110 Best Vampire Last Names

Vampires have been an integral part of the Gothic era in popular culture.

We have all had our fair share of vampires from best-selling book series to movies and TV shows.

Even though they are portrayed as vile evil monsters, vampires have ruled our hearts in pop culture making us fall in love at first bite. It has reached such a point of an obsession amongst young adults that it is now popularized and categorized as a genre and a fandom.

We've got names for a female vampire, often called a vampiress, and males called vampires. Here's a list of vampiric names that will either curdle your blood or make someone starry-eyed.

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Long Vampire Surnames

Long vampire surnames can bring a bit of sophistication.

An appealing name related to a vampire sounds better when it's long. Here is a list:

1. Acheron (Greek origin) meaning "river of woe or sorrow" is a great last name for a male vampire.

2. Ambrosia (Greek origin) meaning "immortal" is one of the most beautiful Gothic last names to name a female vampire.

3. Aldonold (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "friend" is a chilling last name for vampires.

4. Alnwick (Old English origin) meaning "dairy farm" comes from the Alnwick Castle Vampire.

5. Arnold (German origin) meaning "eagle" is a character named Arnold Paole who had allegedly encountered a vampire and was suspected to be a vampire himself.

6. Athanasia (Old Greek origin) meaning "immortal" is a beautiful sounding female last name for vampires.

7. Bancroft (English origin) meaning "dweller by the bean field"; a dire sounding vamp name.

8. Bathory (Welsh origin) meaning "son of", one of the goth names for vampires.

9. Celeste (Latin origin) meaning "heavenly " one of the loveliest female vampire names.

10. Crimson (English origin) meaning "Dark Red Color"; an appropriate vamp name.

11. Damian (Greek origin) meaning "powerful man of the people" is one of those male vampire names one falls in love with.

12. Dracula (Romanian origin) meaning "dragon" is one of the most famous vampire names of all. A cool Romanian vampire name.

13. Drusilla (Greek origin) meaning "fruitful" falls under the category of female vampire names.

14. Dunkan (Celtic origin) meaning "dark one" is a chilling male vampire name.

15. Edmondo (Italian origin) meaning "prosperous" a charming name for an apparently charming creature, as portrayed in fiction.

16. Edoardo (Italian origin) meaning "guardian of prosperity" is one of the heavy-sounding vampire names.

17. Egidio (Italian origin) meaning "shield of goatskin" a great sounding name.

18. Eleazar (Hebrew origin) meaning "God helped"; a chilling vampire last name.

19. Eligioto (Greek origin) meaning "choose" is one of the heavy vampire names to choose from.

20. Eliodoro (Greek origin) meaning "gift of the sun"; one of the most badass male names.

21. Emilio (Latin origin) meaning "rival"; a great vampire surname.

22. Emrick (Welsh origin) meaning "immortal"; a perfect vampire surname.

23. Elisabeta (Greek origin) meaning "my God is a vow"; amongst beautiful female names.

24. Gualtiero (Old Norse origin) meaning "ruler of the army", "Spirit", or "Soul" is one of the best male vampire surnames.

25. Ingrumangel (Norse origin) meaning "raven" is amongst the long vampire surnames if you're looking for one.

26. Jarethto (French origin) meaning "watch" is one of the unique surnames to choose from.

27. Karayan (Armenian origin) meaning "the dark-souled one"; is a dark vampire surname.

28. Kearne (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; a surname fit for vampires of all genders.

29. Kieran (Celtic origin) meaning "little dark-souled one"; a bright vampire name with dark meaning.

30. Klaudisous (Latin origin) meaning "crippled" people will find worthy to like.

31. Lazarus (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has helped" is a contradictory surname for a vampire.

32. Laire (Scottish origin) meaning "Mare" is a mellifluous name for a vampire.

33. Lioncourt (France origin) meaning "lion-bold" is a character named Lestat de Lioncourt from 'The Vampire Chronicles'.

34. Lorcan (Irish origin) meaning "silent" or "fierce"; a fitting surname for a vampire prince.

35. Lucinda (Latin origin) meaning "light" is a beautiful female name to give a vampire.

36. Luther (German origin) meaning "army"; one of the most badass vampire names.

37. Marceline (French origin) meaning the "vampire queen" is a character from 'Adventure Time'.

38. Mezmarat (Unknown origin) meaning "one who mesmerizes"; a perfect female vampire name.

39. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning  "the darkness of night"; a fitting male vampire surname.

40. Plogojowitz (Serbian origin) meaning unknown is Peter Plogojowitz who was a real-life Serbian vampire.

41. Richardson (Germanic origin), meaning "strong in the rule"; a vampire name derived from the name of Richard Trenton Chase.

42. Rodolfo (French origin) meaning "fame" is a fitting vampire name.

43. Raith (Scottish origin) meaning "wrath"; one of the fitting last names for vampires.

44. Serafino (Hebrew origin) meaning "burning one"; a great name for a great vampire.

45. Trenton (English origin) meaning "from the town by the river Trent"; a sophisticated vampire surname.

46. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory"; a name fit for a vampire queen.

47. Vladamirovich (Russian origin) meaning "of great power"; name derived from Vlad, the Impaler.

Short Vampire Surnames

Vampires are regarded as creatures of the night and short names suit them in modern settings.

Here is a list of short and crisp vampire names that are also as appealing as the creature popularized by pop-culture itself.

48. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength"; a surname for a vampire worth falling for.

