60 Best Tiefling Virtue Names With Meanings


In ancient times,  when the lands were filled with knights and castles, these characters from 'Dungeons And Dragons' lived.

The world at that time was very different to ours, it was the medieval period when these creatures existed.  This was the time when dragons used to wander in the dark beyond the firelight and magic used to really work.

Your character may be a  charismatic magician, or maybe a flexible miscreant or even a wise deacon or even a powerful combatant. With their help you will able to explore the world you will come to know about unknown places. Each and every adventure will make them stronger, more popular, and richer. But before you can embark on your adventures, you need the perfect name. Behind every great name, there is a great character. Great names are always evocative. Along with the character's name and race, a suitable class will give it a unique identity to get easily recognized. A class is effectively a profession given to the character.

A Tiefling is a humanoid race in 'Dungeons And Dragons', they are said to be human with 'something else.' Their ancestors made a deal with a group of demons to be powerful forever, but in exchange they agreed to have horns and scales for the rest of time. Not all Tieflings are evil but people are often scared of them and they often end up working in shadier jobs, due to the widespread fear of them.

Here are some of the best 'Dungeons And Dragons' Tiefling names and meanings.You will also find Tiefling virtue names, Tiefling warrior names, famous names, ancient name, and many more.  

We hope this list helps in your search but if you need some more inspiration why not look at halfling names or gnome names, right here on Kidadl.

Traditional Names

Traditional names are often popular near about every in every country. They may be Tiefling last names or female Tiefling names or male Tiefling names but they are used in that country for a very long period of time. Here is the list of names of different names which would suit any Tiefling character.

monster with six eyes

1. Abditory (Latin origin) means "a hiding place".

2. Admon (Hebrew origin) means "red".

3. Aglaeca (Old English Origin) means "fierce combatant".

4. Amirh (Old English Origin) means "princess".

5. Brada means "friend".

6. Eunio (Greek origin) means "beautiful thinking".

7. Erlebnisse (German Origin) means "the experience".

8. Janda (Czech origin) means "softening".

9. Kenna (American origin)means "born of fire".

10. Kira (Irish origin) means "a dark one" .

11. Laconic (Greek origin) means "expressing much in few words".

12. Ragnar (German origin) means "warrior from the gods".

13. Rantipole means "a wild", "reckless young person".

14. Redamancy (Latin origin) means "a love returned in full".

15. Scripturient (Latin origin) means "having a consuming passion to write".

16. Skulduggery (Scottish origin) means "mean dishonesty".

17. Susurrus (Latin Origin) means "a low soft sound".

18. Sweven (English origin) means "a vision in sleep".

19. Tarantism (Latin origin) means "the uncontrollable urge to dance".

20. Vagary (Latin origin) means "an unpredictable instance".

21. Zemira (Hebrew origin) means "a song".

Famous Names

Almost everyone in our society, when an animal or a human being is born, is fond of using famous names to get a royal feel in their life. Here are some Tiefling virtue names mostly for the female Tiefling wizard and female Tiefling fighter. These are also some rogue Tiefling 5e names which we think you will love.

We love these names.

22. Ahren (Arabic origin) means "eagle".

23. Amadrya (Greek origin) means "tree nymph".

24. Barbara (Greek origin) means "foreigner".

25. Bedrich (Czech origin) means "ruler of peace".

26. Brylee (Irish origin) means "strong".

27. Camille (Latin origin) means "perfect".

28. Carrion (Old French origin) means "dead flesh of an animal".

29. Cerin (Gaelic origin) means "Little dark one".

30. Charles (Anglo-saxon origin) means "man warrior".

31. Delight (Latin origin) means "great pleasure".

32. Egan (Irish Gaelic origin) means "little fire".

33. Eira (Welsh origin) means "snow".

34. Eldon (English origin) means "The Old Servant".

35. Elfstan means "solemn".

36. Erling (Scandinavian origin) means "Heir of clan chief".

37. Everard (English origin) means "Brave Boar"

38. Griswold (English origin) means "gravel".

39. Hale (Old French origin) means "hero".

40. Henri (Old French origin) means "home-ruler".

41. Kyria (Greek origin) means "a lady".

42. Niran (Thai origin) means "eternal".

43. Noceur (French origin) means "one who stays up late".

44. Novak (Polish origin) means "polish".

45. Priscilla (Latin origin) means "ancient one".

46. Richard (German Origin) means "powerful ruler".

47. Rybar means "fisherman".

48. Shlimazla means "unlucky".

49. Skalyre means "scholar".

50. Svenja (German origin) means "swan battle maiden".

51. Thalia (Greek origin) means "joyful", "blooming".

Unique Names

Tieflings sometimes have a distinct streak of color in their hair - that can range from a flaming red all the way to an outrageous purple. Their names are just as unique as their hair, and we know you want to find the best fit for your unique Tiefling character. Just check it out and give it a read to learn all the most unique names which have got some beautiful and super cool meanings. Here are the names which we think you will love, with their meanings.

52. Aralia (Lating origin) means "a herbal plant".

53. Arabis (Arabic origin) means "a sort of herbaceous plant which goes very long".

54. Awe (Old English origin) means "feeling of respect".

55. Bliss (German origin) means "perfect happiness".

56. Carrakas (English origin) means "sailer".

57. Dabis (Hebrew origin) means "concede".

58. Dexterity (Latin origin) means "skilled".

59. Eleftheriou (Greece origin) means "liberty" , "freedom ".

60. Enduring (Old French origin) means "to continue".

We hope this list of Tiefling names and meanings has helped you in your search to name your character and we hope you've found a name you like. If you want more inspiration why not take a look at our list of Githzerai names or, for something different, take a look at our ultimate list of clan names.



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