5 Big Forehead Jokes And 5 Hilarious Responses To Them

Jokes on the forehead could be hilarious.

Funny big forehead jokes and forehead puns make for the best of roast humor.

However, with these forehead roasts, we can always use big head comebacks that are equally funny. Only when you get a good comeback, would the jokes about big foreheads be really funny.

Yet, we must see to it that a big forehead joke or some big forehead nicknames are respectful and do not cross the line. We should only be making fun of our friends and family by telling these large forehead jokes or big head jokes, but we must be cautious as to never bully someone.

Sometimes, we call people foreheads when they have done an act of stupidity and carelessness. The term 'forehead' is also used in good humor to denote people who aren't that smart. Big foreheads can suit a person very well and may even add to a person's personality.

Plenty of people throughout pop culture have been subjected to huge forehead jokes. Many loved celebrities like Rihanna have a big forehead, while pop culture characters like the Red Queen from 'Alice in Wonderland' and the DC Comics villain Hector Hammond all have big foreheads!

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Funny Forehead Jokes & Comebacks

We should be respectful with jokes on foreheads.

Here are some of the best forehead jokes that you will also find great. We are pretty sure that others will like them too:

1. I was walking down the school corridor when someone commented that my forehead was so big that I probably see all my dreams in IMAX!

I replied, "At least I get to see all the 3D movies free of cost!"

2. There was a boy in my neighborhood who used to make fun of my sister's big forehead. He once said, "Your forehead is so big that you will never run out of money, as you will always have more than enough space to rent out spots for parking!"

My sister replied back sassily, "Of course, and I will see to it that I will leave a spot for you for a fee!"

3. My classmate once remarked, "Misha, you have such a big forehead that it is a wonder you haven't been asked to play the role of the Red Queen in 'Alice in Wonderland' because you exactly look like her!"

To which I replied, "Actually I was asked. Too bad it didn't work out. But, hey! I at least got to meet Johnny Depp!"

4.  I was in my physics class when this boy kept staring at me. I asked what he was looking at. He said he wasn't looking at me per se but at my big forehead. He remarked, "Your forehead is so big that I was wondering whether it was a human forehead or the moon!"

I was ready and prepared with a comeback, "Well, you know, there is a reason why NASA is interested in me!"

5. Betty one day casually remarked, "You know Stephanie, your forehead is so big that if Michaelangelo ever started painting frescoes on your forehead it would take him four years to complete it!"

Stephanie wittily countered, "Well, at least, then I would be a work of art!"

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