100 Best Unique American Girl Names

American baby girl names are very diverse and these top unique names are varied and beautiful.

American baby girl names are mainly English names.

The English language or the words on their own are inspired by a lot of other languages from around the world. The same goes for the names.

American baby girl names are inspired by each and every culture and language from around the world. They have that diversity and uniqueness in them. In today's date, there's also a dominance of African American girls' names and Native American girls' names around the country, and they are things of beauty too. So, have a look at this diverse list of all the best unique girls names we've made for your baby girl. And for more inspiration, take a look at American Girl Names.

Unique American Baby Girl Names

Even the most common American girl name has an unparalleled quality to it.

Here's a list of some of the best unique and fancy American girl names.

1. Aaliyah (Arabic origin), meaning "high and exalted". Aaliyah is a famous American singer. This can be one of the popular baby names.

2. Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning "father's joy". Abigail Kathleen Breslin is an American singer and actress. Abigail Leigh Spencer is also a renowned American actress.

3. Abriella (English origin), meaning "the one who is derived from God or pillar of strength".

4. Adaline (French origin), meaning "a kind-hearted or noble person".

5. Addison (Old English origin), meaning "child of Adam". Addison Rae Easterling is a social media personality.

6. Alyson (German origin), meaning "adventurous, adaptable being who is honest and noble seeking freedom". Alyson Lee Hannigan is a renowned American TV presenter and actress.

7. Amberleigh (American origin), meaning "someone who is immortal and has a poised, friendly and affectionate nature". One of the rarest baby girl names. Amberleigh West is an American model.

8. Amelia (English origin), meaning "someone who is hard-working, industrious". Amelia Mary Earhart was a famous American aviation pioneer and author. Amelia is one of the popular baby names for girls.

9. Angelina (Greek origin), meaning "messenger of God or the guiding spirit, an angel". Angelina Jolie is an American filmmaker, actress, and humanitarian.

10. Anna (Hebrew origin) means "favor". Anna Kay Faris is an American actress, author, and producer. Anna Cooke Kendrick is a famous American actress and singer. One of the most common baby names.

11. Annissa (Latin origin), meaning "a true companion who is charming and pure". A great girl name.

12. Aria (Italian origin), meaning "someone who is a lion of the Lords, song, air or melody".

13. Ariana (Greek origin), meaning "most holy". Ariana Grande-Butera is a famous American actress and singer.

14. Aubrey (German origin), meaning "powerful elf". Aubrey Christina Plaza is an American comedian and actress.

15. Audrey (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "noble strength".

16. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning "dawn".

17. Ava (Latin origin), meaning "a living organism of the ecosystem, a bird". Ava Lavinia Gardner was a renowned American actress and singer.

18. Avery (English origin), meaning "ruler of the elves". This is among the few rare but magical of baby names.

19. Barbara (Greek origin), meaning "strange or foreign, a traveler from a foreign land". Barbara McClintock was an American scientist and Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine.

20. Brielle (French origin) means "God is my strength".

21. Brooklyn (American origin), meaning "pretty brook or broken land". Brooklyn is also the name of a place in America.

22. Cali (Greek origin), meaning "most beautiful".

23. Camila (Latin origin), meaning "a youth employed in religious services or the honorable". Camila Carraro Mendes is a famous American actress, and Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter.

24. Caroline (German origin), meaning "free woman".

25. Charlotte (French origin), meaning "petite, free man".

26. Chloe (Greek origin), meaning "fertility or blooming". Chloe Wang, known as Chloe Bennet, is an American actress and Chloë Grace Moretz is also a famous American actress.

27. Claire (French origin), meaning "clear". Claire Catherine Danes is a prominent American actress.

28. Eleanor (Greek origin) meaning "shining light".

29. Elena (Greek origin), meaning "torch, beautiful, bright and shining".

30. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) means "My God is an oath". Elizabeth Chase Olsen is a famous American actress, known for her role as Marvel's woman superhero, 'Wanda Maximoff'.

31. Ella (English origin), meaning "a beautiful fairy woman". One of the most common baby names for girls.

32. Emily (Latin origin), meaning "rival".

33. Emma (German origin), meaning "universal, whole". There are a lot of American personalities named Emma, such as Emma Stone and Emma Roberts, both of whom are very prominent American actresses. Emma is also one of the popular American names for girls.

34. Evelyn (English origin), meaning "water, island or desired".

35. Everly (English origin), meaning "grazing meadow" or "from the Boar Meadow".

36. Genesis (Hebrew origin), meaning "beginning".

37. Grace (Latin origin), meaning "lovely". Grace Patricia Kelly was a famous American actress, and later she became Princess of Monaco by marrying Prince Rainier the third.

38. Hannah (Hebrew origin), meaning "grace". One of the famous baby names for girls. Hannah Stocking is a famous YouTuber.

