40 Best Zandalari Troll Names With Meanings

Zandalari trolls are characters in the popular game World of Warcraft

Zandalar people are highly powerful and superstitious.

They are known to be high scholars and value knowledge above anything else. They are also the masters of magic who can communicate with spirits.

World of Warcraft is a famous multiplayer game where the popularity of Zandalari trolls is increasing. It is the most popular modern age game with multiple characters and views. These names are based on the ancient power of magic. The Zandalari are ancient people and have a long life span of almost 200 years. They have glowing eyes because of their magic and earthly connection. They can be great characters if you put in the time with the content.

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Zandalari Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

The Zandalari trolls were highly religious and had inspired the name of God based on different elements of nature. They were the ones who used to speak to the spirits, and thus some names are inspired by those tales.

Below given are some of the ancient names which are based on the World of Warcraft. These names are some of the most famous names in the fantasy game. Here, the name of God and witchcraft, and different elements of nature have been used in a different language.

1.  Atal (Indian origin) name meaning 'immovable'.

2.  Atalai (German origin) meaning 'devoted.'

3.  Fon This is a male Zandalari Warrior name, which means someone who has distanced himself from the troll society.

4.  Jin Is known as the 'elder or senior person of the Zandalari community'.

5.  Juju (French origin) meaning 'charm used by some tribe members.'

6.  Kazkah This is one of the prominent ones in the World of Warcraft troll names. It means 'death totem.'

7.  Mojo (African origin) Means 'magical power.'

8.  Mon (Latin origin) meaning 'man.'

9.  Voodoo (French origin) means 'person who specializes in magic and charm'.

10.  Zul (Arabic origin) name meaning 'reliable'.

11.  Zulfi (Hindu origin) Means 'sword contigent.'

12.   Zuljin Refers to a 'tribal witch doctor'.

Male Zandalari Troll Names

Males of this community are relatively stronger and are tall. They can lift another of their clan with only one hand. See this list below for male World of Warcraft Zandalar names.

13.  Archimonde Is one of the 'ruthless and cunning' personality members.

14.  Azgalor Someone who is into chaos and violence.

15.  Balnazzar Refers to a 'brave person'.

16.  Caelestrasz Refers to the 'heir of dragons'.

17.  Kil'Jaeden Implies a 'powerful destroyer'.

18.  Mannoroth Is one of the 'most powerful people on the earth'.

19.  Ner'Zhul Is one 'whom you cannot defeat'.

Female Zandalar Names

Females of this community are taller than men. They also have distinct horn patterns on their heads and a peculiar skin color, similar to their male counterparts. Have a look at the WOW female troll names who have made their presence felt in World of Warcraft universe.

20.  Alexstrasza Means a life binder in the game.

21.  Dargonax Is the Mother of Dragons.

22.  Iridi (Greek origin) Means 'last hope.'

23.  Lady Katrana Prestor (Greek origin) Refers to a 'royal person'.

24.  Merithera of the Dream Means 'princess of dragons.'

25.  Sintharia Is someone who is at her supreme power.

26.  Tyrigosa Is someone who is hot-tempered and overconfident.

27.  Ysera (Hebrew origin) means 'Princess of life'.

Gender-Neutral Zandalari Troll Names

Zanadalari names are quite distinct, and thus there are very few names that apply to both males and females. Below given are some of the blizzard names which are used quite frequently in this community. These are gender-neutral names and can be of use in the content too.

28.  Brann Bronzebeard (Gaelic origin) Means the' youngest of the entire lot'.

29.  Chronormu (Greek origin) Refers to the 'beast'.

30.  Sapphiron Is someone who is the protector of the mountain.

Zandalari Troll Last Names

Zandalari trolls settled near the Zandalar mountains. They were seen on the highest peaks there and built the huge temple city Zuldazar. Some of these trolls were highly respected, and those WOW Zandalari troll last names are listed below.

31.  Baron (Germanic origin) Refers to a significant fire element.

32.  Garr (Gaelic origin) meaning 'who is like eight guards'.

33.  Murmur (Latin origin) means the 'destroyer of worlds'.

34.  Theradas Refers to a blizzard and evil creature.

35.  Thunderaan (Indian origin) means 'the prince of air' elements that we can see.

World Of Warcraft Zandalari Trolls Names Inspired by Popular Media

There are many fantasy names out there in our society today. Zandalari names have been inspired by these. Take a look at the list below.

36.  Brightwing Refers to the 'most powerful person'.

37.  Liadrin (English origin) Means leader.

38.  Rommath Is a blizzard who is bound by blood.

39.  Sunreaver Is a person who gets weakened by the moon.

40.  Theron (Greek origin) means 'Hunter'.

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