storm Puns That Are Electrifyingly Funny

You may choose a good storm pun from this list.

Puns are popular for their intended humorous and rhetorical effect that they bring.

A pun is always fun and will never go out of fashion. They have an idiomatic construction based on wordplays, which makes them witty too.

A pun is a type of joke based on similar-sounding words. A funny pun is a great way for kids to learn how to play with language. A pun can be classy or sassy. A nice, clever, witty pun will always make anyone laugh or it will at least make you roll your eyes!

Storms are violent meteorological phenomena which mainly include heavy rain, wind, lightning, and hailstorms. Going outdoors on a not-so-good weather day can be harmful. But if you are sitting in your home, then you can surely check out these stormy puns to brighten up your day with some good laughs. There are several types of storms: ice storms, blizzard, snowstorm, ocean-storm, firestorm. There are also cold weather puns which can include ice puns, sleet puns, snow puns, and winter puns, and these can also take inspiration from hail storms. In all these different types of storms, the one thing they have in common is that you will most likely stay indoors! Worry not, we have prepared a list of puns to cheer you up on a cold, stormy, winter day. These funny puns and one-liners will surely warm up your home. So, let's check out this amazing list where we have compiled some amazingly electrifying stormy paronomasias that will make you unstoppable.

Stormy Puns

What’s better than a  good, weather pun on a chilly and cold day? Here is a great funny pun compilation, which is not to be mist, especially if you are feeling under the weather. These striking puns about the storm will surely make you giggle.

1. The storm was sad so we called it the sigh-clone.

2. Watching the big storm approaching from the sea, Abel said to his brother, "Hurry Cain! You don’t want to get caught in that".

3. A tree’s limbs fell off in a storm, now it’s an amputree.

4. Since the storm was late, it started rushing. And now it’s a hurry-cane.

5. The stormy weather affected my ability to remember my alphabets. I remember A, B, C, D, and F but I misty.

6. As the storm was brewing, the madman raised his hands and cried, "Hail Storms! Long may they rain!"

7. I won an argument about the weather forecasting accuracy. My fellow debater’s logic was cloudy. After his defeat, he was fuming and he stormed out of the room.

8. The evil King of Weatherland only had one favorite weather - hail, storm.

Puns Inspired By Blizzard Storms

Clever puns can get you caught like a blizzard storm. Let’s start this pun list off by breaking the ice.  Here is a list of blizzard inspired puns that are going to make you roll on the floor. Snow worries, these jokes will definitely get your mood up.

9. Looks like blizzards are waiting...for this to blow over.

10. During the blizzard, the jalapeño said, I’m a little chilli.

11. Professor Flitwick conjured up a storm in a teacup, quite a blizzard spell that was.

12. After being stuck in the ice storm all day long, the man said, "I am starving. Can I avalanche?"

13. If you are all alone at home during a blizzard, you must be feeling ice-olated.

14. Be careful out there during the blizzard, it ain’t snow joke.

15. I couldn't go out because of the blizzard. So I had to eat storm-ed buns for dinner.

Stormy Lightning Puns

These Stormy puns can be en-lightening for you.

Looking for en-lightening weather puns related to storms? Here you will find some amazingly electrifying storm-related thunder puns which will lighten up your world.

16. The poor man got struck by lightning today. It was a shocking affair.

17. When the AC circuits are hit by a DC lightning bolt, it is called a current affair.

18. Meteorologists can easily track lightning strikes because they use a Thor-mometer.

19. A man driving a train got struck by lightning. He was a good conductor.

20. A guy who was meditating in the middle of a storm said it was a very en-lightening experience.

21. There was a lot of lightning and thunder in the lab. Actually, the scientists were brainstorming.

22. I heard there’s been a slew of lightning strikes recently. You can learn more about it in the current affairs.

Cloudy Rain Puns

Cloudy rainy puns will surely cheer you up on a rainy cold day.

What's the first thing which comes to your mind while having a not-so-nice day because of the weather? Rain and clouds of course. Here are some cloudy bad weather puns to cheer up your mood.

23. The best place to store your rain is in a cloud bank.

24. After the weather forecast, most people were thinking about the dangerous precipitation. It is definitely a rain of terror.

25. Hopefully, it does not rain on Halloween night. It would completely dampen spirits.

26. The main difference between the weather and a horse is that one rains down while the other is reined up.

Cool Weather Puns

Weather can be quite unpredictable. Looking for some cool, funny weather puns on storms, snow and more? Here are some great puns related to cold weather.

27. The tornado’s story was wonderfully special because it had a twist at the end.

28. If your mind is in the cloud, you may have mist some opportunities.

29. A bunch of kids spending all afternoon in the snow is nothing but chill-dren.

30. The first snow of the season this time arrived at a fortuitous moment. It was white on time.

31. If you find a cold frozen dollar bill in ice, don't wonder too much about it. It’s hard cold cash, after all.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Storm Puns then why not take a look at Weather Jokes and Puns, or Winter Jokes?



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