40+ Best Void Elf Names For World Of Warcraft

You are introduced to a whole range of void elf and other character names when playing World Of Warcraft.

The World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer game, based on the world of fantasy, magic, and the void elves of Azeroth.

In the game, void elves or children of the Void are elves who originate from a group of blood elves exiled from Silvermoon. The blood elves were led by the magician Umbric and saved by Alleria Windrunner.

They were indebted to her and pledged loyalty to her and the Alliance. Alleria pledged to train the void elves to control any dark shadow within them and, as a result, any void elf in World of Warcraft is a warrior elf who has great and dangerous powers that he or she uses to protect Azeroth and the Alliance.

We have provided a list of void elf warlock names suitable for the world of fantasy. Our list has the best elf names categorized under different subheadings to make your selection of void elf names a good one.

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Female Void Elf Names

Female void elves are great warriors, and they have many high powers to protect the Alliance. We have provided a list of female elf names that are new and interesting and would be great for your characters.

1. Amara-(Greek origin) meaning eternally beautiful.

2. Amirah-(Arabic origin) a beautiful name meaning a Princess

3. Arabella-(Latin origin) meaning God has heard your prayer.

4. Asena-(Turkish origin) an elf name meaning a female wolf.

5. Avyanna-(American origin) an elf name meaning strong and beautiful.

6. Brina-(Celtic origin) meaning a protector.

7. Dhara-(Sanskrit origin)meaning the Earth

8. Isleen-(Irish Gaelic origin)an elf name meaning a dream or vision.

9. Lorion- a void elf name for someone studying the secrets of Fel magic.

10. Reika-(German origin)meaning the lord of the wolf.

11. Talidre- a void elf name for someone who has faith in the priest.

Male Void Elf Names

A male void elf is not only a great warrior, but is also highly disciplined. We have provided a detailed list of male void elf names for your benefit.  

12. Celorad-void elf name for someone who studies martial arts.

13. Conan-(Celtic origin) meaning a mighty and wise man.

14. Dervi-( German origin) meaning an animal lover.

15. Dylan-(Welsh origin) meaning the god of the sea.

16. Frewin-(English origin) meaning a noble friend.

17. Kayne-(Celtic origin) meaning a fair and bright person.

18. Llewellyn-(Welsh origin) meaning the strength of a lion.

19. Marden-(English origin)meaning a meadow near the water.

20. Noraeesh-name for a new void elf who loves solitude.

21. Selthol- void elf name for someone who studies various weapons.

22. Thayer-(German origin) meaning the army of the nation.

Alt: Playing World Of Warcraft encourages creativity as players choose names for their characters.

Funny Void Elf Names

You always don't feel like using a serious elf name for your character. You can also try out new elf names that will add some humor to your character. Have a look at these new elf names that will help in your search for a void elf name.

23. Brylee-(American origin) meaning a noble and strong girl.

24. Darya-(Persian origin) meaning the sea.

25. Kenna-(English origin) meaning born from fire.

26. Lennox-(Gaelic origin) meaning one among elm trees.

27. Nilsa-(Scandinavian origin) meaning a defender or champion.

28. Reyna-(Spanish origin) meaning a peaceful queen.

29. Shaye-(English origin) meaning like a hawk.

30. Sloane-(Irish origin) meaning a warrior or fighter.

31. Thalia-(Greek origin)meaning joyful or blooming.

32. Vanadey-(Sanskrit origin) meaning the goddess of the forest.

Void Elf Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

A void elf is a fierce warrior, and therefore suits a names inspired by myths and legends from across the world.  If you are in search of elf names you will love these 'wow' void elf names.

33. Cora-(Roman mythology)meaning just and virtuous.

34. Finn-(Irish mythology)meaning  fair.

35. Freya-(Norse mythology) a beautiful name meaning a lady.

36. Hector-(Greek mythology)derived from a Trojan champion meaning restrain.

37. Leonidas-(Greek Mythology)a male name meaning the son of a lion.

38. Luna-(Roman mythology) a beautiful name meaning the moon.

39. Owen-(Welsh mythology) meaning a person who is noble-born.

40. Phoenix-(Greek mythology)derived from the mythical bird phoenix and meaning deep red.

41. Thea-(Greek mythology)a female name of a Greek goddess.

42. Tristan-(Cornish Legend)a male name meaning bold.

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