30+ Best Tomato Puns That Won't Have You Seeing Red

Most children love eating and throwing every tomato they can get their hands on.

Tomatoes have always been the victim of great puns and wordplay.

Out of all the vegetables and vegetable puns, tomatoes seem to be one of the easiest picks for a pun. Or even during a pun battle with your friend, if you think you are lagging behind, you could use these pretty awesome puns to ketchup.

You can make a lot of various puns with tomatoes and ketchup and other items related to the tomato, like the tomato soup and the tomato sauce. If you want to change these puns and use them with your own little twist to it, you are more than welcome to do so. Additionally, some of you might even take these puns and change them into tomato jokes and salad jokes as per your wish. So, without further waiting, let's ketchup on these tomato jokes that we are sure your friends are gonna love or not!

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Funny Tomato Puns

Do you want to tell a tomato pun that will make your friend go, "I am laughing from my head tomatoes!"? Then dive into these awesome puns that we have hand-picked for you like fresh, red tomatoes.

1. The papa tomato said to the baby tomato, "Son, I love you from my head tomatoes."

2. Researchers made an incredible discovery when they put the tomato under an electron microscope. They found a new type of atom- the tomatom.

3. The guys down at the new vegetable factory have been trying to get everyone hyped up about their new customizable tomato. They call it the customato.

4. As I walked back home after buying red tomatoes and other vegetables, this young kid drove his cycle over my foot. Boy, I had never had this much pain to-ma-toes.

5. When the tomato entered the room without knocking, he left red-faced because he had seen the salad dressing.

6. As I rushed to the hospital with my broken tomato, I asked the doctor if there was any way to fix a broken tomato. He replied that the only way to fix a broken tomato is to use tomato paste.

7. As part of the sensitivity campaign, the boss tomato made it clear to all the employee tomatoes that under no condition should they fat shame someone in the office by calling them plum tomatoes.

8. When the gamer got to Tomato Town in Fortnite, his game stopped working. He simply used red tomato paste to fix it.

9. The doctor tomato decided to get a test done on the baby tomato for flu. Sadly, the kid did have flu but he was asymp-tomato-ic.

10. When the teacher asked the student where tomatoes came from, she replied, "From the tomato source!"

11. If a tomato ever travels to a different place with different weather, he must get accustomato the place.

12. When the teacher asked the tomato what his favorite book was, he said it was "Uncle Tomato's Cabin".

13. I love using ketchup so much that every time I get a hotdog, I au-tomato-cally go for the ketchup.

14. Recently, the other tomatoes have reported sightings of a vigilante tomato in the town. The local authorities and newspapers have labeled him as The Phantomato.

15. The best way to punish lazy and careless tomato employees from the office is to can them.

16. After the tomato traveler had completed his much-publicized trip around the world in just 80 days, he became known to everyone as the globe tomato.

17. In earlier times, when critics didn't like a play or a performance, they wouldn't throw potatoes and other vegetables towards the stage. They would throw 'Rotten Tomatoes' at it.

18. The smallest tomato in the class complained to the teacher tomato because the other tomatoes used to make fun of him by calling him the bottomato.

19. When the tomato went to the doctor to get his annual health checkup, he asked him, "Please check me thoroughly from my head tomatoes."

20. The judge tomato said that she would put all these thug tomatoes in jail if they do not tomatone for their crimes.

21. In the olden days, when a tomato wanted to confess his sins and crimes, he would simply go to church. The Padre would forgive him and he would turn from a tomato to a tomato pure-e.

Ketchup And Tomato Soup Puns

Are you someone who really loves ketchup? Or tomato salad and soup? Then one of these puns is definitely for you! It might not be the best idea to leave be-Heinz puns like these and look for other tomato jokes.

22. I decided to add some more tomato ketchup to the soup I was making. Now, in Heinze sight, it does not look like a good idea.

23. All the vegetables decided to run a marathon. During the race, the red-faced tomato was lagging behind quite a bit. The other vegetables thought that he'll never be able to ketchup with them.

24. This great documentary on growing tomatoes and tomato farming gives everyone a unique be-Heinze the scenes look at the tomato industry.

25. A friend of mine has a unique recipe where he barbeques a tomato with lots of ketchup. He calls this dish the ketchupped steak.

26. As the ketchup got back from the doctor with his pair of glasses, the mustard joked that his Heize sight must be 20-20 now!

27. My friend decided to finish the book he had been reading while sipping on some tomato soup. Unfortunately, the soup spilled and spoiled his book. It was indeed a bad time to ketchup on his reading.

28. Last night, I missed the cooking show teaching how to make a great red tomato soup. Well, I guess I'd have to ketchup the show later.

29. When the new king in Tomato Town had his coronation ceremony, the other tomatoes bowed down and said, "We are at your service, Your Royal Heinze-ness!"

30. When the ketchup visited the psychiatrist, the doctor told the ketchup that he mustn't keep his feelings bottled up.

31. When a tomato gets be-Heinze schedule on work and other things, he must do everything in order to ketchup.

32. The only way a tomato can eat noodles is by the help of the ketchup-stick.

33. When Arnold Schwarzeneggar saw that the tomato was in danger, he yelled at him, "Get to the Ketchupper!"

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