115 Best Tooth Fairy Names for Your Children To Write To

Your tooth fairy can make your child's hidden wishes come true.

The tooth fairy is a tradition quite popular amongst the kids, and parents usually come up with names for the tooth fairy to make them fun for the children.

But, giving the tooth fairy a good name that would always work with the children can be difficult. After all, the name should excite the child and not be too boring!

Kids love to believe that the tooth fairy collects their teeth and crushes them to make fairy dust and distributes it amongst all the fairies so they can spread their magic. Kids might like to write to the tooth fairy when they lose their first tooth in the hope of a response from this magical figure telling them they have been good children and rewarding them. Parents usually write letters from these fairies to their children, and while doing so, there are times when the kids ask for the fairy name. This is because the personalized letters from the tooth fairy require a name at the end. Names like Ariel, Fawn, Tianna, Peter are a few names that top the fairy name list, but it might get confusing for a parent to choose one name. So here is a tooth fairy names list for your children to write to.

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Male Fairy Names

Boy tooth fairy names are quite rare to find. Though 'fairy' is a gender-neutral term, choose the right masculine tooth fairy name from the list below that can be used for your little child first tooth fairy.

1. Alberich.

2. Alston.

3. Alvin- this will be a name that your kid will love as a tooth fairy inspired by the cartoon series 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'.

4. Ambrose.

5. Brucie (Scottish origin) meaning "forest fairy".

6. Cein.

7. Dain.

8. Donald.

9. Drake; sounds like a perfect pop-culture name for your kid's tooth fairy.

10. Elvin (Irish, Old English origin) meaning "leader of Elves".

11. Fayette (French origin) meaning "little fairy".

12. Hai (Vietnamese origin) meaning "fairy shoe".

13. Jack Dewberry.

14. Nicholas Wildflower; is a smart name for a tooth fairy.

15. Oren.

16. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "stone, rock"; associated with Peter pan.

17. Shimmer Moon - Rider.

18. Suelita (Spanish origin) meaning "little lily".

19. Terence.

20. Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "God of west wind".

Fairy Names For Girls

A Tooth fairy name can often be the best way to make your child smile.

A fairy name that suits girls well is found in abundance. Below you can pick a female tooth fairy name that will be perfect for your child to write to.

21. Acacia (Greek origin) means "thorny tree"; this symbolizes immortality and resurrection.

22. Alalia.

23. Alina.

24. Almur (Basque origin) meaning "mother of the earth".

25. Alura. This is a mystifying fairy name.

26. Ambrosine (Greek origin) meaning "immortal".

27. Ange HoneySuckle.

28. Angelic Lightessa.

29. Angeliki Belle.

30. Azuka (African origin) meaning "past glory".

31. Blossom; your kid will love the idea of receiving a letter from the tooth fairy inspired by the 'Powerpuff Girls' cutie.

32. Breena (Irish origin) meaning "fairy palace".

33. Clairette.

34. Cleantha.

35. Diana; a world-famous name that your kid will love for sure.

36. Donella.

37. Elga (Slavic origin) meaning "sacred".

38. Elgiva.

39. Ella (Greek, Norman origin) meaning "fairy maiden, Goddess".

40. Elva.

41. Elvena.

42. Emerenta.

43. Erlina.

44. Fawn (English origin) meaning "young deer".

45. Faye (Middle English origin) meaning "fairy"; is a literal and great name for your child's tooth fairy that she will surely love.

46. Faylinn (Irish origin) meaning "graceful woman".

47. Gaea/Gaia; is one of the names associated with the 'Mother Earth' and can make a perfect tooth fairy find.

48. Gelsey (English origin) meaning "jasmine".

49. Glow Morning - Glory.

50. Ilona is the traditional fairy name associated with the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore.

51. Jasmine; associating your child's tooth fairy with 'Aladdin' and his lover will make your child love the tooth fairy even more.

52. Laila (Arabic, Hebrew origin) meaning "night".

53. Lilly.

54. Liriope; associated with the name of the mother of Narcissus.

55. Luella.

56. Lunette (French origin) meaning "little moon".

57. Marigold.

58. Maurelle (French origin) meaning "dark elfin".

59. Myrrh.

60. Naida (Arabic origin) meaning "water nymph".

61. Nata.

62. Nerida (Greek origin) meaning "sea nymph".

63. Niamh (Irish, Gaelic origin) meaning "bright"; associated with the Irish Sea God's daughter.

64. Nissa (Scandanavian origin) meaning "elf, fairy".

65. Nixie - Meaning "water sprite"; rhymes well with the name 'pixie' and is also associated with the tooth fairy or fairies in general.

66. Nolana (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair".

67. Olette (Latin origin) meaning "small winged one".

68. Oona.

69. Orla (Irish origin) meaning "golden princess".

70. Parisa By.

71. Rain Sweetie Pie.

72. Raisa.

73. Raisie is quite an unusual but catchy fairy name for a tooth fairy.

74. Rosa (Latin origin) meaning "rose flower".

75. Rose.

76. Rosetta (Italian origin) meaning "little rose".

77. Roxanne.

78. Sebille -Meaning "a fairy."

79. Sen (Japanese origin) meaning "lotus, forest elf".

80. Siofra (Irish, Gaelic origin) meaning "elf".

81. Suzanne.

82. Tabitha (Aramaic origin) meaning "graceful."

83. Tana (Greek origin) meaning "fire or star Goddess".

84. Tatiana.

85. Tertia.

86. Tiana (Russian origin) meaning "fairy queen".

87. Tien (Vietnamese origin) meaning "fairy".

88. Tinkerbell - Meaning "mischievous fairy, an actual thinker".

89. Una (Irish origin) meaning "truth, beauty, and unity".

90. Virginia Mistletoe.

Gender-Neutral Good Tooth Fairy Names

Switching the tooth under a pillow with special things or pretty gifts or just some money with the help of a tooth fairy is a story your little child will surely fall in love with.

As fairy is a non-binary term, find a few unisex tooth fairy names' ideas that you will love your child to write to.

91. Alva (Swedish origin) meaning "elf".

92. Ariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "lion of God".

93. Bliss - meaning "perfect joy"; what better than naming your child's tooth fairy as the one who'd bring the kid joy and happiness?

94. Cameo (Greek origin) meaning "shadow portrait".

95. Carling (Gaelic origin) meaning "little champion".

96. Doodle-Bug Sunbeam.

97. Fossette (Old French origin) meaning "small cavity"; is a perfect word to take as a name for your baby's tooth fairy.

98. Nidaw (Omaha Native American origin) meaning "fairy".

99. Puck.

100. Rhoslyn - meaning "moor pool".

101. Shea (Irish origin) meaning "fortunate".

102. Tunder (Hungarian origin) meaning "fairy".

103. Willow Crabtree.

Nice Fairy Name For A Tooth Fairy

A fairy name inspired by real names can be a great option. Here are a few good names that make up for a fairy name that your kid will love.

104. Aerwyna (F) - meaning "friend of the sea".

105. Alfreda (F) - meaning "elf strength".

106. Alvaro (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "guardian".

107. Aubrey (M/F) (French origin) meaning "leader of elves".

108. Avery (M) (Old English origin) meaning "elf".

109. Caspian (M) - meaning "of the sea".

110. Cleon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "glory".

111. Coralina (F) (Greek origin) meaning "from the coral of the sea".

112. Gandalf (M) - Meaning "wand elf".

113. Gary (M) - Meaning "spearman"; the fairy who looks after 'Tinkerbell'.

114. Melisande (F) - Meaning "labor strength".

115. Miranda (F) (Latin origin) meaning "worthy of admiration".

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