39. Harper (English origin), meaning "harp player". Harper Lee was an American novelist, mostly known for her novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

40. Hazel (Old English origin) means "the hazelnut tree". It's also the name of a color.

41. Isabella (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is perfection".

42. Kennedy (Irish origin), meaning "armored head or misshapen head". Kennedy was also the surname of the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

43. Layla (Arabic origin), meaning "night time". Layla is one of the unusual American names.

44. Leah (Hebrew origin), meaning "weary." Leah Marie Pipes is an American actress.

45. Lily (English origin), it's a kind of a flower.

46. Lucy (Latin origin), meaning "light, born at dawn or daylight". Karen Lucille Hale, known as Lucy Hale, is an American actress and singer. Lucy Liu is also a prominent American actress.

47. Luna (Latin origin), meaning "the moon".

48. Madison (English origin), meaning "strength in battle and child of Maud".

49. Maya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "magic or illusion". Maya Angelou was a celebrated American civil rights activist, poet, and memoirist". Maya is one of the most beautiful baby girl names.

50. Mia (Scandinavian origin) means "a person who is dear to everyone".

51. Mila (Slavic origin), meaning "people's favor". Milena Markovna Kunis, or widely known as Mila Kunis, is a famous American actress.

52. Naomi (Hebrew origin), meaning "pleasantness".

53. Natalie (Russian origin), meaning "born on Christmas". Natalie Portman is an American filmmaker and actress with dual Israeli and American citizenship.

54. Nora (Latin origin), meaning "honor".

55. Nova (Latin origin), meaning "new". Nova is a unique baby name.

56. Olivia (Latin origin), meaning "someone who is closer to an olive tree".

57. Paisley (Scottish origin), meaning "church".

58. Penelope (Greek origin), meaning "pure".

59. Riley (Irish origin) means "brave".

60. Samantha (Hebrew origin) means "someone who listens well".

61. Sarah (Hebrew origin), "lady, princess, noblewoman". Sarah White Drew is an American actress and director, and Sarah Jessica Parker is a renowned American actress, designer, and producer.

62. Scarlett (English origin), meaning "a certain shade of the color, Red". Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is a famous American actress and singer, who is mainly known for her work as Marvel's woman superhero 'Black Widow'.

63. Skylar (Dutch origin), meaning "scholar".

64. Sophia (Greek origin), meaning "the one who possesses wisdom and great knowledge".

65. Stella (Italian origin), meaning "star".

66. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "winner".

67. Violet (English origin), meaning "a purple or blue flower".

68. Vivian (Latin origin), meaning "alive". Vivian is one of the most rare and unusual girl names.

69. Willow (English origin), meaning "from the Willow Grove". Willow Smith, daughter of a renowned American actor Will Smith, is an American singer, songwriter.

70. Zoey (Greek origin) means "life". Zoey is also one of the popular baby names for girls.

Unique African American Girl Names

African American names and Native American girls names increase the beauty of the country.

Below is the diverse list of some of the best unique and trendy African American baby girl names.

71. Beyonce (African American origin), meaning "beyond others". Beyonce Knowles is a world-famous singer and songwriter.

72. Cleotha (African American origin), meaning "a person who is a creative artist and everyone gets inspired by her". Cleotha Staples was a famous American singer.

73. Deiondre (African American origin), meaning "valley".

74. Dericia (African American origin), meaning "athletic".

75. Gaynelle (African American origin), meaning "happy".

76. Kanesha (African American origin), meaning "spontaneous".

77. Kendis (African American origin), meaning "pure".

78. Lachelle (African American origin), meaning "sweetheart".

79. Laqueta (African American origin), meaning "the quiet one".

80. Latanya (African American origin), meaning "the fairy queen".

81. Moesha (African American origin), meaning "drawn out of the water".

82. Najwa (African American origin), meaning "passionate".

83. Nakeisha (African American origin), meaning "her life".

84. Nichelle (African American origin), meaning "victorious maiden".

85. Quanella (African American origin), meaning "sparkling".

86. Shaquana (African American origin), meaning "truth in life". One of the unique names.

87. Talaitha (African American origin), meaning "inventive".

88. Talisha (African American origin), meaning "consecrated to God".

89. Tamyra (African American origin), meaning "palm tree or a spice". Tamyra is one of the most beautiful baby girl names.

90. Timberly (African American origin), meaning "tall ruler". Few names are as common as this one.

Unique Native American Girl Names

This is the list we've made of some of the best unique and beautiful Native American baby girl names.

91. Aiyana (Native American origin), meaning "ever-blooming flower or eternal bloom". Aiyana is a very unique baby name or a girl's name.

92. Awena (Native American origin), meaning "sunrise or time of early day".

93. Bena (Native American origin), meaning "pheasant". One of the popular but rare names.

94. Cheyenne (Native American origin), meaning "to speak unintelligibly, warrior princess".

95. Chiana (Native American origin), meaning "capital city on the Plains".

96. Dakota (Native American origin), meaning "fuse together or ally". Dakota Mayi Johnson is a renowned American actress, and Dakota is the name of two states in the United States.

97. Enola (Native American origin), meaning "solitary". Enola Holmes, sister of Sherlock Holmes, is a famous character created by Nancy Springer for her books, 'The Enola Holmes Mysteries'.

98. Kaydence (Native American origin), meaning "rhythm or the musical one".

99. Savannah (Native American origin), meaning "a treeless plain".

100. Winnie (Native American origin), meaning "white and smooth, soft, happiness, or fair and pure, fair one".

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