100+ Best Yellow Names To Inspire You

Baby smiling wearing yellow, inspired by yellow.

The color yellow stands for positivity, sunshine, hope, happiness, enlightenment, and optimism.

Yellow is associated with such positive vibes and has a universal appeal. No wonder there are many names that are inspired by yellow, whether it’s a yellow flower, a yellow gemstone, or objects that have shades of yellow.

These yellow color comes in different shades. Beige yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow, gold, dandelion yellow, citrine yellow, canary yellow, sunflower yellow and paradise yellow are some of the different shades of yellow. Every shade of yellow symbolizes a different meaning and emotion. A bright yellow color flower exudes a lot of positivity and similarly, the color gold connotes richness and exuberance.

Each shade of yellow can be an inspiration for a name. For example, names like Sonali, Aurum, Kanok, Swarna and Aranka all mean “gold or golden”, which is a shade of yellow. Another yellow name, Aurelia, is one of the most popular gold names that mean "gold".

If yellow is your favorite color and you want your baby boy or girl to have a name inspired by the color yellow, then there are plenty of options to choose from. We have compiled a beautiful list of names inspired by the color yellow in its various forms.

So, go ahead and find the name that you like the most. You might also like these summer girl names and names that mean gold.

Names Inspired By Yellow Flowers

Here are some colorful names inspired by yellow flowers. Which of these yellow flowers' names will you pick?

1) Begonia (French origin), this isn't a very common baby girl name, it is beautiful nonetheless.

2) Calla (Greek origin), this yellow flower inspired baby girl name means “beauty”.

3) Cassia (Greek origin), the meaning of this name is “cinnamon”.

4) Daffodil (Latin origin), this yellow flower name symbolizes “rebirth”.

5) Dahlia (Scandinavian origin), this bright and beautiful yellow flower has a beautiful meaning as well. This flower name means "elegant and dignified”.

6) Daisy (Old English origin), a daisy represents the “yellow sun”. A bright sunny name for your baby.

7) Forsythia (English origin), a yellow blooming flower. It is a girl’s name which represents the “Forsyth’s flower”.

8) Hibiscus (Latin origin), an interesting find which is the name of a yellow flower.

9) Iris (Greek origin), this yellow flower comes in yellow and in a variety of other colors, it symbolizes “faith, courage and wisdom”. Iris is also the name of a Greek Goddess who symbolizes “power”.

10) Jonquil (English origin), an unusual yellow flower. This baby girl name means “reed”.

11) Leilani (Hawaiian origin), it is a yellow flower from Hawaii. A beautiful name for a baby girl.

12) Lily (English origin), this is one of the most popular names inspired by a yellow flower. It means "innocent or pure”. Parents find this name irresistible.

13) Marigold (English origin), this yellow flower represents "positivity and joy". It is a great name for your baby.

14) Narcissa (Greek origin), this is the female form of the name Narcissus and means “numbness”.

15) Petunia (French origin), a unique baby girl name inspired by the yellow color. It means "the wish to spend some quality time with someone".

16) Poppy (Latin origin), one of the yellow flower names, and it means “the action of remembering something”. It also means “beauty and success”. Parents find this name to be a lovely choice for babies.

17) Primrose (English origin), this flower comes in various colors like red, blue, purple and, of course, yellow. It means “first love or young love”. You will not find a lot of babies with this name.

18) Rose (Latin origin), a yellow rose represents good cheer.

19) Sunflower (Greek origin), the nickname Sunny is inspired by the yellow sunflower, and it means “bright and cheerful”.

20) Tulip (Persian origin), the word Tulip is derived from 'turban', which is a Persian word. Tulips in full bloom resemble the shape of a yellow turban.

21) Zahara (Hebrew origin), meaning “to shine”. This is one of the names that screams yellow, it is just so cute.

22) Zinnia (Latin origin), the meaning of this yellow flower is “remembrance”.  Most parents find that thins name is fitting for their daughter.


(Flowers bring out the color yellow better than anything else.)

Names That Mean Sun And Light

Girl whose name is inspired by yellow next to yellow balloons.

Along with the yellow color, the below list of baby names includes names which mean sun, shine and light as well as shade of yellow names and even some names that mean gold.

23) Aarush (Indian origin), this baby boy name means “yellow sun’s first rays”.

24) Abhishri (Indian origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “to shine”.

25) Aelia (Ancient Roman origin), a baby girls name meaning “yellow sun”.

26) Aleanor (Greek origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “shine or shining one”.

27) Alohi (Hawaiian origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “shining or bright”.

28) Aneirin (Welsh origin), a baby boy name which means “golden or noble”.

29) Aurelia (Latin origin), one of the baby names which means “the golden one”.

30) Aureli (Ancient Roman origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “golden or gold”.

31) Aurelio (Italian origin), a baby boy name meaning “the golden one”.

32) Aurelius (Latin origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “made of gold”.

33) Banana (Japanese origin), it is a girls' name inspired by the popular fruit “banana” which represents the yellow color.

34) Bianca (Italian origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “shine”.

35) Blane (Scottish origin), one of the unisex baby names meaning “yellow”.

36) Buttercup (English origin), a baby girl name meaning “yellow wildflower”.

37) Chiara (Italian origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “light”.

38) Chrisoula (Greek origin), one of the interesting baby names meaning “golden flower”.

39) Citron (French origin), name for a baby girl which means “lemon”.

40) Crisanta (Spanish and Greek origin), this baby girl name means “a gold flower”.

