104 Best Strong Female Names For Your Baby

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A strong girls name is a great choice for families who want to impart confidence through a name.

Choosing baby names for girls can be difficult, there are so many different kinds of names to choose from. Perhaps you are looking based on country, or topic, or want to find inspiration from famous people.

No matter what gender, names that mean strong are a great option for your baby girl. Strong girls names for your baby girl can help foster an environment of acceptance and inspire them to be their true selves. We have found some of the best girl names that mean strong to help you choose. With any baby girl names, looking into the meanings is important to find meaningful baby names.

We have put together a list of 104 strong girl names to help you find the perfect one for your baby girl.

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Names Inspired By Strong Women

We are starting this list with some powerful girl names from powerful women to inspire your search for a baby name. These famous women names that mean strong would be perfect for an amazing little girl.

1) Alex (Of Greek origin) meaning "protector". Alex Morgan is a fantastic football player in the USA.

2) Alexandria (Of Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind". Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a fearless, confident woman advocating for people treated unfairly in America.

3) Angela (Of Latin origin) meaning "messenger of God". Angela Davis was a figurehead of the black civil rights movement in America, she changed the landscape of the country.

4) Beyonce (Of Creole origin) meaning "above others". One of the most famous singers in the world, Beyonce can be an inspiration to any little girl.

5) Chimamanda (Of Nigerian Origin) meaning "My God will not fail me".  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a famous writer and her stories gave a voice to many black girls' experiences.

6) Emma (Of Latin Origin) meaning "universal". After becoming famous from starring in Harry Potter, Emma Watson used her profile to advocate for feminism.

7) Greta (Of Greek origin) meaning "pearl". Greta Thunberg is a true inspiration for young people around the world. A cool girl name to remind your child that they can change the world.

8) Jane (Of English origin) meaning "God is gracious". Jane Fonda rose to fame with her activism and workout videos. She is still advocating for people's rights today.

9) Junko (Of Japanese origin) this name can mean many different things depending on which character is used. Junko Tabei was the first woman to climb Everest and the 7 highest peaks in the world!

10) Maya (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "create". Maya Angelou is an amazing poet and activist to inspire young girls everywhere.

11) Michelle (Of French origin) meaning "who is like God". Michelle Obama did wonderful things whilst she was living in the White House and continues to do amazing things.

12) Misty (Of English origin) meaning "mist". Misty Copeland helps inspire little girls to dance no matter where they come from.

13) Serena (Of Latin origin) meaning "serene". Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players in history and inspires little girls to pick up a racket.

14) Simone (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "God had heard". Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in America with 30 medals to her name. A great sporting role model for young people.

Spiritual Names About Strength For Girls

These names for strong girls can also acknowledge important spiritual aspects of your family. A girls name meaning 'strength' that has connotations about religion and spirituality can be a lovely choice for your baby.

15) Aadaya (Of Sanskrit origin) meaning "power" it is also another name for the name of the goddess Durga.

16) Brighid (Of Irish origin) meaning "mythical goddess of poetry, fire and wisdom".

17) Electra/Elektra (Of Greek origin) meaning "shining, radiant".

18) Teena (Of Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ".

19) Thora (Of Scandinavian origin) meaning "Thor's struggle".

20) Zenobia (Of Greek origin) meaning "life of Zeus".

Short But Strong Names For Girls

Short names can be as strong and mighty as longer ones. These names are great to show a little girl that a little name can show strength like any other!

21) Bree (Of Gaelic origin) meaning "strength or an exalted one".

22) Drew (Of origin) meaning "strong". This is gender neutral.

23) Gert (Of German origin) meaning "strong spear".

24) Reign (Of English origin) meaning "rule"

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Gender Neutral Names About Strength

Powerful names for strong little girls can be gender neutral too. For a gender neutral name meaning 'strength', we have some here.

25) Aimilios (Of Greek origin) meaning "strength".

26) Asta (Of Greek origin) meaning "divine strength.

27) Casey (Of Irish origin) meaning brave in battle.

28) Donnelley (Of Celtic origin) meaning "dark brave one".

Strong Girl Names From History

Strong girl names from history can be a great inspiration when searching for your baby girl names. For a name inspired by strong women throughout history, this list is for you.

29) Amelia (Of German origin) meaning "labour". Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly around the world.

30) Audre (Of Old English origin) meaning "noble". Audre Lorde is an amazing LGBTQ+ activist who is a prominent historical figure.

31) Clara (Of Latin origin) meaning "clear, bright, famous". She founded the red cross.

32) Charlotte (Of French origin) meaning "free". Charlotte Cushman was a prominent actress in the 19th century and advocated for LGBTQ+ rights.

33) Cixi (Of Chinese origin) meaning "kind joy". Cixi was a long standing Empress of China through the Qing dynasty.

34) Ella (Of Spanish origin) meaning "young girl". Ella Fitzgerald is a very famous singer and was the first black woman to win a grammy.

35) Emmeline (Of German origin) meaning "hardworking". Emmeline Pankhurst was a famous suffragette who helped some women in Britain get the vote in 1918.

36) Gloria (Of origin) meaning "glory".

37) Harriet (Of English origin) meaning "estate ruler". Harriet Tubman lead slaves through the underground railroad and was a real life hero.

38) Hera (Of Greek origin) meaning "Queen".

39) Helen (Of Greek origin) meaning "torch, light, bright".  Helen Sharman was the first British astronaut, she went into space when she was 27 years old.

