45 Best Wood Elf Names

Wood elves are popular characters in fantasy online games

A wood elf in D&D is an exciting race.

Specific characteristics make a person a wood elf and are part of a new type of class called the ‘druid.' There are many different types of elves in D&D.

Wood elves are quick-footed, nimble characters. They have heightened senses and are very intuitive as well. Physically, wood elves have slightly green-colored skin and darker colored hair. They live to the age of 750 years in D&D.

You will also find wood elves and wood elves names in other fantasy games. Skyrim wood elf names are known in the fantasy game Elder Scrolls. You may also search for elves name in World of Warcraft, all over Azeroth, and the Alliance and Horde races game. Bosmers are fantasy characters and have originated from Valenwood and called Wood elves. There have been rumors that these elves have lived for hundreds of years in forest. However, some reports said they have been alive for over a thousand years! On some name generator sites you may find such Bosmer names.

Here we have drawn inspiration form wood elf names DnD. Check out our list to find an elfish name which you can use in your search for Bosmer names too. For more fantasy elf names ideas, take a look at Void Elf Names and Blood Elf Names.

Male Wood Elf Names

Now that you know that there cool Elf names are out there, you can start selecting one from our list for you elf character name. Below is a list of male names for a wood elf but these could also make cool elven surnames.

1. Aldon (Polish origin) meaning "a tree".

2. Aragorn (Sindarin origin) meaning "the respected king".

3. Arod (Hebrew origin) meaning "swift-natured".

4. Bailey (Middle English origin) male name meaning "a judge".

5. Balin (English origin) meaning "a knight at the round table".

6. Baron (Middle English origin) meaning "a house".

7. Callon (Irish origin) meaning "a hero".

8. Cirdan (Cuiviénen origin) meaning "shipwright".

9. Earendil (Old English origin) meaning "devoted to the sea".

10. Elladan (Middle English origin) meaning "an elf man".

11. Flystone (Italian origin) meaning "elven names".

12. Greenrose (Chinese origin) meaning "fertility".

Female Wood Elf Names

Wood elves are characters in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons

When choosing female wood elf names for your character consider our list of names below. These are ethereal sounding elf names which would make eye-catching and attention-grabbing names for your wood elf characters. You could even make them into wood elf surnames if you feel so inclined. Take a look below!

13. Aerin (Gaelic origin) female name meaning "ocean".

14. Alfreda (English origin) meaning "counsel".

15. Alma (Latin origin) meaning" maiden garland with good fortune".

16. Anna (Latin origin) meaning "a gift".

17. Aredhel (Elvish origin) meaning "the noblewoman".

18. Arwen (English origin) meaning "a noble-maiden".

19. Aubree (French origin) meaning "a ruler".

20. Calen (French origin) meaning "green one".

21. Elanor (Sindarin language origin) meaning "the sun".

22. Elbereth (Sindarin language origin) meaning "a star-queen".

23. Elva (Old English origin) meaning "a friend".

24. Eowyn (Old English origin) meaning "horse-joy".

Wood Elf Names Inspired By Popular Media

There are many fantasy names in the media today with the host of games there are available to play. Here we have listed some names for a male or female wood elf inspired by popular media.

25. Aston (English origin) meaning "the wise one".

26. Estel (Latin origin) meaning "hope".

27. Elrohir (Sindarin origin) meaning "an elf man".

28. Freda (German origin) meaning "peace".

29. Frodo (Old English Origin) meaning "sage".

30. Galadriel (Sindarin origin) meaning "maiden with radiant hair".

31. Garrett (Sindarin origin) meaning "support".

32. Haga (Norwegian, Swedish origin) meaning "an enclosure".

33. Haleth (Sindarin origin) meaning "exalted one".

34. Idril (Sindarin origin) meaning "sparkling brilliance".

Wood Elf Names Inspired By Myths and Legends

Elven names can take inspiration from the mystical past and from legends

Mythology and legends are a great inspiration for naming your fantasy game characters. Below is a list of wood elf names inspired by ancient and traditional fantastical names.

35. Lindir (Sindarin origin) meaning "a female fair singer".

36. Melian (Sindarin origin) meaning "a dear gift".

37. Nienna (Belgian origin) meaning  "tear".

38. Pippin (German origin) meaning "an awe-inspiring male".

39. Rohan (Sindarin origin) meaning "horse kingdom".

40. Ronda (Hebrew origin) meaning "stable".

41. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "male God name".

42. Siofra (Irish and Gaelic origin) meaning "female elf".

43. Tara (Sanskrit origin) meaning "wise one".

44. Vena (Latin origin) meaning "a female friend".

45. Wade (Anglo-Saxon English origin) meaning "to go to the forest".

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