50+ Best Swimming Puns That Won't Sink

Swimming puns can be the right ice-breaker, as well as a stress-buster.

Swimming puns include swimming pool puns, swimming technique puns, swimmer puns, swim puns, bikini puns and wet puns. In short, anything to do with swimming!

Whether you are hosting a pool party or simply spending a day splashing around in the paddling pool, these swimming puns will make sure everyone has the best day and doesn't stop giggling! Kids and teens alike will find something to giggle at in this funny list. Not only will be these puns be funny to share while splashing around in the water but many of them would also make great Instagram captions too! Every time you use one of these puns, you are sure to get a like. Everyone will love these deep end puns!

Attention water lovers! If you can't get enough of these funny swimming puns and want to find more good water related puns and jokes, you will like these dolphin puns and why not try out these water jokes too?

Swimming Puns That Never Go Out Of Style

Whether you are having a pool party or participating in a swim meet, swimming puns can help you relax and have fun. From swimming pros, to new beginners, these puns will get the whole pool laughing. Here we go, don't forget to put on your swimming goggles!

1. You should eat your pasta if you want to swim fasta.

2. Elephants are always ready to swim since they always have their trunks on.

3. I never go to a swimmers’ party because they always have pool noodles.

4. The vegetarian never became a competitive swimmer because he didn’t like the idea of swim meats.

5. Classical musicians always prefer to do Bach stroke while swimming.

6. The judges were swimpressed with my backstroke ability.

7. "Water you doing this afternoon?" I asked my swimmer boyfriend.

8. My swim instructor told me to do pool-ups regularly.

9. My friend told me never to go swimming in The Dead Sea because that’s where zombies go swimming.

10. Sharing these swimming puns at a summer pool party is the perfect way to have pun in the sun.

11. I prefer to swim in saltwater since I am allergic to pepper.

12. Casper likes to go swimming, but only in Lake Eerie.

13. I went swimming in the ocean, but when I left, the ocean did not say goodbye. It just waved.

14. When they asked the swimmer about how he went back in time, he said he was just doing backstroke.

15. Swimmers keep their cash in the river bank.

16. The swimmers pooled their resources to go on a vacation together.

17. The best insect swimmer is the butterfly, obviously!

18. Chicken only swim in a cluck-wise direction.

19. Gardeners are good swimmers because they have great seed times.

20. Swimmers only use Tide laundry pods.

21. A swim coach and a dentist would make for an excellent pair because they both use drills.

22. The shower salesmen never seem to make a sale to swimmers because the swimmers always wash up on shore.

23. One day, a fish was swimming so fast that he didn’t see the wall and smashed into it. "Dam", he said.

24. Sometimes swimming is hard work and sometimes it is easy. It deep-ends.

25. People who don't like swimming puns have a very dry sense of humor.

26. You're a cool kit, I'm a pool kid.

27. The heart patient refused to take swimming lessons because he was worried about the strokes.

28. Did you know that an elephant can swim 20 miles a day? No wonder they always carry their trunks with them.

29. Swimmers try to stay away from dark chocolate because, according to studies, it lowers the chances of a stroke.

30. This summer is going swimmingly.

31. This pool is impressive. Or should I say swim-pressive?

32. You’ve been swimming through my mind all night.

Diving Puns To Help You Make A Big Splash

There are many diving related puns that can really crack you up.

One of the most exhilarating activities, diving in a pool is a great hobby to take up. However, diving is not for everybody. If you prefer, you can stay on dry land and tell these hilarious, deep end diving puns to your deep end diving pals in the pool.

33. The diving instructor suddenly quit his job today. He realized deep down that it was not the career for him.

34. My brother’s dog’s name is sub-woofer. He’s a diving dog, in case you couldn't tell.

35. I had to file for bankruptcy because my diving school business went under.

36. I never felt so low in my life than when I went scuba diving.

37. Everybody is trying to make big splashes nowadays by diving deep into conspiracy theories.

38. A diving trip with some new friends made me realize how shallow my life was.

39. My life splashed before my eyes when I realized, after jumping off the side, that the pool was not deep enough for diving.

40. I had to quit my job as a scuba diving instructor because I failed to perform under pressure.

41. My doctor told me to dive deep into some vitamin sea to improve my health.

42. I had to give up scuba diving as a hobby after I hit rock bottom.

43. There came a time in my life when I realized I had to pursue scuba diving. Not because scuba diving was in my blood, but because my grades were all below C level.

Wave Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Wave related puns are usually evergreen.

Everybody who loves swimming also loves good ocean puns and sea puns. Puns associated with these natural elements can be extremely funny. Knowing a lot of splash puns, swimming pool puns and scuba diving puns will surely make you the pun master among your friends. Why not impress them with these wave puns that will make them laugh?

44. The surfer really wanted to ride some waves but he couldn't find any. So he made his will because "where there is a will, there is a wave".

45. The musician who couldn’t swim just rode the sound waves instead.

46. My brother got hit by a wave frequency. He said, "ouch, it hertz!".

Swimming Puns That Make Great Captions

Use these swimming captions to up your pool puns game. If you are posting pictures of the beach, a swimming pool or even of you proudly jumping in at the deep end, one of these puns will make your post that little bit funnier!

47. Lego Swimming.

48. I'm just searching for some vitamin sea.

49. Swimmer on board.

Swimming Quotes For Instagram

Here are some swimming pool puns you can use as captions for Instagram that you won't want to miss. You can use these pool puns in addition to lake puns, puns about summer, swim suit puns and dive puns to make your Instagram page as good as it can get. Swimming fans will love these puns, which will you use first?

50. Water you doing tonight?

51. A swim each day keeps the odor away!

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