100+ Best Whimsical Names That Are Beautifully Enchanting

Pick the most whimsical name for your baby.

Whimsical names may be unique, but they often have a strong and a deep meaning too.

Selecting a name for your baby is not easy as you are flooded with so many options. It can be overwhelming deciding whether to choose a traditional name or a fancy name, a wild name or a charming name, but whatever the genre may be, the name you pick will be perfect for your baby.

So, what exactly does whimsical mean? Whimsical means “playfulness in a unique manner or fancy”. It is a positive and fun term that has connotations of freedom and fun. If you love cute fairy names and magical names then you will love these whimsical names for girls and boys.

We hope you enjoy this list of whimsical names, for more inspiration you can also check out these fancy names for girls and these bohemian names.

Whimsical Girls' Names

If you are expecting a baby girl,  here are some lovely whimsical names to choose from. These names not only sound beautiful but have a beautiful meaning as well. Take a look at the names listed below, and you are sure to find a name for your little girl that you love.

1. Adeline (French origin), a whimsical name which means “nobility” or “noble”. One of the lovely whimsical girl names.

2. Adrina (Italian origin), this baby girl name means "happiness".

3. Aine (Irish origin), one of the Goddess names in Celtic which means “brilliance” or “radiance”.

4. Alouette (French origin), one of the more enchanting baby names which means “lark”.

5. Allegra (Italian origin), one of the most beautiful baby names which means “merry”. One of the cool boho chic names.

6. Anastasia (Greek origin), one of the names from the Greek mythology and the name means “resurrection”. One of the best whimsy names.

7. Aurora (Latin origin), one of the more enchanting baby names which means “dawn”.

8. Bellatrix (Latin origin), means “female warrior”. One of the names which portray strength.

9. Belle (French origin), the name of a fictional character from ‘Beauty And The Beast’. The name means “beautiful”.

10. Calista (Latin origin), names such as these are very beautiful. The name means “fair”.

11. Calla (Greek origin), another one of the names which means “beautiful”. One of the best girls' names.

12. Calliope (Greek origin), an ideal name for a baby girl with a beautiful voice. The name literally means “beautiful voice”.

13. Cassandra (Greek origin), Cassandra had the gift of prophecies. A lovely name for a little girl.

14. Cersei (Greek origin), Cersei was the Goddess of magic. The meaning of the name itself is “bird”.

15. Daphne (Greek origin), one of the beautiful Greek baby girl names. It means “laurel tree”.

16. Dinah (Hebrew origin), one of the traditional Bohemian names for girls and it means “God will judge”.

17. Eira (Welsh origin), this wonderful name means “snow”. One of the lovely girls' names.

18. Elsa (Swedish origin), one of the Disney character names. It means “joyful”. This is one of the whimsical names that have been around since the 15th century.

19. Evangeline (Greek origin), one of the biblical names meaning “gospel”.

20. Fauna (Latin origin), was the Goddess of earth and fertility. Among the vintage whimsical girl names.

21. Giselle (German origin), this name is now growing in popularity. Its meaning is “pledge”.

22. Hermione (Greek origin), is now one of the most popular names after being made famous by the ‘Harry Potter’ books.

23. Imperia (Latin origin), a name which means “imperial”.

24. Isadora (Greek origin), one of more beautiful whimsical names meaning “gift of the God of fertility".

25. Jacinda (English origin), a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. The name means “hyacinth”.

26. Kamala (Indian origin), another one of the lovely flower names. It means “lotus”.

27. Nouvel (French origin), one of the whimsical female names meaning “new”.

28. Reverie (English origin), one of the names for girls which sounds magnificent. It means “being lost in a pleasant thought”.

29. Sapphira (Greek origin), one of the lovely whimsical baby girl names. It means “sapphire”.

30. Vesper (Latin origin), one of the heavenly names which means “evening star”. This name is among the best baby girl names.

Whimsical Baby Boy Names

Whimsical names for boys are enchanting and playful. This list has a diverse set of names with powerful meanings. A whimsical name might be a perfect find for your mischievous and cute little bundle of joy.

