100+ Best Tuxedo Cat Names For Black And White Cats

Your black and white companion deserves a name as fantastic as they are.

Tuxedo cats are known for their bi-colored coats, which can make your cat look like it is wearing a tiny cat tuxedo.

Tuxedo cats are not always black and white; they can also be, silver, ginger, and even tortoiseshell with white patches. A tuxedo cat is not a breed but rather classified by their bi-color markings, which is common.

Tuxedo kittens or 'tuxies' are a very friendly, easy-going, and relaxed breed of cat that are quite common. Tuxies have been a part of our culture since ancient times. Indeed, tuxies were worshipped as Egyptian goddesses in ancient Egypt.  Today they still feature in popular culture, for example, the song 'Betty Boop' by Charlie Puth is dedicated to a black and white cat, 'Felix the Cat". The popularity of tuxies is partly derived from their mythical quality - it is believed that tuxies become invisible during the vernal equinox because of their black and white color.  To celebrate tuxies, see our list of fantastic names below.

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Black And White Cat Names For Male Cats

Tuxedo cats often have white whiskers and beautiful green eyes. Here is a list of our favorite male Tuxedo cat names.

1. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "noble". Ace is the highest playing card in a deck.

2. Amadeus (Latin origin) meaning "love god". From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

3. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer". Apollo is the Greek God of prophecy.  

4. Bandit (American origin) meaning "thief". 'Bandit' is a song by Juice Wrld and YoungBoy 'Never Broke Again'. This name will fit your tuxedo cats' fanciful mask-like face.

5. Binky (Old English origin) meaning "field of beans". Inspired by the character of Binky Barnes from the popular cartoon movie 'Arthur's Missing Pal'.

6. Bo (Danish origin) meaning "to live".  Inspired by the Canadian TV show, 'Bo On The Go'.

7. Buster (American origin) meaning "tough guy". A movie named 'Buster' was released in 1998.

8. Butler (French origin) meaning "in charge of the wine cellar."

9. Calvin (Latin origin) meaning "bald". Calvin Klein is a popular fashion designer.

10. Chester (English origin) meaning "a fortress". Chester Charles Bennington, the lead vocalist for 'Linkin Park'.

11. Chico (Spanish origin) meaning "a small boy".

12. Cosmo (English origin)meaning "decency, beautiful". Inspired by 'Cosmos: A Space-Time Odessey', a TV series about space.

13. Eightball (English origin) meaning" a game of pool". Eightball is a pool game.

14. Fin (Greek origin) meaning "dark". Inspired by 'The Golden age of Fin' by Marvel comics.

15. Frankie (American origin) meaning "free, truthful". Franklin Nathaniel Jonas is an American actor from New Jersey.

16. Grim (German origin) meaning "mask". Grim Reaper is a mythological character.

17. Ichabod (Hebrew origin) meaning "where is the glory?"

18. Igor (Russian origin) meaning "warrior". Inspired by the movie 'Igor'.

19. Kaz (Slavic origin) meaning "famous destroyer".

20. Kip (Old English origin) meaning "pointed hill".

21. Klondike (Han origin) meaning "hammer stone water".

22. Korben (Latin origin) meaning "raven".

23. Lightning (French origin) meaning "haven's storm".

24. Mack (Latin origin) meaning "son of". Inspired by the movie 'Moly and Mack'.

25. Mackenzie (Gaelic origin) meaning "son of the bright one".

26. Marceline (Latin origin) meaning "little hammer, the god of war".

27. Marge (American origin) meaning "pearl".

28. Meezer (Thai origin) meaning "Siamese cat".

29. Mocha (English origin) meaning" chocolate coffee".

30. Moki (American origin) meaning "deer".

31. Opus (French origin) meaning "a musical composition".

32. Oso (Spanish origin) meaning "bear".

33. Panda (Nepalese origin) meaning "eater of bamboo". Inspired by 'Kung-Fu Panda'.

34. Pants (European origin) meaning "trousers".

35. Pascal (Latin origin) meaning "relating to Easter". Inspired by Blaise Pascal, a famous philosopher, and scientist.

36. Pasha (Russian origin) meaning "small".

37. Payton (English origin) meaning "fighting man's estate".

38. Penguin (Welsh origin) meaning "white head". Taken from the movie 'Penguins Of Madagascar'.

39. Pepper (American origin) meaning "hot spice". Inspired by Pepper Pots from 'Ironman'.

40. Persephone (Greek origin) meaning "bringer of destruction". Persephone is a character in Greek Mythology.

41. Rocky (Italian origin) meaning "rest". Associated with the movie 'Rocky IV'.

42. Skitter (Old Norse origin) meaning "shoot".

43. Smarty (English origin) meaning "clean, tidy, well dressed".

44. Speedy (English origin) meaning "fast".

45. Squeaker (English origin) meaning "short- high pitched sound".

46. Stormy (German origin) meaning "thunderstorm". Inspired by Stormy from Netflix's 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You'.

47. Tipper (English origin) meaning "maker of arrowheads".

48. Zorro (Spanish origin) meaning "sly, fox". Inspired by the movie 'The Mask of Zorro'.

Black And White Cat Names For Female Tuxedo Cats

There are many fantastic and perfect name choices for your female tuxedo cat.

Tuxies are adorable and cute. The contrast of the black and white adheres to formal wear worn by James Bond. Below is a list of female tuxedo cat names perfect for your black and white cat.

49. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of Wisdom and War". Athena could be the perfect name for your tuxedo cat.

50. Cole (English origin) meaning "coal-black".

51. Cookie (English origin) meaning "sweet biscuit". Inspired by Cookie monster from the television show 'Sesame Street'.