41) Elaine (Greek origin), one of the baby names meaning “ray of the sun" or "shining bright”.

42) Flavia (Latin origin), the name means “gold or blonde”.

43) Flavian (Greek or Latin origin), this name refers to "someone with yellow hair”.

44) Golda (English origin), one of the baby names which means “gold”.

45) Golden (Old English origin), this is a unisex name and it means “as shimmering as gold” and is a perfect name for someone extraordinary.

46) Helena (Greek origin), another one of the baby names inspired by yellow, meaning “the shining one”.

47) Iliana (Spanish origin), the meaning of this baby girl name is “ray of light”. You will not find a lot of babies with this name.

48) Lemon (Middle Eastern origin), again a unisex name. Refers to the yellow edible fruit “lemon”.

49) Luciana (Latin origin), this baby girl name means “light”.

50) Meira (Hebrew origin), another one of the names inspired by yellow, meaning “light”.

51) Noor ( Arabic origin), one of the baby girl names you will surely like. It means “light”.

52) Ochre (Greek origin), an interesting name for a baby girl and it means “pale yellow”.

53) Ra (Egyptian origin), one of the baby names meaning “sun”.

54) Salana (Latin origin), another one of the baby names meaning “sun”.

55) Samsun (Hebrew origin), another one of the baby names meaning “sun”.

56) Sanaa (African origin), the meaning of this baby girl name is “shining light”.

57) Surya (Indian origin),  another one of the baby names meaning “sun”.

58) Thea (Greek origin), baby girl name meaning “Goddess of light”.

59) Zia (Arabic origin), this name for a baby boy means “light”.


(Yellow-inspired names are very popular.)

Names Inspired By Yellow Gemstones

If you are looking for more names that are colors, here is a list of baby names that have been inspired by yellow gemstones.

60) Amber (French origin), this is one of the best yellow gemstone names and it means “jewel”.

61) Chrysoberyl (English origin), a name inspired by a yellow gemstone.

62) Citrine (French origin), this is one of the most popular yellow gemstones.

63) Diamond (English origin), it is a unisex name.

64) Garnet (Latin origin), this baby boy name is derived from the Latin word 'garanatus' which means “seed like”.

65) Heliodor (Polish origin), meaning of this name is “gift of the yellow sun”.

66) Opal (English origin), means “jewel”. A stone which comes in yellow, orange and amber too.

67) Sapphire (English origin), this baby girl name means “gemstone”.

68) Tourmaline (Sinhalese origin), baby girl name meaning “a colorful jewel”. This offers us some unique color names.

69) Zircon (Persian origin), this baby boy name means "someone who has a gold hue". It is the name of a stone which comes in yellow, orange and amber too.

Bonus Category! Names You Can Give Your Yellow Car

Child in yellow car driving.

Maybe you are naming a baby but you still love the color yellow! Below are some yellow color names ideal for a yellow car, so that everyone can join in the yellow naming fun.

70)  Bert, named after the character in the popular show ‘Sesame Street’. Bert is a yellow Muppet and is best known for his performances in the show with Ernie, the other character.

71) Big Bird, a name associated with the 1973 Ford Thunderbird.

72)  Blondie, a name influenced by the famous social media celebrity Alex Hirschi, Blondie is an ideal name for a yellow car owned by a blonde girl.

73) Bumblebee, is the name of the character in the movie series ‘Transformers’.

74)  Buttercup, is the name associated with a restored Ford Model A car built in 1928.

75) Canary, the name of this bright yellow bird would be perfect for a bright yellow car.

76) Caution, for a bright yellow car with black stripes.

77) Cornmeal, a type of food very famous in the United States. This is an excellent name for a yellow truck.

78)  Dandelion, a very famous type of decal on cars, it is also a flower and a lovely name for a yellow car.

79)  Dawn, a name associated with the car built by Rolls-Royce, it is a standard for luxury and comfort. A truly wonderful name for an exceptional car.

80) Goldfinger, was the name of the antagonist in the 'James Bond' movie of the same name.

81) Goldilocks, a name that is just right for a yellow car, like the children’s story.

82) Honey, after the condiment. A unique name for a car that melts your heart.

83) Killer Bee, a wonderfully unique car name. A perfect name for a car like a Beetle.

84) Luigi, the name of the supporting character of Steve McQueen in the movie ‘Cars’.

85) Minion, named after the characters in the movie ‘Despicable Me’.

86) Mustard Sauce, a name that will sound wonderful on a throaty car like a Mustang or a Corvette.

87) Scorpion, a symbol adopted by the tuning company Abarth.

88) Smiley, after the cartoon faces used in text messaging.

89) Stinger, the name of a car manufactured by Kia Motors.

90) Sun Streak, a sunny name that needs no explanation.

91) Sunrider, a trademarked name for a soft topped Jeep off-roader, this is a very unique car name.

92) Sunshine, a name that breathes freshness. This is a beautiful name for a yellow car.

93) Taxi, the quintessential yellow vehicle.

94) The Great Gatsby, after the character in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’.

95) Transformers, after the movie ‘Transformers’.

96) Tweety, named after the canary in the ‘Looney Tunes’ by Warner Bros.

97) Yellow Submarine, after the famous song by ‘The Beatles’.

98) Yellowbird, a name given to the Porsche 911 GT3. The name like the car signifies speed and handling.

99) Yellowjacket, a yellow name inspired by little yellow wasps, it is a brilliant name for a top car.

100) Yellow, this yellow name keeps it simple.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked these names that mean yellow, then take a look at these names that mean sun, or for something different these names that mean green.



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