120+ Best Superhero Jokes To Marvel At

Funny superhero jokes like the ones we have here will make you fly in laughter.

Superheroes are just extraordinary human beings or sometimes supernatural beings with superpowers.

Superheroes are the ones who do everything in their power to do good for society. They are the ultimate benchmark of good people.

Time and again DC, Marvel, even Pixar, and Disney have come up with their own superheroes and they have become role models not only for kids but for everyone. Being able to laugh at the things you love is also something these super humans teach us. So have a look at our compilation of superhero captions, superheroes jokes, superhero one-liners, and funny comic jokes.

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Marvel Superhero Jokes

Here we have for you some Marvel jokes including some Captain America puns and Avengers Jokes.

1.What happens when the Silver Surfer teams up with Iron Man? They become alloys.

2. Who always watches over Thor? Thor's Asgardian angel.

3. What did Iron Man say to Ant-man? He said, "stop bugging me".

4. What is Thor's favorite food? It's Thor-tillas.

5. When Captain America was younger, what did people call him? They called him Lieutenant America.

6. What do you get if you cross a potato and a superhero? Spuderman.

7. What would you get if you cross a superhero with an apple? Cider-Man.

8. Which superhero would win a singing competition? The Captain American Idol.

9. Why didn't Iron Man like his new assistant? Because he wasn't Happy.

10. What does Iron Man cook with? He cooks with Pepper's pots.

11. What does Iron man eat every day for breakfast? He eats iron bran.

12. What's the difference between Aluminum Man and Iron Man? While Iron Man stops the villains, Aluminum Man foils their plans.

13. What would you call Bruce Banner if he didn't speak to anyone? The Incredible Sulk.

14. Where's Spider-Man's home page? It's on the web.

15. Which superhero has the neatest clothes? The Iron-ing Man.

16. Which superhero visits the dentist the most? The Plaque Panther.

17. What is Spiderman's day job? He is a web designer.

18. What brand of rice does Spider-Man eat? Uncle Ben's.

19. What is Spiderman's favorite day? Flyday.

20. What is Dr. Strange's cousin's name who can't do magic? He's Doctor Normal.

21. Why is Spiderman a really good baseball player? Because he's the best at catching flies.

22. What did Ant Man name his band? Avengers Ensemble.

23. How do Ant Man and the Wasp get around? They ride the Buzz.

24. How does Ant Man keep his suit wrinkle free? With help from Iron Man.

25. What is Ant Man's most favorite party game? The sc-avenger hunt.

26. Why doesn't Ant Man like to play video games? Because he lost to Ultron way too many times.

27. Why wasn't Thor able to find his brother? It's because he couldn't Lokite him.

28. Why did Thor avoid his brother? Because he Odin money.

29. Which superhero likes spending a lot of time in the sun?  Cap-tan America.

30. What month of the year is Doc Ock's favorite? Ock-tober.

31. What's the name of the superhero who always hits the target with chalk? It's Chawkeye.

32. Why didn't marvel put advertisements on Hulk? Well, he's essentially the giant banner.

33. If Thanos, Iron Man and Hulk created a group chat, what would it be called? Snapchat.

34. What do people call Mark Ruffalo on set when he's in a bad mood? Mark Rough Fellow.

35. Why did they ban Hulk from the Honda dealership? Because he threw a Fit.

36. Why is Iron Man stronger than Batman? It's because Iron Man doesn't Bruce easily.

37 . What would you call it if The Hulk, Captain America and Thor met at the Ikea? It'd be called 'The Avengers: Some Assembly Required'.

38. What band performed at The Hulk's birthday? Green Day.

39. What's The Hulk's most favorite restaurant? The Smash Burger.

40. What did Mr. Fantastic say to the Human Torch? He said, "fire away".

41. What would happen if the Human Torch told you a joke? You'd get burned.

42. What is Black Panther's most favorite day? It's Caturday.

43. Why should Spiderman join the swim team? He has webbed feet.

44. What would Luke Cage be called if he were a wizard? He'd be called Luke Mage.

X-Men Jokes

Funny superhero jokes are as good as the superheroes are.

We have some X-Men jokes for you to laugh like Rogue.

45. If X-Men rebelled against Professor X, what would be called? It'd be called Mutanty.

46. What is the most efficient way of counting all the X-men? Per-mutations.

47. Why was Cyclops made in charge of X-Men? Professor X made him the supervisor.

48. Why don't X-men let Colossus take part in their talent shows? He has the habit of steeling the show.

49. What was Wolverine's job at the restaurant? It was shredding carrots.

50. How was it decided that Wolverine is the best X-Men character? It was decided Hughnanimously.

51. Why couldn't Wolverine use a computer? Because he was having trouble Logan in.

52. Why couldn't Wolverine make an agreement with anyone? Because of Wolverine's retractable clause.

53. What would Wolverine be called if he dressed up as Santa on Christmas? Santa Claws.

54. Why can't Magneto wear purple anymore? Because days of fuchsia passed.

55. What's the difference between Magneto and a suitcase? Magneto has only one outfit.

56. What time of the day is Magneto's favorite? Magnet-o'clock.

57. How did Professor X beat Magneto every time? With his head.

58. What game does Professor Xavier like the most? Sit n Spin.

59. What happened when Quicksilver and the Flash met? They became friends fast.

60. Why was Nightcrawler hired by Abercrombie? Because he always looks good in blue genes.

DC Superhero Jokes

DC has some of the darkest superheroes out there but these Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman jokes are light and funny.

