Biology Trivia: 35+ Must Know Facts For Budding Scientists

Biology is the study of living organisms.

Welcome to Bio-trivia!

The crazy world of science has given us an amazing study of life, and we are here to test our brains all about it. Biology is the study of every organism on the planet and their life, is there really anything you won't love about it?

In these questions and answers about biology, we are going to find out a lot about life and its participants. Are you ready to play a game all about the science of life? We have some really crazy biology facts about the bones and blood vessels here too! For all you quiz-masters who love animals, you should also check out our horse trivia and shark trivia too!

Human Biology Trivia - Easy Biology Questions

The human body is truly a wonder!

Human bodies are full of extremely complex mechanisms that are performed by really skilled organs. Why not try to answer these questions about the biology of the human body, based on random biology fact collections? Ready, set, go!

1. Question: What is the phobia of eyes called?

Answer:  Ommetaphobia.

2. Question: What gives blood its red color?

Answer:  The porphyrin ring attached to iron in Hemoglobin.

3. Question:  Which is the hardest bone in the human body?

Answer:  The jawbone.

4. Question: How many gallons of blood are in the human body?

Answer:  1.2-1.5 gallons or ten units.

5. Question:  Which organ in the body can process pain but cannot feel it?

Answer:  The brain.

6. Question:  How many bones are we born with, and how many does it reduce to?

Answer:  300 at birth, this reduces to 206.

Biology Trivia About Cells

Cells can be viewed under a microscope.

Be it plants or animals, as we go deeper into the mass of any multicellular organism, we can find the building blocks that make us what we are and keep us going: cells! Take these trivia questions about the biology of cells to find many good biology questions to recharge your brains.

7. Question: Nucleus + Cytoplasm = ?

Answer:  Protoplasm.

8. Question:  What is the lipid membrane model of the cell membrane called?

Answer: The fluid mosaic model.

9. Question:  What part of the cell's covering do plant cells have that animal cells don't?

Answer:  Cell wall.

10. Question:  Which protein helps in the degradation of aged and damaged cells by targeting them to be destroyed?

Answer:  Ubiquitin.

11. Question: How many different cells are there in our body?  

Answer:  200.

12. Question:  Which branch of science helps us take a closer look at cells?

Answer:  Microscopy.

13. Question:  Which cells make new bones?

Answer:  Osteoclasts.

Chemical Biology Trivia Questions -  Hard Biology Trivia

Biology is a fun subject and a really interesting field of career.

Biology trivia questions are not entirely bio related. Chemistry plays a huge role in biological processes, and these questions answer why.

14. Question:  What are the important biomolecules?

Answer:  Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates and Lipids.

15. Question:  Are all proteins enzymes?

Answer:  No.

16. Question:  Which is the division of chemical biology that studies sugar molecules?

Answer:  Glycobiology.

17. Question:  What is the enzyme that facilitates the transfer of a phosphate group to a protein substrate?

Answer: Kinase.  

18. Question:  What is the name of the protein that was taken from a jellyfish, which helps visualize proteins under a microscope?

Answer: Green fluorescent protein.

Marine Biology Trivia - Fun Biology Questions

Water sustains all life. Studying life that exists in the depths of the oceans and other water bodies is fascinating and very challenging!  But biologists have explored the deep waters and found some really interesting creatures that exist there. Do you know them?

19. Question:  What type of octopus is capable of imitating jellyfish, sea snakes and flounders?

Answer: The mimic octopus.

20. Question:  What are the two pom-poms of boxer crabs?

Answer:  Anemones.

21. Question:  What is the name of a water dwelling animal that looks like it's wearing lipstick?

Answer: Red-lipped batfish.

22. Question:  Which fish was awarded the title of the world's ugliest animal?

Answer: Blobfish.

23. Question:  Who is the Father of modern marine biology?

Answer:  James Cook.

24. Question:  Are all invertebrates cold blooded?

Answer:  Yes.

Plant Biology Facts And Trivia

Plants are essential nutrition providers as well as oxygenators and are collectively called flora. The vast range of plants and their various processes can be so peculiar, and that's what makes them interesting. So, how much do you know about some of our primary producers? Find out with these plant trivia questions about biology.

25. Question: What is the branch of science that studies plants called?

Answer:  Botany.

26. Question: Which part of the plant cell is used for storage?

Answer:  Vacuoles.

27. Question: Which component of a plant cell helps in photosynthesis?

Answer: Chloroplasts.

28. Question: What type of organism is a plant, in terms of cells?

Answer: Multi-cellular.

29. Question: Which part of the plant is responsible for the transport of water?

Answer:  Xylem.

30. Question: What is the scientific name of one of the rarest plants in the world, which is also known as the corpse plant? Where can it be found?

Answer: Rafflesia arnoldii, it is found in the rainforests of Sumatra, Bengkulu, Malaysia and Indonesia.

31. Question: Why is the Dragon's Blood Tree, which is found on an island in Yemen, called so?

Answer: Its sap is blood-red in color.

32. Question:  Which plant is known as Monkey Cups and is a carnivore?

Answer:  Nepenthes.

33. Question:  What is the hair-like structure that occurs on plants, which are similar to the one seen on mammals?

Answer:  Trichomes.

34. Question:  What plant is considered to be a living fossil and is said to survive for 1000 to 2000 years with just around three inches of rain a year?

Answer:  Welwitschia mirabilis.

35. Question: What is the name of the purple-colored flower that loves the shade and is scientifically called Torenia?

Answer: Wishbone flower.

36. Question:  What are flowering plants called?

Answer:  Angiosperms.

37. Question: What flower name is similar to the processor we use in our electronic gadgets?

Answer:  Snapdragon.

38. Question: When we cut onions, we start tearing up. Which chemical compound is the culprit behind this?

Answer: Sulfuric compounds.

39. Question: Which plant bulbs were valued more than gold in the 1600s?

Answer: Tulip.

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