50+ Best Wings Of Fire IceWing Names

The Wings of Fire series has a lot of exciting IceWing dragon names.

It’s so exhausting to come up with an awesome character name.

If you want a character name that commands respect and brings fear in the heart of others, you may want to try out some cool dragon names. But what could be the best source for these fearsome names?

IceWing dragons from Wings of Fire are believed to be one of the superior dragon tribes.  They are quite sophisticated and proud. The IceWings also have a queen and are very strict except discipline and decorum from other dragons in their tribe as per their ranks. They are lean and have whip-like tails. The tail has an icicle-shaped spine. They may also have long or short dark markings on their wings. IceWing dragons can withstand extremely cold temperatures and prefer the wintry climate of their dwelling, the Ice Kingdom.

We have created a list of male, female and gender-neutral IceWing dragon names. These names have a unique style and sound to them which makes them all the more powerful. The Wings of Fire names stand apart from most regular names and have that ancient and fantastical ring to it.

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Male IceWing Names

Male IceWing Dragon names can send chills down the spines of anyone who crosses their paths. Here are a few such chilling names:

1.Aquilo (Latin origin) meaning “North”.

2.Berg (Middle English origin) meaning “iceberg”.

3.Boomerang Nebula refers to a Nebula that is known as the coldest nebula in the galaxy.

4.Boreal (Late Middle English origin) meaning “the North or Northern regions”.

5.Boris (Turkish origin) meaning “snow leopard” or “wolf”. Associated with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

6.Brumal (Latin origin) meaning “frigid or wintry”.

7.Chinstrap (English origin) refers to a species of Penguin.

8.Gellis (Gaelic origin) meaning “frost” or “ice”.

9.Hyperboreal (Latin origin) refers to a mythical ancient Greek snow giant.

10.Polaris (Modern Latin origin) is another name of the North Star.

11.Rime (Middle English origin) meaning the “Frost that forms on cold surfaces and objects”.

12.Shard (Old English origin) meaning “broken glass or ice”.

13.Squall (Scandinavian origin) meaning “a sudden and heavy gust of wind or a storm that brings snow, rain or sleet”.

14.Subzero (English origins) refers to the state when temperatures reach below freezing point. This name is commonly associated with a Mortal Kombat character, Sub-Zero.

15.Wolverine (English origin) refers to an animal similar to a bear that inhabits cold places. Also, the famous X-Men character, Wolverine.

Female IceWing Names

The Female IceWing dragon names have a royal 'queen' touch to them.

If you want a powerful female name for your character, then you can try to choose from this list of unique female IceWing names:

16.Aurora (Roman origin) referring to an Arctic natural phenomenon also called the Northern Lights. This name comes from the “Roman goddess of Dawn”.

17.Chalcedony (Latin origin) meaning “a frost or ice hued pearly blue white gemstone”.

18.Dumortierite (French origin) meaning “a blue colored quartz”. The name comes from Dumortier, a French paleontologist.

19.Frost (Old Saxon origin) meaning “snow” or "ice".

20.Gelid (Classical Latin origin) meaning “extremely cold”.

21.Hailing (Old English origin) meaning “a hailstorm”.

22.Holly (English origin) meaning “a plant or shrub widely associated with Christmas”.

23.Polynya (Russian origin) meaning “an open stretch of water that is surrounded by ice.”

24.Saphira (Hebrew origin) is a play on the word, Sapphire, coined after the blue gemstone. In the movie Eragon, the titular character, Eragon’s dragon was named Saphira. This name is quite suiting for a queen.

25.Silvermoon (English origin) meaning “a moon in colored in wintry and icy hues”.

26.Snow (Old English origin) meaning “frozen precipitation”.

27.Snowbird (American origin) used to indicate someone who moves to warmer places in winter. It could also refer to arctic birds.

28.Snowdrift (English origin) meaning "a giant heap of snow taking place after a snowstorm". Generally, takes place near a mountain.

29.Snowfall (Old English origin) meaning “frozen precipitation”. This is the name of an Icewing queen in the Wings of Fire series.

30.Tern (Old Norse origin) referring to an Arctic seabird that flies from the South Pole to the North Pole.

Gender Neutral Icewing Names

You don’t always have to stick to a specific gender while you name someone. Here is a list of gender neutral Wings of Fire Icewing dragon names:

31.Akull (Albanian origin) meaning “ice”.

32.Blanco/Blanca (Spanish origin) meaning “white”.

33.Blizzard (American origin) meaning “a very long and violent snowstorm”. One can often experience it near a mountain or in mountainous regions. It is also associated with gaming company Blizzard, which created World of Warcraft.

34.Caribou (French-Canadian origin) is another name for Reindeer.

35.Cyclone (Greek origin) refers to “a kind of violent storm”.

36.Eis (German origin) meaning “ice”.

37.Flurry (Onomatopoeic) meaning “a mass of snow swirling in the winter air”. It generally arrives before a snowstorm.

38.Foxfire (Old French origin) is another term for the Northern Lights.

39.Fractal (Latin origin) meaning “a snowflake structure”.  An icicle can also display fractal structure.

40.Glaze (Middle English origin) meaning “the reflective shine on iced surfaces”.

41.Icicle (Middle English origin) meaning “a shard of ice hanging from the roof of a cave”. It can often be seen after a terrible snowstorm and rain.

42.Polar (Latin origin) indicating anything related to the polar regions. It also reminds one of the colder elements and animals like the polar bear, which is essentially indicative of the Northern arctic regions.

43.Shimo (Japanese origin) meaning “frost during winter”.

44.Windchill (English origin) referring to the cooling effect after blowing wind on a surface.

45.Winterberry (North America) refers to the “name of a plant that can bear the cold in the winter”.

Gender Neutral Rainwing Names

In Wings of Fire, Rainwings are rainforest dragons and can change their color as per their mood. Some unique Wings of Fire names are:

46.Binturong (Malay origin) refers to an Asian civet living in the rainforest.

47.Bracken (Old Norse origin) means “a dense area”, generally in the rainforest, full of ferns and shrubs.

48.Harpy (Greek origin) meaning “a rainforest eagle”. It refers to a half-woman/half-bird in Greek mythology.

49.Ichigo (Japanese origin) meaning “strawberry”.

50.Hyacinth (Greek origin) meaning “a type of macaw” and also, a famous flower.

51.Kakariki (Māori origin) refers to a kind of a parrot.

52.Rafflesia (Latin origin) refers to a “rainforest flower”.

53.Snapdragon meaning “a pink flower”. It is the name of a popular mobile phone processing unit as well.

54.Spectral meaning “ghostlike”.

55.Yulin (Chinese origin) meaning “rainforest”.

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