10+ Best Sylas Quotes From League Of Legends' Unshackled Champion

League Of Legends' has been attracting a lot of pro gamers lately

League Of Legends' is an online battle arena video game which is developed by Riot Games.

'League Of Legends' was first released in the year 2009. It has a player count of about 115 million monthly players.

Sylas is a champion in 'League Of Legends'. He is known for his natural ability to sense magic around him and look for mages. In 'League Of Legends', Sylas becomes a revolutionary rebel and swears to destroy the kingdom he once used to serve.

Sylas is a mage born into the lesser quarters of Demacia and has a natural ability to sense magic. He gets noticed by notorious mageseekers, and later sent to prison for accidentally killing one of them while trying to save a little girl. Sylas later breaks free and lives as a revolutionary who uses his powers to destroy the kingdom he once used to work for.

Sylas is one of the champions in the game 'League Of Legends'. His story is a truly intriguing and inspiring one. Sylas has a natural ability to sense magic in those around him, and therefore he is recruited by the mageseekers of the kingdom. Sylas helps them look for hidden mages all over the kingdom. However, he is later imprisoned by them when he kills one of them accidentally. After 15 years, Sylas manages to escape the prison and later death, through the help of his friend Lux.  Since then, Sylas decides to return to his country and goes to live on as a revolutionary rebel and searches for new allies. With the help of his allies, Sylas seeks to dismantle the oppressive kingdom which had unleashed hardship on him and his fellow mages, and vows to make them pay.

A lot of people think Sylas and Lux are in love, and this reflects in some of his quotes from his conversations with Lux. Lux educates Sylas about the outside world and brings him books while he’s in prison. She also pleads for Sylas’ life on the scaffold and helps him escape death.

Sylas is a champion in 'League Of Legends' and his quotes we have compiled are relevant for everyone. These LoL Sylas quotes are a representation of Sylas’ true champion personality. Sylas has had an interesting journey throughout the series, and these LoL Sylas quotes reflect the same. Starting from his childhood in a poor family, to his recruitment by the mageseekers, to his imprisonment, Sylas has had to face a lot of hardships. After escaping, he becomes a revolutionary and leads the mages to revolt against Demacia. Therefore, these Sylas LoL  quotes pertain to a variety of aspects of Sylas’ story and draw inspiration from his life.

Sylas has a lot of quotes that are unforgettable. We’ve compiled a list of the best 'League Of Legends' Sylas quotes from 'League Of Legends'. If you think 'League Of Legends' is an awesome game and especially Sylas, these 'League Of Legends' Sylas quotes will definitely appeal to you.

'League Of Legends' fans will also find inspiration in these Sylas LoL quotes, as these are a reflection of Sylas’ personality. If you like these League of Legends Sylas quotes, you should also see Zed quotes and Veigar quotes.

Battle Quotes From Sylas

League Of Legends' fans will find inspiration in Sylas LoL quotes.

The battle quotes by Sylas from 'League Of Legends' are some of the best quotes in the 'League Of Legends' game. These quotes show you the fierce nature of Sylas as well as his rebellious attitude. These quotes also depict how Sylas is truly fearless and is afraid of nothing, not even death. Some of these quotes show how Sylas is always determined. Here are some of the best battle quotes by Sylas.

1. "I will be the monster they think I am."

- Sylas

2. “Return to your master, like the lapdog you are!”

- Sylas

3. “It took prison for me to find liberation.”

- Sylas

4. “I’m just a convict with a hammer!”

- Sylas

5. "Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it."

- Sylas

6. “Those who wait to be freed do not deserve freedom.”

- Sylas

7. “The bluer the blood, the sweeter it spills.”

- Sylas

Inspirational Quotes From Sylas

Given his humble background and hard childhood, Sylas had faced a lot of hardships. He was imprisoned due to no fault of his own, trying to save a little girl. Sylas is a fighter, and he never backs down from a fight. His story is inspiring to many of his allies and friends. These quotes from Sylas gave inspiration to his fellow characters in 'League Of Legends'. These quotes also show how Sylas is still strong despite being in prison for a long time.

8. "Breaking out was nothing. Watch me break the kingdom."

- Sylas

9. “No more kings! No more queens! No more mage-seekers! It all ends now!”

- Sylas

10. “Chains build revolution, one link at a time!”

- Sylas

11. “Our chains are only as strong as we think they are.”

- Sylas

12. “I am no traitor. I am the true Demacia.”

- Sylas

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