150 Best Travel Blog Names

Travel bloggers need an eye-catchy domain name online to make their travel blog successful.

Choosing the right domain name when you want to start travel blogging can be an exhausting process.

Should you choose travel blogger names that suit your personality? Or perhaps traveling blog names which take into account the type of travel like road trip names?

The struggle is quite real, but to know the perfect domain name, one needs to find the niche of travel blogging. Would it focus on places around the world, or would it focus on nomadic places, budget travel experiences, and so on? Once you get the answers to these questions, you can create a good travel blog name by combining your niche travel words or tags. The idea is to start a travel blog only after naming a travel blog successfully. To be one of the famous travel bloggers, you need to brainstorm blog name ideas and travel usernames for Instagram as they are the highest in popularity today.

To make this exhausting task easy for you, here is a list of few best travel blog name ideas for social media. For travel blogs, you need to first select the right domain, then get a hosting site to host your travel blog or travel blogs and then, start the website.

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Good Travel Blog Names

Breathtaking pictures, awesome content, and classy travel blog names is a must for your travel blog.

The best way to make your travel blog a hit is to have good blog names in stock. Make sure that you choose a unique name based on the niche of your travel blog. To make this search easier, here are a few good ideas for travel blog names.

1. All Around the World

2. Baby on Trip

3. Baby Will Travel - This name can be used as an example for youngsters who actually want to travel.

4. Bon Voyage

5. Chasing Horizons

6. Destination and More - This is one of the perfect examples for a writing blog that focuses not only on the destinations but also on memorable experiences.

7. Dream - Go - Breathe

8. Dream it, Live it - Like the Nike tagline 'Just do it', will surely inspire others to make their dreams worth living.

9. Escape to 'Everywhere.'

10. Exploring Unseen

11. Finding Universe

12. Get Stuck Experience - Name for people who love adventure, travel, and ideas.

13. Goats on the Road

14. Little Long Journeys

15. Never Ending Footsteps

16. Out of Continent

17. Ticket to Utopia - A pretty sign for thought that 'all the world is pretty and nice.

18. Travel Family dot com

19. Vacation Wanderer - Travel blog name for the one who's always wandering for a vacation.

20. What a Trip

21. Wheels or Wings

22. Whole in the World

23. Will Fly for Food - Anyone who is in love with food blogs and traveling, this is the perfect name.

24. World Up Close

25. World Wind

26. Young Adventurers

Couple Travelling Blog Names

Plenty of couples' travel blog names ideas have given the couples travel-related monetary opportunities.

For all the couples who love to create a story behind their favorite travels, a few strong travel blog names are the key to making this story journey come alive. Here are a few usernames, travel blog name ideas for the best couple travel blog.

27. Adventures with (partner's name)

28. As we Travel - Sounds like a perfect team keen to show the audience their journey with all the necessary information.

29. Beer and Buses - Perfect travel blog name for the chill couple.

30. Beyond Commonality

31. Black and Red Explorers

32. Couple Most Traveled - For those who claim to travel or have traveled enough on the global level.

33. Escape Artists

34. Following Footsteps

35. Have Baby, Will Travel - Travel blog name for couples who travel with the baby.

36. How you Travelin' - Here's to the Joey fans who also love traveling.

37. Journeys International

38. Just Pine and Apples

39. Leave your Daily Hell

40. Legal Nomads

41. Magical Movements

42. Nerds on Holiday - For the nerdy ones who google their way through the navigation at the thought of a new adventure.

43. No Routine Please

44. One Step 4ward

45. Our Minivan

46. Our Oyster

47. Professional Travelers

48. The Road Forks - The road-riding couple's perfect travel blog name.

49. Touring strategies

50. Tourist 2 Townie

51. Travel Blog with the Heart

52. Traveling Canucks

53. Traveling treasures

54. Travel Overload

55. Twin Guides - This is a travel blog name that can be used by a pair of twins, whether they often provide a similar or poles apart strategy for their adventures - just like the identical or non-identical twins.

56. Two Monkey Travels

57. Two Tickets Please

58. Vacation Lovers

59. Wandering Educators

60. We do Aventures

61. We Dream, We Live

62. What an Adventure

Clever Travel Blog Names For Solo Travel Bloggers

Solo traveling is a great way to start a travel blog. Be it on WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social media; it is important to check for inspiration while choosing the brand or travel blog names. These creative blog names for travel or travel bloggers' names are the best ideas to start your travel blogs and page right away.

