53 Best Trickster Names For Your Mischievous Troublemaker

Every child has a trickster character within

If you are someone who loves to play the trickster, it is very likely that your cute angels will have that tendency to stir trouble and play cute little tricks.

So why not have fun with by giving them fun trickster names or nicknames? It is something that will undoubtedly make letting loose more fun to witness, as well as create that person that knows how to let go and have fun once in a while, even in adulthood.

Looking for ideas for baby names meaning trickster? We have a long selection of the wittiest, most mischievous trickster names. Whether it's the name of mythological trickster gods from Greek mythology, Native American belief, or its other more recent iterations, we have you covered. Sometimes names that mean dreamer, such as Abhidhyan or Aislin, can be used synonymously to trickster.

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Girl Trickster Names

There are so many girl trickster names that symbolize the naughtiness within them

Boys aren't the only ones that love to have some fun. A child is, after all, a child. And being carefree and getting into mischief is a universal thing. The girls are in on it too as it's good for every child to let go once in a while and have fun. Here are girl trickster names you could give your baby girl:

1. Aella (Greek origin) means “Whirlwind”. This name evokes the chaos and childlike abandon.

2. Aleah (Arabic origin) means "exalted". Also used to depict wiseness which can be deployed in trickery.

3.  Balbina (Italian origin) means "stutter". Whilst it may not have the coolest meaning, we think it sounds lovely.

4. Blaise (Latin origin) means “fire”.

5. Briar (English origin) means “thorny” or “prickly”.

6. Fox (English origin) means “sly one”. This means downright trickery.

7. Harlow (English origin) means “meadow of hares”.

8. Medea (Greek origin) means “cunning.”

9. Penelope (Greek origin) means “weaver”. For the younglings that seem to always be planning yet another trick, weaving yet another prank.

10. Raven (Scandinavian origin)  means “dark-haired” or “thieving”.

11. Rebel (English origin) means “defiant”.

12. Rhonda (Welsh origin) means “noisy one”.

13. Roxie (Persian origin) means “sassy”.

14. Shabina (Arabic origin) means “center of the storm”.

15. Sophia (Greek origin) means “wise”. Again, wisdom should be deployed in wise trickery.

16. Tempest (English origin) depicts “a storm” or “a lack of calm”.

17. Trixie (English origin) means “explorer”. This is such a perfect name for a trickster character that likes to search out new things, even if that sometimes gets her in trouble.

Boy Trickster Names

For every mischief that tricksters can get up to, there is a cute tricksters name

There are a whole lot of boy names that mean trickster or otherwise allude to that the tricksters that every child has in them. Whether its for the boys that are always breaking things, or always praying pranks on their siblings or parents, there is definitely something on the list for everyone. Below is a list, names that mean trouble in one one way or the other.

18. Aiden (Irish origin) means “the fiery one”.

19. Buster (English Origin) means “Someone who breaks things”. No wonder its such a popular name.

20. Cameron (Scottish origin) means “follows a crooked path”.

21. Crash (American origin) means “Maverick” or “Wilder”. This one is almost only used as a nickname.

22. Dagger (English origin) means “sharp edge”.

23. Draco (Greek origin) means “Dragon”. Also used in the widely popular Harry Potter books.

24. Fachnan (Irish origin) means “malicious”.

25. Fogarty (Irish origin) means “the exiled one”. Mostly reserved for the really troublesome boys.

26. Foley (Irish origin) means “plunderer”.

27. George (Greek origin) means “someone who stirs up dirt”.

28. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) means “bold warrior that looks for trouble”. This one is very self-explanatory.

29. Iniko (Nigerian origin) means “Time of Trouble”. For those kids who seem to always find their way into trouble.

30. Jett (English origin) means “fast-paced” and “full of wit”.

31. Mac (English origin) means “wise guy”. Once again, a skill most trickster children seem to share.

32. Maverick (American origin) means “nonconformist” or “unruly” or “stubborn”.

33. Mischief (French origin) means “naughtiness” or “playful misbehavior”. Also a very funny that its a prank just on its own.

34. Odysseus (Greek origin) means “wrathful”. Odysseus is a figure in Greek mythology known for his bravery as well as his tempestuous acts.

35. Osman (Arabic origin) means “son of the cunning serpent”. This name is for those kids who are especially good at having you fooled.

36. Rekker (American origin) means “wrecker” or “destroyer”.

37. Riot (English origin) means, well...“riot”.

38. Rocket (American origin) means “supercharged”. Initially a nickname, it has come to be adopted by many parents as first names for their sons.

39. Rogue (English origin) means “unpredictable”. We all know how kids can be unpredictable in their mischief.

40. Saxon (German origin) means “sharp-edged”.

41. Terach (Hebrew and Latin origin) means “wild goat” or “silly”. This is a very funny one.

42. Thorton (English origin) means “a place of thorns”

43. Tornado (Spanish origin)  means “whirlwind”.

44. Wilder (American origin) means “untamed” or “untameable”.

God Trickster Names

Over the years, many cultures have incorporated trickster gods in their mythological pantheon who are considered to sometimes trouble others for fun or to achieve their objective by any means. Even though these names mean trouble, they have followers around the world. From ancient Greece to Scandinavia, to West Africa. Here are a few trickster god names from different cultures.

45. Anansi (West African origin) is the Akan trickster God that manifests in spider form.

46.  Curupira (African origin) is a naughty jungle genie that protects animals and trees.

47. Eris (Greek origin) means “Goddess of discord”.

48. Dolos (Greek origin) is the Greek god of trickery.

49. Hermes (Greek origin) was the patron god of travelers and thieves.  One of the most mischievous gods.

50. Indra (Indian origin) was the king of gods that normally used tricks and supernatural powers to preserve his kingship.

51. Loki (Scandinavian origin) the famous Loki means “trickster” and adopted son of Odin, is one of the most mischievous Greek gods. Loki was also featured in the 'Avengers' franchise, he's definitely one of the most famous gods of mischief.

52. Maximón (Mayan origin) was the god of trickery in Mayan mythology.

53. Mecury (Greek origin) was the god of commerce, financial gain, luck, messengers, travel, borders, and trickery.

53. Heyoka (Native American origin) is considered a jester.

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