100 Best Unisex Cat Names

Many unisex names for cats are based on their breed and other feline features.

Cats have a long-standing relationship with us.

Ancient Egyptians are recorded as having the first domesticated cats around 4,000 years ago. And ever since then, cats have made one of the best pets.

Choosing a name for your cat or kitten is always tricky due to seemingly endless possibilities. To help narrow down your options for cat names, take a look at our  list of unisex cat names based on their popularity, color, and breed.

For more pet naming ideas from around the world take a look at these Japanese cat names or these Russian pet names.

Unisex Cat Names From Films

Popular culture brings forth an abundance of fantastic unisex cat names. Below is a list of our favorite cat names from popular culture that could be the perfect fit for your feline friend.

1. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "defender of mankind". The Lion (who belongs to the Feline category) from Disney's 'The Lion King' movie.

2. Am (Swedish origin) meaning "eagle". A character from 'Lady and the Tramp'.

3. Angie (English origin) meaning "messenger of God". It is one of the cats from 'The Friendly Giant'.

4. Binx (American origin) meaning "gift of God".

5. Fiddle (Old English origin) meaning "enthusiastic amateur" . A good unisex cat name from 'The Friendly Giant'.

6. Fluffy (English, American origin) meaning "fun-loving, rise and fall". A fantastic unisex cat name from 'The Brady Bunch'.

7. Jone/Jones (Hebrew, Welsh origin) meaning "gift from God or Loan's son" is the ginger cat in 'Alien'.

8. Lucifer (Latin origin) meaning "bearer of the morning star".

9. Lucky (English origin) meaning "fortunate".

10. Mike (English origin) meaning "who is like God".

11. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier". One of the unisex cat names used in the movie named 'Milo and Otis'.

12. Norris (French origin) meaning "caretaker". One of the unisex cat names used in the 'Harry Potter' movie series.

13. Rusty (Latin origin) meaning "red". A perfect name for a red cat.

14. Snowbell (English origin) meaning "snowflake sound".

15. Stimpy (English origin) meaning  "stumbling cat".

Popular Unisex Cat Names

(Many cat names can be given to both male and female cats.

There are many unisex cat names, why not peruse some of the most popular below?

16. Abbey (English origin) meaning "God is joy".

17. Andie (English origin) meaning "courageous".

18. Bennie (English origin) meaning "blessed son".

19. Bentley (English origin) meaning "meadow with coarse grass".

20. Biscuit (English origin) meaning "cookie". One of the cute names for your kitten.

21. Blithe (English origin) meaning "cheerful".

22. Cherokee (English origin) referring to a "native American tribe".

23. Daryll (English origin) meaning 'dear one".

24. Deb  (English origin) meaning "honeybee".  One of the popular female cat names as well as kitten names.

25. Freddi (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

26. Gabby (English origin) meaning "strength of God".

27. Jerrie  (English origin) meaning "spear warrior".

28. Lexus (Greek origin) meaning "defender of men".

29. Oreo (Greek, French origin) meaning "mountain, gold". It is a popular cookie brand and a perfect name for a black-and-white cat.

30. Sammi  (English origin) meaning "God has heard".

31. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning "life". A great and unique name for your furry love.

Unisex Cat Names Related To Color

There are many cat names inspired by different types of cat's fur.

Do you love the color of your cat? Below is a list of cat names that will complement their features.

32. Asher (English, German origin) meaning "living by an ash tree". It is one of the unisex names for grey cats.

33. Beezlebub (Hebrew origin) meaning "lord of flies".  

34. Black/Blackie (English origin) meaning "dark" is a direct reference to the black cat names.

35. Chalky (English origin) meaning "limestone" one of the names for chalk-like white furry cats.

36. Charmander (Japanese origin) meaning "burnt-salamander". It is the famous name from 'Pokemon' and can be a great match for flame colored cats.

37. Debby (Hebrew origin) meaning "honeybee" is considered as a good for honey-colored cat names or kitten names.  

38. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark, fiery orange one".

