80+ Birthday Trivia Questions: How Well Do Your Friends Know You?

Sweeten up your birthday with these trivia questions!

So you think you know the birthday girl or boy?

Why not truly test your knowledge with this compilation of birthday trivia questions and answers for parties? See how much you really know about the guest of honor"

Birthdays call for celebrations, and what better than some fun birthday trivia to entertain your party guests?  We have put together these entertaining trivia questions for birthday parties that will set the tone for an amazing day! Be it 21st birthday quiz questions, 30th birthday trivia questions, 50th birthday trivia questions, or 70th birthday trivia questions, we have plenty of great guest of honor trivia questions for all age groups. All of these trivia questions are categorised into the best categories for trivia quizzes.

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Biography Trivia Questions

Biography trivia for parties makes for some of the best birthday quizzes, which will test how much your friends and family really know about you and your background. Check out these questions for birthday party trivia and feel free to use them in those celebratory moments to see who can come up with the correct answers! These are the most popular birthday boy and birthday girl trivia questions for parties.

Sweeten up your birthday with these trivia questions!

1. Question: In which year was [the person] born?

2. Question: What is [the person]'s middle name?

3. Question: Where did [the person] go for high school?

4. Question: What is [the person]'s father's name?

5. Question: How many siblings does [the person] have?

6. Question: What is [the person]'s mother's name?

7. Question: Where does [the person] live now?

8. Question: What is [the person]'s hometown?

9. Question: Where was [the person] born?

10. Question: Who does [the person] get along with best in his/her family?

11. Question: What is [the person]'s nickname?

12. Question: What is [the person]'s height?

13. Question: Does [the person] wear spectacles?

14. Question: What is [the person]'s eye color?

15. Question: What is [the person]'s religion?

'Favorites' Trivia Questions

To spice up the birthday party game, why not throw in some 'favorites' trivia questions which will show how well your friends know you? Well, do you know the birthday boy or girl well enough? Find out with these favorites birthday party questions, which will set the atmosphere for full on entertainment.

16. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite band?

17. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite sports team?

18. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite song?

19. Question:  What is  [the person]'s favorite tourist destination?

20. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite author?

21. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite TV show?

22. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite food?

23. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite ice cream flavor?

24. Question:  What is [the person]'s favorite color?

25. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite computer font?

26. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite book?

27. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite pastime?

28. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite clothes brand?

29. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite dessert?

30. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite movie?

'This Or That?' Trivia Questions

Try out this 'This or That' trivia game to find out some interesting things about the guest of honor. How well do you know them?

31. Question: Does [the person] prefer Apple or Samsung?

32. Question: Mango or orange?

33. Question: A movie date or dinner?

34. Question:  Books or TV?

35. Question: A shower or bath?

36. Question: Summer or winter?

37. Question: Home or abroad?

38. Question: Switzerland or Australia?

39. Question: Comfy or stylish?

40. Question: Cat or dog?

41. Question: Rain or sun?

42. Question: Go out or stay in?

43. Question: Friends or family?

44. Question: Movie or series?

45. Question: Romcom or sitcom?

46. Question: Burger or pizza?

47. Question: Sweatshirt or jacket?

48. Question: Road trip or train journey?

49. Question: Soccer or baseball?

50. Question: Ketchup or mayonnaise?

'Least Favorites' Trivia Questions

How well do you know your friend's least favorite things? Guessing the correct answers to this birthday boy or girl trivia quiz will prove how much you know the birthday girl or boy!

51. Question: Which song does [the person] like least?

52. Question: Which pizza does [the person] like least?

53. Question: Which movie is [the person]'s least favorite film?

54. Question: Which sport does [the person] like least?

55. Question: Which food is [the person]'s least favorite?

56. Question: Which singer does [the person] like least?

57. Question: Which high school subject is [the person]'s least favorite?

58. Question: Which animal is [the person]'s least favorite?

59. Question: Which place in the world is [the person]'s least favorite?

60. Question: What is [the person]'s least favorite drink?

Funny Moments Trivia Questions

What's a birthday game without some funny moments trivia? Funny moments trivia questions are among the most enjoyable party ideas and they will definitely put a smile on everyone's face! Do you think you know the birthday guest of honor well? Get the correct answers to prove that you do!

61. Question: Did the [the person] ever get pranked?

62. Question: Did [the person] ever fall asleep during a test?

63. Question: Did [the person] ever call the cops accidentally?

64. Question: Did [the person] ever get caught cheating in a test?

65. Question: Does [the person] scream while watching horror movies?

66. Question: Did [the person] ever step on chewing gum?

67. Question: Did [the person] ever fall over while walking?

68. Question: Did [the person] ever miss his/her flight?

Fun Birthday Questions

Do you know some fun birthday facts about the birthday boy or girl? Light up your birthday party by throwing in these fun quizzes for parties, guests are sure to love them!

Birthday parties with trivia quizzes are extra fun.

69. Question: If [the person] could die his/her hair, what color would it be?

70. Question: Does [the person] sing in the shower?

71. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite hobby?

72. Question: Does [the person] like nachos?

73. Question: What was [the person]'s first car?

74. Question: Does [the person] watch anime?

75. Question: Which sport does [the person] play?

76. Question: What is [the person]'s idea for a perfect pizza?

77. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite video game?

78. Question: Does [the person] eat pizza with pineapples?

79. Question: Has [the person] ever pranked someone?

80. Question: Does [the person] play mobile games?

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