Birthday Video Messages From Your Kid's Favourite Characters In Lockdown

Two young superheroes ready for their birthdays.

Celebrating a birthday during lockdown is far from ideal, but it definitely doesn't mean that  it can't still be a fun and memorable day!

Lots of children's entertainers have seamlessly switched to offering a virtual service instead of appearing at parties, so kids can still have the chance to meet their favourite character on their special day! Many are also offering to do a recorded video or a FaceTime for free, or in exchange for a donation either towards keeping the business afloat in these uncertain times or a charity supporting our key workers and the NHS.

A little personalised video or a live call  is a really lovely way to make your child's birthday special, not to mention they will be seriously impressed, you'll be hearing about their phone call from Elsa for weeks! Make sure to take a look at our other birthday ideas for lockdown- we have lots! Perhaps you could go with a theme for the whole day such as superheroes, pirates or Disney, then a video or Facetime would be the final touch and an amazing present for a slightly unusual, but equally wonderful birthday. Take a look below at some of the amazing companies we have found that have jumped online to keep the birthday party vibe going!

Karousel Creations

This company have now recorded over 200 personalised videos since lockdown began, with no sign of slowing down yet! Karousel Creations offer an amazing range of characters, from Rapunzel to Captain America, who can pre-record a special message for your little one, all you need to do is send them a message through their Facebook page with the character you would like. Karousel Creations are unbelievably doing all these messages for FREE! There is an optional donation of £5 to support the business, but they are very clear that there is no obligation, the videos are all about cheering up lockdown and are available to all. These guys have stunning costumes and have somehow managed to find entertainers with an amazing resemblance to the characters they play. Check out their Facebook for more information and to see some examples of the characters that could soon be wishing your little one a happy birthday!

Super Sparkle Parties

Super Sparkle Parties are offering an array of options for birthdays during lockdown including, a live call,  a pre- recorded personal message, a virtual party (pre-recorded or live via Zoom) and even a pen Pen Pal package which allows to child to send real letters back and fourth with their favourite character. They offer a huge selection of characters as well as mascots- such as the Gruffalo, dinosaurs and Poppy from Trolls! At the moment, Super Sparkle Parties are offering a 'pay what you can' option, up to the value of the package, they also have some free mini online parties available to watch through Facebook and Youtube. You can find more information and how to book on their website here.

children on FaceTime

Mascot Rental Aberdeen

This company specialise in mascot costumes, like the ones you would see at a football match or bump into at Disneyland! They have a truly huge amount to choose from, including the characters from PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, and Lego Batman as well as favourites like Elsa and Olaf.  Mascot Rental Aberdeen are currently offering free pre-recorded personalised birthday messages for kids during lockdown! They are also fundraising to buy PPE for keyworkers  so there is an option to make a donation too. Check out their Facebook page to book and view characters, or their website here.

Party With Princess Anna & Co

Princess Anna & Co are offering a 'Stay at Home with a Princess' package, this is a personalised video message to play again and again, followed by a letter in the post from your chosen character as a keepsake. The videos are £20 with £5  being donated to the NHS, you will receive confirmation of the donation too, so you can be sure you are helping an amazing cause! You can choose from range of popular princesses including, Anna and Elsa (of course!), Jasmine, Ariel and all the classic Disney favourites! Take a look at the Party with Anna & Co website here for more information and to book.

Edinburgh's Batman

If you have a comic book fan at home then this slightly more specialist character could be a great option! Batman himself will call the birthday child, from inside the Batmobile (the real thing!), they will get a little tour of the car and a birthday chat with this mysterious superhero! The calls are through Facebook messenger, and they cost £10 with all proceeds being split between two charities- The Trussel Trust and Capability Scotland. You can book by emailing or check out the Edinburgh Batman Facebook page here.

My Little Princess Parties

This company are offering personalised video messages, and FaceTime calls from your little ones favourite characters. The character of choice will make sure to mention little bits of personal info so the birthday child will know it's especially for them! FaceTime calls will include singing happy birthday and reading a story too. The My Little Princess Parties website offer a whole host of characters- and there are so many more than just the princesses (although Moana and Merida are our favourites!) You can choose from superheroes, pirates, and knights too! Email to enquire or check out their Facebook page here to see some reviews and take a look at the characters that are available. My Little Princess Parties are also regularly uploading lots of videos absolutely free, of all of their characters getting up to all sorts! You can bake along with Anna, do a ballet lesson with Tinkerbell and of course there are a LOT of singalongs!

Video messages are £20 and a FaceTime call is £35.



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