31. Abriel (Italian origin), this baby name means “father of the multitude”.

32. Allegro (Italian origin), is a given name as well as a middle name. It means “quickly”.

33. Aries (Latin origin), means “ram” in Latin. Among the whimsical boy names.

34. Atley (English origin), this baby name means “from the meadow”.

35. Barnaby (English origin), one of the whimsical English names meaning “son of exhortation”.

36. Bayard (French origin), this baby name means “foolhardy”.

37. Breccan (Irish origin), for your freckled prince. The name means “freckled”.

38. Caspian (English origin), after the Caspian Sea and the famous character from the ‘Narnia’ movies.

39. Constantine (Latin origin), one of the most beautiful Latin names meaning “constant”.

40. Cyrus (Greek origin), this baby name means “Lord”.

41. Dagan (Hebrew origin), a beautiful name meaning “grain”.

42. Draco (Latin origin), a Latin baby name meaning “dragon”.

43. Eleazor (Hebrew origin), one of the most beautiful Hebrew names, it means “God helps”.

44. Evren (Turkish origin), meaning “universe”.

45. Finnegan (Irish origin), meaning “little fair one”.

46. Florian (Latin origin), a lovely baby name meaning “flowering”.

47. Gabrien (Hebrew origin), one of the divine names after the angel Gabriel.

48. Garnet (English origin), a baby name which means “red gemstone”.

49. Gaston (French origin), it means “foreigner”.

50. Hansel (German origin), another one of the biblical names meaning “God is gracious”.

51. Hugo (German origin), this baby name means “bright in mind”.

52. Jesper (Persian origin), the name means “precious”.

53. Linus (Greek origin), means “flax”.

54. Lucious (Latin origin), one of the lovely Latin names meaning “light”.

55. Malachi (Hebrew origin), another one of the divine names meaning “my messenger”.

56. Micah (Hebrew origin), means “he who is like God”.

57. Orlow (German origin), means "eagle" in German.

58. Phineas (Hebrew origin), one of the Hebrew names meaning “oracle”.

59. Romeo (Italian origin), one of the Bohemian baby names meaning “pilgrim to Rome”.

60. Theron (Greek origin), another of the mythological names meaning “hunter”.

Magical Names For Babies

Some parents look for deeper meaning in the names they choose and hence they often turn to supernatural names for a deeper meaning.

61. Adelina (German origin), this beautiful name means “small winged one”.

62. Asia (Greek origin), another one of the mythological fairy names meaning “sunrise”.

63. Aubrette (German origin), is German for “elf”. One of the enchanting girl names.

64. Avery (English origin), this unique name means “ruler of elves”. Among the best baby girl names.

65. Brucie (Scottish origin), another unique name meaning “forest fairy”.

66. Celeste (French origin), a beautiful girl name meaning “heavenly”.

67. Charlotte (English origin), a lovely name for a baby girl meaning “baby fairy princess”.

68. Derya (Turkish origin), another one of those lovely Turkish baby names meaning “from the ocean”.

69. Firtha (Scottish origin), a baby girl name meaning “sea maiden”. One of the dreamy girl names.

Cute Fairy Names For Babies

The word 'fairy' reminds us of beautiful little angels who are mischievous, delicate and magical. A fairy name could be the perfect name for your magical little angel.

Fairy names are perfect for your child.

70. Hai (Vietnamese origin), this cute fairy name means “fairy shoe”.

71. Ilayda (Turkish origin), a lovely fairy name for a baby girl meaning “water fairy”.

72. Lara (Latin origin), one of the most beautiful names in Latin, it means “nymph”.

73. Marin (Gaelic origin), means “star of the sea”. One of the whimsical nature baby names.

74. Migina (Native American origin), in Native American means “fairy woman”. A lovely baby girl name.

75. Shayla (Indian origin), another beautiful baby girl name meaning “fairy palace”.

76. Taneisha (American origin), a lovely name meaning “fairy queen”.

77. Titania (English origin), a character from the works of Shakespeare, the name means “fairy”.

78. Tunder (Hungarian origin), another name for a “fairy”.

Boho Baby Names

Your bundle of joy deserves the best name.

If you are interested in a bohemian name for your baby then we have compiled some cute names for you which are truly bohemian.

79. Cadence (American origin), one of the most popular American names, it means “rhythmic flow of music or poetry”.

80. Calliope (Greek origin), was the Greek Goddess of poetry. If you are looking for something bohemian, it does not get better than this.

81. Delilah (Hebrew origin), is one of the names from the Old Testament and it means “delight”.

82. Harper (English/German origin), another one of the lovely Bohemian unisex names meaning “harp player”.

83. Monet (French origin), for the baby painter. One of the ideal names for a baby with an artistic bent.

84. Ophelia (Greek origin), another of Shakespeare’s character names, it means “help”.

85. Paisley (Scottish origin), another of those artsy names, this is based on a fabric designs and was very popular in the '70s.

86. Pearl (English origin), literally a gem of a name, it refers to ornamental jewelry. It is one of the best indie girl names.

87. Tristan (Celtic origin), is one of the rarest baby names on this list, but that doesn't take away the beauty of it. It means “sorrowful”.

88. Stellan (Swedish origin), this lovely baby boy name means “quite”.

89. Xander (Greek origin), is a lovely name for a baby boy and it means “defender of the people”. A powerful name for a baby boy. One of the coolest indie names.

90. Zest (French origin), is another of those beautiful baby boy names and it means “energetic”.

Hippie Names For Babies

There are a lot of unique and less conventional names that you can choose from in this list of hippie names. These names are fun and have an earthy flair to them.

91. Arlo (English origin), a lovely baby girl name which means “known throughout the land”.

92. Arrow (English origin), a stylish name for a sharp baby boy. Among the lovely indie baby names,

93. Atlas (Greek origin), named after the Greek mythological character who lifts the earth on this shoulder. It means “support”.

94. Azalea (Greek origin), another one of those lovely names which means “flower”.

95. Heather (English origin), is a purple flower that looks breathtaking and is a wonderful hippie name for a baby girl.

96. Huckleberry (American origin), a brilliant name for a baby boy. It means “humble”.

Enchanting Baby Names

Enchanting names are growing in popularity and are inspired by magical creatures from popular culture. Below are some of the breathtaking and whimsical baby names that we have found for you.

97. Alvin (English origin), is a magical name meaning “friend of the elves”.

98. Asteria (Greek origin), related to the name Astra, Asteria means “like a star”. A lovely middle name for a little girl.

99. Blade (English origin), this name if inspired by the magical Vampire hunter from the movie ‘Blade’. Among the enchanting baby names.

100. Muirgen (Irish origin), a lovely name for a beautiful baby girl. In Irish mythology Muirgen was a mermaid who used to be a human.

101. Pixie (Irish origin), a very popular name nowadays, it refers to tiny magical beings. One of the most beautiful names on this list of enchanted names.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for the best whimsical names, why not take a look at something different like these magical boy names or these magical girl names?



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