49. Abel (Hebrew origin) meaning "breath" or "vanity"; a cool vampire surname.

50. Afanas (Russia origin) meaning "immortal"; a rare vampiric surname.

51. Alvah (Hebrew origin) meaning "evil" or "inequity" is one of the coolest vampire goth last names.

52. Ambrose (Greek origin) meaning "immortal" is a lovely name for a young vampire.

53. Amdis (Norse origin) meaning "eagle spirit" is a rare unisex vampiric name.

54. Athan (Greek origin) meaning  "eternal life"; a short and cool name for a modern vampire.

55. Alaric (Germanic origin) meaning "ruler"; a fitting name for a young vampire leader.

56. Blade (English origin) meaning "knife" is the title of a vampire movie.

57. Brown (English origin) meaning "brown color"; a simple yet appealing vampire surname.

58. Chase (Old French origin) meaning  "to catch or seize" is the name of Richard Trenton Chase.

59. Darwin (Old English origin) meaning "dear friend"; a fitting name for a new vampire.

60. Doyle (Irish/ Celtic/ Gaelic origin) meaning "Dark Stranger"; a beautiful sounding vampire name.

61. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "Dragon"; a name derived from Dracula.

62. Eli (Hebrew origin) meaning "The offering"; amongst beautiful male vampire names.

63. Eilif (Scandinavian origin) meaning "immortal"; a sweet-sounding unisex name for a vampire.

64. Elu (Native American origin) meaning "full of grace"; a uniquely rare and short surname fit for a young female vamp.

65. Estella (Spanish origin) meaning "star"; a beautiful female vampire surname.

66. Ettore (Greek origin) meaning "steadfast"; a great surname with great meaning.

67. Fino (Hebrew origin) meaning "burning one" or "serpent"; a cool sounding vampire name, short for Serafino.

68. Kyran (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; a fitting name for a vampire who hunts at night.

69. Lefu (African origin) meaning, "death"; a rare short name for a hippie vampire.

70. Mercy (Latin origin) meaning "compassion" is the name of Mercy Brown, a suspected real-life vampire from Rhode Island.

71. Nelo (Italian origin) meaning "nothing"; a rare vampiric name for a rare vampire.

72. Orfeo (Italian origin) meaning "darkness of the night"; a fitting name for a nocturnal creature.

73. Paole (Italian origin) meaning "small" falls amongst the category of cute vampire names.

74. Parris (Greek origin) meaning "abductor"; a perfect name for vampire antagonists.

75. Raul (Scottish origin) meaning "wolf counsel"; a noble vampire surname.

76. Rune (German origin) meaning, "secret"; a fitting vampire surname.

77. Silos (Hebrew origin) meaning, "the youngest" is a good surname for younger vampires.

78. Thana (Arabic origin) meaning "Praise"; a pretty last name for a female vampire.

79. Umi (African origin) meaning "life" is a cute little name for cute vampires.

Famous Vampire Last Names

There are names, and then there are famous names. Here's a list of famous vampire last names:

80. Allison (English origin) meaning "from Nobility" name derived from Alice Cullen from the 'Twilight Saga'.

81. Angelo (Greek origin) meaning "divine messenger" name derived from Angel, a character from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

82. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful" is a character named Bella Swan from the 'Twilight Saga'.

83. Compton (English origin) meaning "settlement" is the name of Bill Compton from'True Blood'.

84. Count (English origin) meaning "the count"is a character named Count von Count from 'Sesame Street'.

85. Cullen (Scottish origin) meaning "back of a river" is the name of the Cullen family of vampires from the 'Twilight Saga'.

86. Damon (Greek origin) meaning "to tame" is the name of Damon Salvatore from 'The Vampire Diaries'.

87. Edwardson (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "son with riches"; one of the 'Twilight' names with a twist.

88. Gilbert (Germanic origin) meaning "pledge" is the surname of Elena Gibert from 'The Vampire Diaries'.

89. Isabella (Hebrew origin) meaning "consecrated " is the name of Bella Swan from 'Twilight Saga'.

90. Katherine (Greek origin) meaning "pure," is a character from 'The Vampire Diaries'.

91. Munster (English origin) meaning "creature" is the name of Grandpa Munster from 'The Munsters'.

92. Orlok (Hebrew origin) meaning "bird of death" is the name of Count Orlok from 'Nosferatu'.

93. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "rock" is the name of a serial killer Peter Kürten who was known as 'The Vampire of Düsseldorf'.

94. Rene (French origin) meaning "counsel"; one of the names derived from 'Twilight Saga'.

95. Rose (French origin) meaning "rose" is a character from the 'Twilight Saga'.

96. Salvatore (Italian origin) meaning "savior" is the surname of the Salvatore family in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

97. Spike (American origin) meaning "long and heavy nail" is a character from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

98. Stephanos (Greek origin) meaning “crown” is the name of Stefan Salvatore from 'The Vampire Diaries'.

99. Swan (Scottish origin) meaning "a person noted for purity" is the surname of Bella Swan from the 'Twilight Saga'.

100. Vlad (Russian origin) meaning "of great power". A wonderful Romanian last name.

Romanian Vampiric Last Names

Here are a few Romanian surnames for a vampire:

101. Ardelean meaning "forest". A common surname in Transylvania.

102. Barbaneagra meaning "black beard".

103. Bogdan meaning "god's gift". A great surname for a born vampire.

104. Cel Tradat meaning "betrayed". Wonderful for a backstory of a family name.

105. Cojocaru meaning "sheepskin".

106. Dascălu meaning "an instructor".

107. Enache meaning "a comforter".

108. Florescu, derived from Romanian, Floarea, meaning "flower".

109. Lupu meaning "wolf".

110. Munteanu meaning "from the mountains".

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