63. Adventurous Kate / Alex (add your name).

64. Confessions of a Traveloholic - If that's a word, this travel name is sure to connect with the 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' and make the readers or audience pay attention to these articles.

65. Expert Vagabond

66. Flip Nomad

67. Friendly Explorer

68. Globetrotter Adventurer - You can also add your name instead of adventurer to make it personal.

69. Itchy Travel Feet

70. Lone Seeker

71. Mini-Tour with (your name).

72. Nerd's Eye View

73. Nomadic Chick

74. Nomadic Matt (add your name).

75. Nomadic Notes

76. One Way Ticket

77. Ordinary Traveler

78. Passport and I - A name for the ones who live a fast life and are inspired by George Clooney's 'Up in the air' movie, who want to earn extra miles on the course of their journey.

79. Practical Nomad

80. Roam Alone

81. Runaway (your name)

82. Solo Adventures of (add your name).

83. Solo Around the World

84. Solo Traveler

85. Time Traveler

86. Traveling Bottom

87. Traveling Freak

88. Travelogged

89. Travel Titans

90. Unseen Explorer

91. Wandering Earl / Steve (add your name).

92. World Savvy

93. World Wanderlusts - Good name for a travel blog with your friends documenting all the travel journeys.

Road Trip Travel Blog Names

Blog names ideas that revolve around the best road trips and successful travel always grab people's attention. Here are a few thoughts picked together from inspired domains to make your road-rusty blog a star amongst the thousands of different contents.

94. Barefoot Nomad

95. Get - Set - Travel

96. Go-See-Write - A phrase that can match all the unplanned travelers who avoid planning much before going for a trip and want to experience the journey instead.

97. Hacking Spots

98. Hand Luggage Only

99. Jumping Around

100. Just Camping

101. Offbeat Traveler

102. Off Track Planet

103. Riding Happiness

104. The Backpackers

105. The Poor Traveler

106. Track List Blogger

107. Travel - Repeat

108. Ultimate Rider

109. Uncornered Market

110. Where next?

111. Who Needs Maps? - A name that can resonate with all the hitchhiking travel bloggers.

Travel Instagram Names

Someone with a unique username can definitely become a hit across the globe. This is why using a few ideal travel blog names on Instagram, Facebook, website, or other media platforms is really important for setting the trend and becoming a success.

112. (Your name) Away

113. (Your name) Wanderings

114. Alexa/Alex in Wanderland

115. Atlas and Boots

116. Bucket List Ready

117. Buzzy Traveling

118. Chocolates and Cruises

119. Impeccable Traveler

120. Just Traveling

121. Just Travelous

122. Life's an Adventure

123. Lost in Wonderland

124. Notes from (Country name) - Perfect name for the country traveler.

125. One Step Forward

126. Pausing Moments

127. Retired to Travel - Who wouldn't love to do this? This is one of the perfect names for travel blogs focused on someone who has dedicated the life to travel after retiring.  

128. Shores and Mountains

129. Stop-Me-Not

130. Sugar and Stamps

131. Sunrise Adventures

132. The Blonde Abroad

133. The Everywhereist

134. The Practical Wanderlust

135. Traveling Mamas - For all the mommies who wish to jump in together and start travel blogs.

136. Travel Quest

137. Two-Way Ticket

Good Travel Blog Names With Travel Blogger Tips

If your travel blogs focus on traveling or blogging tips, your travel blog names or the title can directly dive into the topic. This makes it possible for potential readers to immediately engage with the author and click on the link for further stories and tips.

138. 101 Good Places List

139. Broke Backpacker - Perfect blog name for a budget travel blogger providing popular travel ideas for budget travelers.

140. Changes in Longitude

141. Everything Everywhere

142. Luggage account

143. More Travel Cases

144. My Packing List

145. Nerdy Nomads - A blog name for 'itinerary ready travel bloggers.'

146. The Art to Travel

147. Tourist org

148. Travel Essentials 101

149. Travel Tips Exchange

150. Travel Tips for Safety Trips

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