40+ Best White Dragon Names

White dragon names range far and wide.

Dragons are beautiful creatures and here we have a list of white dragon names with meanings, including the fun facts behind each name.

Dragon fans listen up!

Are you a die-hard fan of 'Dungeons & Dragons' and 'Game Of Thrones'? If you are looking for more dragon names options than Khaleesi, then you are in luck!

Dragons are scaly and winged creatures that breathe fire and remain as mysterious as ever! A white dragon stands as a symbol of respect for nature with its protective powers. They also symbolize the color of hope and strength.

If you are curious to learn more about this mythical creature, you have come to the right site. Rummage through the list below, throw in a little fire and a pinch of luck, and you will find the best white dragon name for your little fire-ball character.

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Popular Male Dragon Names

Dragon names vary widely depending on the culture where they hail from. Some names are straightforward, while some are more complicated. It is important to be aware of the meanings and cultures behind each name when choosing one so that you can pick a dragons' name that caters to the particular characteristics of your dragon character. Get an idea of the best male first names for dragons from the list below.

1. Anguis - (Latin American Origin) meaning "excellent strength".

2. Arad - (Persian Origin) meaning "an Angel".

3. Cadmus - (Greek Origin) meaning "dragons' cold teeth".

4. Doryu - (Buddhist Origin) meaning "one who understands the ways of a dragon".

5. Draco - (Italian Origin) meaning "a dragon name".

6. Dracon - (Old English) meaning "good ability to understand".

7. Draken - (Greek Origin) meaning "strong desire for a stable family".

8. Drayce - (English origin) meaning "being independent".

9. Fafner - (Norwegian origin) meaning "dynamic, versatile and optimistic".

10. Irad - (Israeli Origin) meaning "an empire dragon".

11. Ju-Long - (Chinese origin) meaning "a powerful dragon".

12. Khuzaimah - (Arabic Origin ) meaning "the Elba Dragon Tree".

Gender Neutral Dragon Names

Dragon names do not have to be really long, but they should be meaningful. You may also want to choose a name that is gender-specific, one that would work for both male and female dragons. It could be one of the following cool dragon names, so, keep reading the part below to find some gender-neutral dragon names to choose from.


(Finding the perfect white dragon name is easy.)

13. Aidan - (Irish origin) meaning "little fire".

14. Arrow – (Middle English origin) meaning "dragon-slayer".

15. Blaze – (Middle English origin) meaning "a fire-breather".

16. Brantley - (American origin) meaning "fire-brand".

16. Chance - (Middle English origin) meaning "good-luck or fortune".

17. Pachua – (Hopi Tribe Origin) meaning "a feathered water-snake".

18. Tatsuya – (Japanese Origin) meaning "sign of the dragon".

19. Tarasque - (French origin) meaning "positive, generous character traits".

20. Tatsuo - (Japanese origin) meaning "dragoness".

21. Tiamat - (Babylonian Origin) meaning "personifying cold sea".

Female Dragon Names

There are so many great female dragon names to choose from! Choose from the dragoness' names in this list below to add a little flame to your dragon’s first name, making it both exciting and cute.

22. Anguisa - (Cameroonian origin) meaning "a girl with strong character traits".

23. Chumana - (Native American origin) meaning "serpent-like dragon".

24. Chusi - (Native American origin) meaning "beautiful dragon flower".

25. Daenerys - (Old English origin) meaning "Lady of Light or Lady of Hope". This is the most famous dragon name around, thanks to the hugely popular TV show 'Game Of Thrones'.

26. Dracona - (Latin Origin) meaning "she-dragon".

27. Druk - (Bhutanese origin) meaning "Thunder Dragon".

28. Hydra – (Greek Origin) meaning "many-headed water-dragon".

29. Libelle – (German origin) meaning "dragonfly".

30. Kayda – (Japanese origin) meaning "a little dragon".

31. Tanwen – (Welsh origin) meaning "white-fire"

32. Kimba – (Aboriginal name) meaning "brush-fire".

33. Nuri – (Hebrew origin) meaning "fire".

Ice Dragon Names

(Find the perfect first name for your ice dragon.

You may think it takes some research before you settle on the best name for your ice dragon character who lives in a cold part of the world. But no, we have got all of the hard work out of the way for you! Pick the best ice dragon name for your character with this great list of names.

34. Ladon - (Greek origin) meaning "influential personalities".

35. Long - (Chinese and Vietnamese origins) meaning "a dragon".

36. Longwei - (Chinese origin) meaning "hardworking, efficient and down-to-earth personality".

37. Melly - (Greek and French origin) meaning "braveness and uniqueness".

38. Nidhogg - (Norwegian origin) meaning "powerful leadership skills".

39. Oboth - (Biblical Origin) meaning "personality with harmony and balance in their lives".

40. Pendragon - (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "strong values for justice and discipline".

41. Ryu - (Japanese origin) meaning "a dragon".

42. Suoh - (Japanese origin) meaning "owner of wealth and abundance".

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