34 Biscuit Puns That Are Deliciously Funny

Biscuits have been around for years and used to be taken on sea voyages as they kept well.

Need something to sweeten your afternoon?

You may want to try these brilliant puns about biscuits, they are guaranteed to sweeten anyone's day. Kids are bound to love these delightful lines; these jokes are absolutely cracking!

Before you serve them up, here are some fun facts about biscuits. The word comes from the French for "twice cooked", and they used to be a vital supply to take on long sea voyages as they would keep well. It is said that the Queen's favourite biscuit is a rich tea biscuit, dunked into a cup of Earl Grey. The first digestive biscuit was invented in 1892 by Sir Alexander Grant, and the recipe has not changed since then.

If these jokes are not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you have got to try these collections of pancake puns or chocolate jokes.

Biscuit Puns

Each and every one of these jokes is an absolute cracker which is bound to make everyone laugh!

1. I'm taking a day off school as I'm sick, I had too many biscuits and now I have a digestive problem.

2. Oh crumbs, I dropped my biscuit!

3. I asked for a helicopter biscuit to go with my tea, but they didn't have any so I had to have a plane one.

4. Be careful of the magician, he may have a few twix up his sleeve!

5. The biscuit went to the doctor's because he was feeling crummy.

6. Aladdin's favourite biscuits are Jaffar cakes.

7. The baby biscuit couldn't stop crying because his mother was a wafer so long.

8. I ate so many biscuits I was sick, it may have been an overdough-se!

9. Basketball players love biscuits because they can dunk them.

10. A biscuit that draws funny pictures is a snickerdoodle.

11. Nothing can go down a hill as quickly as a rolling scone.

12. A cannibal's favourite biscuits are lady fingers.

13. To communicate with a biscuit, you need to use s'mores code.

14. I'm on the lookout for the biscuit thief: when I arrived at the scene of the crime, he was scone!

15. Oreo a biscuit lover?

16. I have some bad news about shortbread: they're not making it any longer.

17. When you put out biscuits for Santa, remember to put out his elves' favourite snack: shortbread.

18. Some biscuits can be sassy: they know how to ginger snap.

19. You just have to fig roll with it!

20. All the biscuits flocked to go and see Lionel Rich Tea's concert.

21. Good things crumb to those who wait.

Brilliant Baking One Liners

When you get baking, try out a batch of these delicious jokes!

22. Two biscuits met, fell in love and got married. It was a batch made in heaven.

23. I have always chocolate biscuits in the bake of my mind.

24. If you don't know how to cook, you just have to fake it til you bake it.

25. The biscuit thief strikes again. This is the latest in the series of baking and entering crimes.

26. I just took a job at the biscuit factory, I really kneaded the dough.

27. The baker is really efficient. He can kill two birds with one scone.

28. The baker finally gave me my birthday present, three months late. Batter late than never, I guess!

Clever Cookie Puns

You could serve up these jokes as a perfect side of entertainment for any tea party.

29. A cookie thief, now that really takes the biscuit!

30. It's difficult to find out what a person who works in IT's favourite biscuit it, because they always delete their cookie preferences.

31. Why are cookies called cookies, and bacon called bacon, but you have to bake cookies and cook bacon?!

32. This was a cookie mistake.

33. Websites use cookies to improve performance, and to be honest, I'm the same.

34. That's just the way the cookie crumbles!



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