40 Best Water Genasi Names

Dungeons and Dragons is a popular role-playing fantasy game

A Genasi is a character from the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons.

A genasi inhibits the facets of his or her elemental soul- air, fire, water, earth, or thunder and lighting. They are born with one element inherited from his or her parents.

A genasi is found in the Elemental Evil Player's Companion. They do not have a last name because they feel that they belong to one large family. Their names are characterized by the elements they manifest. The most common ones are water genasi, fire genasi, air genasi, and earth genasi. They are almost like humans, but they belong to a different race. A water genasi is one form of genasi which also called a water soul genasi. Like others, a water genasi looks like a human with some special features. The skin of a water genasi is usually sea green or blue in color.  They will generally leave their parents upon maturity to explore the world. They are proud of the earth genasi. Most of them are good enjoy the element that they inherited at the time of birth, but some are chaotic in nature and not happy with it.  They do not have gills but can easily breathe underwater. Water genasi often becomes chaotic and even proud, though they are generally well behaved.  They have few friends, because it makes them feel less special. They even rarely marry in the same races, making them very rare.

We have created a list of names that we want to share, which makes your search easier. We have also categorized them under different subsections to make your search really easy.

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Cool Genasi Names For Girls

The water genasi identify with water as their element and inhabit the qualities of this element

There are several cool names that have close resemblance with the elemental manifestations. The Genasi name has evolved a little with time. Names that they often prefer, need to share the properties of water. Listed below are some cool names for girls.

1. Ara (Arabic origin) a new water name which means "brings rain".

2. Cascade (Latin origin) meaning "rushing waterfall".

3. Cordelia (Latin origin) meaning "daughter of the sea".

4. Darya (Iranian origin) meaning "sea".

5. Evian (French origin) meaning "Lord is gracious".

6. Hali (Greek origin) meaning "sea in Greek".

7. Kai  (Hawaiian origin) meaning "sea".

8. Kendall (Cumbria origin) meaning "valley of the River Kent".

9. Lapis (Afghanistan origin) meaning "a Draconic Sorcerer".

10. Lynn  (Irish origin) meaning "a lake".

Cool Genasi Names For Boys

Since genasi do not have last names, their first names need to be one that can take on the world with its strength. We have made a list of some male names, which we think could help you in your search.

11. Alun (Welsh origin) meaning "a river in Wales".

12.  Arno (Italian origin) meaning "flower water".

13.  Bay (English origin) meaning "water body surrounded by lands".

14.  Bourne (Middle English origin) meaning "people who live near a stream".

15.   Brook (Old English origin) meaning "person living near a stream".

16.   Caspian name derived from the "Caspian sea".

17.   Coburn (Welsh origin) meaning "rocky or stony water".

18.   Cove (English origin) meaning "a small bay".

19.   Douglaa (Scottish origin) meaning "dark waters".

20.  Hurley (Irish origin) meaning "sea tides".

Gender-Neutral Water Genasi Names

The types of genasi are based on a different element that identifies with it

In addition to water genasi, there are fire genasi, air genasi, and earth genasi that have beautiful names.  Here is a list of gender-neutral names that are related to the element of water. You can choose this beautiful water name from below.

21.   Bayou (French origin) meaning "a small stream".

22.   Como (Italian origin) meaning "a lake".

23.   Darya (Iranian origin) meaning "sea".

24.   Destan (French origin)meaning "a place beside still water".

25.   Guadalupe (Spanish origin) meaning "a river of black stones".

26.   Laguna (Spanish origin) meaning "a water body separated by a coral".

27.   Loire (French origin) meaning "river in France".

28.   Morrissey (Irish origin) meaning "the choice of the sea".

29.   Nixie (Burroughs origin) meaning "a water spirit".

Cool Water Genasi Names

Here are few cool names that can be used for water genasi.

30. Raine referring to the weather when water falls from the sky.

31.  Leven (Scottish origin) meaning "place of flood"

32. Maris (Latin origin) meaning "of the sea".

33. Muir (Scottish origin) meaning "moorland".

34. Nerina (Italian origin) meaning "sea nymph".

35. Tahoe (Native American origin)meaning "the edge of a lake".

36. Talise (Native American origin) meaning "lovely water".

37. Trent (Latin origin) meaning "gushing water".

38. Vanora (Welsh origin) meaning "white wave".

39. Yareli (Native American Origin) meaning "water lady".

40.Zambezi (African origin) meaning "African river".

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