52. Godiva (English origin) meaning "gift of God".

53. Hyde (English origin) meaning "someone living on a hide of land".

54. Lottie (English origin) meaning "free".

55. Mable (Latin origin) meaning "lovable". Inspired by Spanish-Swedish singer-songwriter, Mable.

56. Maddie (Hebrew origin) meaning "daughter of Maud". Maddie Ziegler is the voice behind Camille, from the movie 'Ballerina'.

57. Malachi (Hebrew origin) meaning "messenger of god". Malachi Barton is a teenage actor known for 'Dora And The Lost City of Gold'.

58. Mischa (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who is like God".

59. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasantness". Inspired by 'Aladdin' actress, Naomi Scott.

60. Nixie (German origin) meaning "water sprite."

61. Pippa (English origin) meaning "lover of the horse". Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Kate Middleton.

62. Roxy (American origin) meaning "dawn". Inspired by the movie 'Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael'.

63. Scout (French origin) meaning "to listen". 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is a movie that was released in 2015.

64. Vera (Latin origin) meaning "with the position turned". 'Vera' is a popular British series.

65. Vesta (Latin origin) meaning "standing by power".

66. Yuri (Japanese origin) meaning "lily". From cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.

Unisex Tuxedo Cat Names

Tuxedo cats often have gorgeous green eyes that contrast beautifully with their monochrome fur coat.

Why not give you cat a unique, gender-neutral name?

67. Alex (English origin) meaning "defending men". There is a movie named 'About Alex'  where Jason Ritter played the titular role.

68. Beetle juice/Betelgeuse (Arabic origin) meaning "armpit of Orion".  Inspired by the movie 'Beetle juice'.

69. Bigby (Old Norse origin) meaning "settlement".

70. Blot (English origin) meaning "stain". A fantastic cat name inspired by the movie 'Bolt'.

71. Dot (Middle English origin) meaning "head of a boil".

72. Dottie (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". A great name for a cat with dotted spots.

73. Freckles (Old Norse origin) meaning "covered with spots". If your Tuxedo cat has freckles, this is a cat name you must consider.

74. Jazz (American origin) meaning "type of music".

75. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wildly independent".

76. Oreo (French origin) meaning "gold".

77. Pogo (German origin) meaning "style of dancing by hopping up and down". The pogo stick was invented by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall.

78. Smudge (English origin) meaning "smear". A tuxedo cat's fur can sometimes look like a smudge.

79. Speckles (Old English origin) meaning "small spot". An adorable way to describe a fur pattern with multiple colors.

80. Spot (Old Norse origin ) meaning "small piece". Inspired by Spot from the Disney movie 'The Good Dinosaur'.

81. Tuxeda (American origin) meaning "name derived from tuxedo". One of the best names for cats that are black and white.

82. Tuxie (American origin) meaning "name derived from tuxedo".

83. Yin-yang (Chinese origin) meaning "concept of dualism".

84. Zee (American origin) meaning "wolf".

Literary Cat Names

Many tuxedo cats feature frequently in many forms of media. If you are looking for creative tuxedo cat names, see our list below for names for black and white cats which are inspired by books and films.

85. Alfred (M) (English origin) meaning "elf". Inspired by Batman's favorite butler!

86. Alice (F) (English origin) meaning "from nobility". Associated with the Disney movie 'Alice In Wonderland '.

87. Batman (M) (English origin) meaning "a friend of Bart", from 'DC Comic' series 'Batman'.

88. Boots (M/F)(Indo-German origin) meaning "a person who carries or/and brings official messages from one party to another." Inspired by the movie 'Puss In Boots'.

89. Charlie Chaplin  (M) (English origin) meaning "free man". Inspired by the character of Charlie Chaplin.

90. Gatsby (M) (German origin) meaning "ritzy, glamorous". Like the 'Great Gatsby,' your tuxedo cat is the life of all the parties!

91. Jack (M) (French origin) meaning "God is gracious". Inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow from 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'.

92. James (M) (English origin) meaning "heal". Linked with everyone's favorite spy, 'James Bond'.

93. Mickey (M) (American origin) meaning "one who is like God". Inspired by the famous Disney character 'Mickey Mouse'.

94. Morticia (F) (American origin) meaning "undertaker". A beloved 'The Addams Family' character.

95. Peppa (F) (American origin) meaning "angel of god". The cartoon character 'Peppa Pig'.

96. Phantom (M) (English origin) meaning "a clean hearted soul". Lee Falk created a character named 'Phantom' a costumed crime-fighter.

97. Phoebe (F) (Greek origin) meaning "bright". Inspired by Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends'.

98. Poppy (F) (English origin) meaning "type of flower. Inspired by the 'Wild Child' character Poppy Moore played by Emma Roberts.

99. Professor (M) (Latin origin) meaning "person who professes to be an expert". Inspired by the professor in the series 'Money Heist", this name is for that tuxedo cat who looks like a professor with bow tie fur patterns.

100. Sirius (M) (Greek origin) meaning "glowing". A popular 'Harry Potter' character Sirius Black.

101. Skipper (M) (English origin) meaning "ship captain. Skipper, a popular penguin character in the 'Madagascar' movie series.

102. Stitch (M) (German origin) meaning "pricking". Inspired by Disney movie 'Lilo and Stitch'.

103. Sylvester (M) (Latin origin) meaning "wild". Inspired by a famous 'Looney Tunes' character.

104. Ziggy (F) (German origin) diminutive form of Sigmund. Inspired by an American comic strip 'Ziggy'.

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