50+ Best Vesk Names For Starfinder

Vesk names can be both long and short and they tend to have a lot in common with Slavic names.

The Vesk are a race of humanoids from the 'Starfinder' universe created by Paizo Inc.

These humanoids resemble reptilians and they are originally from the solar system known as Veskarium. A typical humanoid Vesk is seven feet tall and has potent combat abilities.

Picking a Vesk name can be a tricky affair. However, in this article, we're going to give you our suggestions for Vesk names that you're bound to like. If you happen to like one, feel free to use it as the name for your Vesk character. For more interesting names articles on Kidadl, check out our list of Void Elf names and Nightborne names.

Short Vesk Names

We'll start off our list of Vesk names by sharing some short Vesk names with you first. These names have Slavic origins and you'll also get to know their meanings, so keep on reading! Which of these Vesk names will you choose for your characters?

1. Akim, a unique name meaning "God establishes".

2. Alina, a great name to use for a female Vesk character meaning "bright and beautiful" or "noble and kind".

3. Blaz, an uncommon Slavic name meaning "happy" and "blessed".

4. Boris, a name widely used in Eastern Europe meaning "snow leopard" or "wolf".

5. Bozic, meaning "little God".

6. Dusan, meaning "soul".

7. Goran, meaning "mountain man".

8. Ivan, one of the Slavic forms of John, meaning "God is gracious"; can be shortened further to Ivo.

9. Jan, another Slavic form of John, meaning "God is gracious".

10. Jovan, meaning "majestic" or "like Jove".

11. Mila, a great female Vesk name meaning "gracious".

12. Mirce, meaning "peace".

13. Misha, a short unisex name meaning "who is like God"

14. Naum, meaning "comfort".

15. Oleg, meaning "blessed" and "holy".

16. Perun, the name used to refer to a Slavic God of thunder.

17. Piotr, meaning "rock".

18. Radim, meaning "great joy"; can be shortened to Rad.

19. Sagan, meaning "kettle".

20. Sasa, one of the best unisex Vesk soldier names, meaning "mankind's defender".

21. Sonia, a female Vesk name meaning "wisdom".

22. Valya, meaning "healthy" and "strong".

23. Vanya, one of the female forms of Ivan in Eastern Europe, meaning "God is gracious".

24. Volos, the name used to refer to the Slavic God of cattle.

25. Zaria, the name used to refer to Slavic Goddess of beauty.

26. Ziva, the name used to refer to the Goddess of Life in Eastern Europe.

27. Zoya, meaning "life".

Vesk names can have a wide variety of meanings.

Long Vesk Names

As mentioned before, the names of the Vesk species can be long as well and those are the ones we'll focus on in this section. If you don't mind names that are a bit more complex to pronounce, feel free to pick one or two or more names from this section. Any of these long Vesk names would make a great choice for your 'Starfinder' Vesk characters.

28. Admetos, a perfect name to use for a Vesk soldier, meaning "the untamed one".

29. Agnieszka, meaning "holy" and "pure".

30. Aleksandra, a long female Vesk name meaning "mankind's defender".

31. Anastasia, a great name for a female Vesk, meaning "resurrection".

32. Athanasius, meaning "immortal", the perfect name to use for a powerful Vesk character.

33. Dobrogost, meaning "good guest".

34. Marzanna, the name that Slavic people use to refer to the Goddess of winter.

35. Miloslav, meaning "glory lover"; its female version is Miloslava.

36. Radoslav, meaning "happy glory"; its female version is Radoslava.

37. Stanislav, meaning "the achiever of glory"; its female version is Stanislava.

38. Svantovit, meaning "blessed sight".

39. Svetlana, one of our most recommended female Vesk Starfinder names, meaning "holy" and "light".

40. Veceslav, meaning "more glory"; its female version is Veceslava.

41. Vladimeru, meaning "great ruler".

Vesk names can either showcase a character's strength or noble virtues.

Epithet Names

If you don't know what epithets are, it's time for you to learn some new information before we get this new section started. Epithets are descriptive phrases or nicknames that are popularly used to refer to iconic characters from both the real world and the fictional realm. So, now that you've learned this new information, it's time to get started with our final section, where we'll discuss epithet names to consider for your playable Vesk character.

42. Beetle, the name you should be using for a small Vesk.

43. Big Fella, the name you should be using for a big and tall Vesk character.

44. Bomber, a great name for the Vesk character who likes using explosives.

45. Hammerhead, the ideal name for a Vesk with a powerful head.

46. King Kong, a great name inspired by the iconic fictional ape; perfect for the tallest and strongest Vesks.

47. Old Rock, an amazing name for an older Vesk who supports the younger ones.

48. Rebel, for the Vesk character who always likes to challenge authority.

49. Soldier Saint, an epithet consisting of two words that showcase a Vesk's combat abilities and virtues as well.

50. The Devil Commander, for the warrior Vesk who is respected by all for his abilities on the battlefield.

51. The Terror, a name to scare off all the enemies of your Vesk characters.

52. Thunderbolt, the perfect name for a Vesk who attacks enemies before they can do anything about it.

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