40) Hermione (Of Greek origin) meaning "earthly, messenger".

41) Katie (Of Greek origin) meaning "pure".

42) Katniss (Of American origin) from a plant. The name of the heroine in The Hunger Games. Means an aquatic plant.

43) Kianda (Of Angolan origin) meaning "goddess of the sea".

44) Lili (Of Greek origin) meaning "pure". Lili Elbe was a famous transgender woman from Denmark.

45) Louisa (Of origin) meaning "fame". Currently becoming more popular again.

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46) Margaret (Of origin) meaning "pearl".

47) Marie (Of Czech origin) meaning "beloved". Marie Stopes helped make many advancements in science. She was the first woman who was a member of the Manchester University faculty.

48) Mary (Of Aramaic origin) meaning "rebelliousness". Mary Seacole played a pivotal role in the Crimean war.

49) Oya (Of Yoruba origin) meaning "warrior wind goddess".

50) Rosa (Of Latin origin) meaning rose. Rosa Parks played a prominent part in the civil rights movement in America.

51) Susan (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "lily". Famous suffragist Susan B. Anthony.

52) Vigdis (Of Old Norse origin) meaning "war goddess". Vigdis Finnbogadottir was the first woman democratically elected president.

53) Wangaari (Of Kikuyu ngarĩ origin) meaning "leopard". Wangaari Mathaai was the first black woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Warrior Girls Names

These names that mean strong come from meanings to do with defending, protecting and standing up for what people believe in. For a girls name meaning strength, especially in the face of adversary, female warrior names are a great choice.

54) Alexia (Of Greek origin) meaning "man's defender or protector".

55) Cassandra (Of Greek origin) meaning "man's defender".

56) Samara (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "guardian".

57) Hildegard (Of German origin) "meaning battle, stronghold".

58) Katana (Of Japanese origin) meaning "sword".

59) Lula (Of German origin) meaning "famous warrior".

60) Minka (Of Polish origin) meaning "strong-willed warrior".

61) Ramona (Of Spanish origin) meaning "protecting hands".

62) Zondra (Of Spanish origin) meaning "man's defender".

Girls Names About Being Brave

Showing little girls that they can be brave can be useful to teach them about being strong. A name that means "brave" is a lovely way to inspire confidence in little girls.

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63) Baldwin (Of German origin) meaning "brave friend".

64) Bernadette (Of German origin) meaning "brave as a bear".

65) Ebba/Ebbe (Of Scandinavian origin) meaning "brave, strong, boar".

66) Milicent (Of French origin) meaning "brave strength".

Girls Names That Mean Strong

If you want a name meaning noble strength, quiet strength, or simply 'strength' then here is a selection. For a baby name that directly means strong, here is a lovely selection.

67) Adira (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "strong, noble and powerful".

68) Aila (Of Gaelic origin) meaning "from the strong place".

69) Alcina (Of Greek origin) meaning "strong-willed".

70) Audra (Of Scottish origin) meaning "noble strength".

71) Bidelia (Of Irish origin) means "strength or exalted one".

72) Chasina (Of Aramaic origin) meaning "strong, mighty".

73) Edira (Of Hebrew origin) meaning "strong, powerful".

74) Fortnea (Of Latin origin) meaning "strong".

75) Gertina (Of German origin) meaning "strong spear".

76) Matina (Of Greek origin) meaning "strong, sound, solid".

77) Mildred (Of English origin) meaning "gentle strength".

78) Nalda (Of Spanish origin) means "strong".

79) Odede (Of Hebrew origin) means "strong".

80) Ronae (Of English origin) meaning "strong counsel".

81) Ronika (Of Latin origin) meaning "strong counsel, true image".

82) Teina (Of Latin origin) meaning "strong, healthy".

83) Toireasa (Of Irish origin) meaning "strong".

84) Traudi (Of German origin) meaning "strong spear".

85) Treasa (Of Gaelic origin) meaning "strong".

86) Valeria (Of Italian origin) meaning "strength and vigour".

87) Valerie (Of French origin) means "strength, health".

88) Valida (Of Latin origin) meaning "strong, healthy".

89) Valentijn (Of Latin origin) meaning "strong, healthy".

90) Walburga (Of German origin) meaning "strong, protection".

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Girls Names Related To Being Strong

These cool girls names all relate closely to being strong and powerful. Female names that mean power and names that mean brave are interesting

91) Adeola (Of Nigerian origin) meaning "the crown brings honour". Related to the meaning "queen".

92) Alfreda (Of English origin) meaning "elf power".

93) Althea (Of Greek origin) meaning "with healing power".

94) Amandla (Of Zulu and Xhosa origin) meaning "power".

95) Amira (Of Arabic origin) meaning "ruling princess"

96) Ember (Of English origin) meaning "smouldering coal".

97) Fahari (Of Swahili origin) meaning "magnificence".

98) Harriet (Of German origin) meaning "home ruler".

99) Jetta (Of Danish origin) meaning "home ruler".

100) Maxima (Of Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

101) Nicoma (Of Chippewa origin) meaning "I do as I promise" and "we will stand together".

102) Nikita (Of Greek origin) meaning "unconquered".

103) Victoria (Of Latin origin) meaning "victory".

104) Winda (Of Swahili origin) meaning "hunter".

Every Name Can Be Strong

Each and every little girl's name could have made this list! Strength can be different for everyone and for every unique girl, names have power and importance.



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