61. Why was Superman the only child at the swimming pool? Because the sign outside said supervision required.

62. Which superhero has the most number of home runs? Batman.

63. What would you call Batman and Robin if they get smashed by a steam roller? They'd be Flatman and Ribbon.

64. What did Alfred say when he saw that Batman couldn't fit in his utility belt anymore? He said, "What a waist!".

65. What would be the name of Superman's dog? Lex Woofer!

66. What's the difference between Superman and Spiderman? While Peter Parker can shoot webs, Clark Kent.

67. What does Superman like to drink the most? Fruit punch!

68. Where does Superman like to go on holidays? Cape town!

69. How does Superman always get out of dangerous situations? He always has an S cape.

70. Why did everyone's pictures come out dark at Batman's party? Because he didn't invite the Flash.

71. Why did Bruce's dentist recommend him mouthwash? Because Bruce had bat breath.

72. Why doesn't Superman like to go out after it gets dark? That's because he's afraid of the krypto-night.

73. Which superhero loves having hot chicken broth? It's Souperman!

74. What's the difference between a criminal and Batman? Batman can go shopping without Robin.

75. Which superhero is the brightest? It's the Flash!

76. What did Bruce Wayne's mom hang over his crib when he was a baby? A bat mobile.

77. What would you get if you cross a flashlight and The Incredible Hulk? You'd get Green Lantern.

78. What does Superman use to eat his cereal? A Superbowl

79. What color is Aquaman's favorite? Aquamarine.

80. What bird is Aquaman's favorite? Sea-gulls.

81. Which is the most curious superhero? Wonder Woman.

82. Why is it that Mr. Freeze doesn't have any friends? Because he gives everyone cold shoulders.

83. Where does Green Lantern get tomatoes from? He gets them from a Greenhouse.

84. What did Batgirl go to the superhero ball wearing? Her Dark Knight gown.

85. What football team is Aquaman's favorite? The Miami Dolphins.

86. How did Supergirl fix a broken bridge? With a huge amount of Super Glue.

87. What was Bruce Wayne's position on his little-league team? Bruce was the bat-boy.

88. What superhero gets hurt easily? Bruise Wayne.

89. What would you call a superhero who has a poor sense of direction? She'd be called Wander Woman.

90. Which superhero is not very nice? The Mean lantern.

91. What would you call Superman if he was involved in a bank robbery? He'd be called the Man of Steal.

92. Why does everyone invite Superman the most to dinners? It's because he's a supperhero.

93. What is baby superman the most afraid of?  His crib-tonyte.

94. What is Superman's germophobic uncle's name? Pur-El.

95. Did you hear that Batman and Superman are splitting off and forming their own team? They call themselves 'Just Us League'.

96. What did Superman's dad say after everyone thanked him for saving their planet? He said, "Jor-El Come".

97. What would Superman be called if he worked in a convenience store? Clerk Kent.

98. What's the name of the currency that Superman can't handle? Kryptocurrency.

99. What does Superman use after a shower to dry off? A Tow-El.

100. How often does Superman need to save the planet? Daily.

101. What snack is superman's favorite? Sun chips.

102. What would you get after combining a Transformer with Wonder Woman? Amazon Prime.

103. Can people actually see Wonder Woman when she's inside her invisible airplane? It's not too clear.

104. What would you call it if DC and Marvel made a crossover between The Incredible Hulk and The Flash? They should name it 'The Fast and the Furious'.

105. What was the name of Flash's car? A Flash Drive.

106. What is the Flash's favorite way of eating eggs? Runny.

107. What would you call the Flash if he lost 20lbs? Flashlight.

108. What did Batman say after he did his shopping? Got ham.

109. Why is Batman so serious? Because he isn't the Joker.

Other Superhero Jokes

You can enjoy the funny superhero jokes along with your comrades like the superheroes do.

Here are some other superhero jokes for kids and hero puns for your laughs.

110. What superhero travels by public transportation? Bus Lightyear.

111. What do all superheroes like to add to their juice? Just ice.

112. When the nurse told the doctor that the invisible man came to see him, what did the doctor say? He said, "Let him know that I can't see him".

113. What would you call someone who's a computer superhero? They'd be called the Screen Saver.

114. Which superhero is the one that delivers morning papers? The newspaperman!

115. What is the name of the sassiest supervillain? It's Sassquatch!

116. What's the most confusing superhero movie? The Invisible Man. It's very hard to follow.

117. Why did cheese man become a superhero? He did it for the grater good.

118. Why did the superhero fail the written test? Because he has a habit of writing wrongs.

119. Where does a superhero usually go for shopping? They go to the Supermarket.

Knock Knock Jokes

Lastly here we have a few knock-knock jokes for your laugh.

120. Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Bat who?

I'm Batman.

121. Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Batman who?

Batman here came to robin you of your problems.

122. Knock, Knock!

Who's there?

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat who?

Trick or Treat your Joker.

123. Knock knock

Who's there?


Doctor Who?

No. Doctor strange.

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