39. Everest (English origin) meaning "dweller on the Eure River", It refers to the snow-clad mountain, Mt. Everest.

40. Ferret (Latin origin) meaning "little thief" is another name for a cat-like reddish fire ferret.

41. Fox/Foxy (American origin) meaning "wild".

42. Flash (American origin) meaning "bright light".

43. Ginger (English origin) meaning "pure" is associated with the red-haired cat names.

44. Ichigo (Japanese origin) meaning "best guardian" famous for the orange-haired character from Japanese anime.

45. Kumquat (Chinese origin) meaning "orange fruit-bearing tree".

46. Midnight (American origin) meaning "zero hours, 12:00 am" is perfect for dark black cat names.

47. Persimmon (Chinese origin) meaning "a dry fruit" that is an exotic orange-colored fruit.

48. Pumpkin (English origin) meaning "large rounded orange-yellow fruit".

49. Roj (English origin) meaning "sun" in the Kurdish Language is a unique name for a sun-haired cat.

50. Russet (English origin) meaning "dark brown color or reddish-brown".

51. Sandy (English origin) meaning "dry land in a fen or marsh".

52. Shadow (English origin) meaning "shade". Your black or charcoal grey cat will surely love this name.

53. Sherbert (Iranian, Arabic origin) meaning "milk made fresh drink". A great pick for white-colored cat names.

54. Stormy (American origin) meaning "violent weather".  

55. Treasure (English origin) meaning "highly valued possession" usually associated with golden color.

56. Vodka (Slavic origin) meaning "water" for the term 'voda' is a unique name for white cats.

Unisex Names For Persian Cats

Elegant and long-haired Persian cats deserve a name worthy of their pedigree. Below is a list of the best names for male or female Persian cats.

57. Cruiser (English, Spanish origin) meaning "bold or daring".

58. Eisley (American origin) meaning "created".

59. Gene (English origin) meaning "well-born".

60. Jude (Latin, Hebrew origin) meaning "praised".

61. Mel (English origin) meaning "council protector".

62. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "rest, peace".

63. Rene (French origin) meaning "reborn".

64. Zuri (African origin) meaning "good, beautiful".

Unisex Names For Burmese Cats

Below are some unique cat names that will suit your Burmese feline love.

65. Arty (English origin) meaning "bear, stone". A great name with a load of creativity.

66. Bernie (German origin) meaning "brave as a bear".

67. Jilly (English origin) meaning "downy haired".

68. Macduff (Scottish origin) meaning "son of black man".

69. Rolo (German origin) meaning "famous throughout the land".

Unisex Names For Sphynx Cats

Below are some gender-neutral names for cats; perfect for your sphynx cat.

70. Balbina (Latin origin) meaning "strong".

71. Buldur (German origin) meaning "prince".

72. Bat (Hebrew origin) meaning "rough".

73. Breanne (Irish origin) meaning "strong".

74. Chin (Chinese origin) meaning "gold".

75. Ginni (English origin) meaning "pure".

76. Jadzia (Polish origin) meaning "royal". A unique cat name.

Unisex Names For A Siamese Cat

The list below has a few magical cat names perfect for your Siamese pet.

77. Alfonzo (German origin) meaning "noble".

78. Annabell (French origin) meaning "gracious".

79. Chessa (Slavic origin) meaning "peaceful".

80. Douglass (English origin) meaning "dark water".

81. Malee (Thai origin) meaning "flower".

Unisex Names For Oriental Cats

Oriental cats are the perfect combination of mischief and domesticity. Below are a few gender-neutral names for your mischief-maker.

82. Chikako (Japanese origin) meaning "wise child".

83. Emi (Japanese origin) meaning "blessed".

84. Helios (Greek origin) meaning "sun".

85. Ling (Chinese origin) meaning "chime".

86. Miu (Egyptian origin) meaning "gentleness".

Unisex Names For Balinese Cats

Balinese cats are often mistaken for Siamese due to their long-haired look-alike features. Below are listed some unisex cat names for your Balinese pet.

87. Aloha (Hawaiian origin) meaning "kind heart".

88. Apu (Hindu origin) meaning "unique".

89. Atilla (Hungarian origin) meaning "beloved father".

90. Ceasar (Latin origin) meaning "hairy child".

91. Lugh (Irish origin) meaning "luminescent".

92. Marge (English origin) meaning "pearl".

Unisex Names For American Shorthair Cats

Short hair cats also need great names. Take a look at some of our favorite cute unisex cat names for short hair cats.

93. Gordy  (English origin) meaning "round hill'.

94. Haile  (English origin) meaning "hay meadow".

95. Ronaldo (Portuguese origin) meaning "ruler".

96. Vic (English origin) meaning "victorious".

Unisex Names For Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are particularly cute. Please see some of  favorite names for them listed below.

97. Barrington (English origin) meaning "town of Barr".

98. Mojo (English origin) meaning "magic charm".

99. Starla (English origin) meaning "star-like".

100. Tadd (Welsh origin) meaning "father".

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