Blast Off! 5 Ways To Celebrate World Space Week 2019 With Kids

Children looking at space.

We're over the moon because World Space Week is just around the corner (4th-10th October) and we've got all the best activities planet!

But don't worry if you haven't planned anything just yet because we've got five ways to celebrate that won't break the bank and are (space)bound to satisfy all your outer space needs. From going on your very own virtual reality mission to space at the Science Museum to sitting back and stargazing at the Royal Observatory, you'll have a blast! Grab your spacesuits and zoom on down.

1. Descend into space with VR at the Science Museum

Go on an out-of-this-world virtual reality mission with a real astronaut at the Science Museum from just £8! This VR experience guides you through an astronaut's 400km journey back to Earth from the International Space Station by real astronaut Tim Peake. Bring your budding astronauts along as this experience uses the same VR systems that astronauts use to train for their missions and is considered as close to the real thing as possible! Your older kids will be mesmerised by how breathtaking Tim's world is, and you'll no doubt all leave the screening inspired to find out if you have what it takes to become an astronaut yourself!

VR mission into space exhibition at the science museum london

2. Delve into an outer space, musical adventure with Chamber Tots

Suitable for those aged one and two, this highly interactive and hands-on music session run by Chamber Tots at Wigmore Hall will have your little ones making music in no time! Discover a sound-world and experiment with all sorts of instruments and songs that'll transport you and your mini musicians to outer space! Engage in out of this world stories with experienced music leaders and emerging chamber ensembles in these tailor-made workshops for you and your little ones.

toddlers music workshop in london space inspired

3. Houston, we have a problem: Kidadlers haven't been to the Hubble 3D screening yet!

Explore the mysteries of our celestial surroundings and celebrate the beauty of space in this epic documentary: Hubble 3D at the Science Museum. Watch space-walking astronauts perform one of the most difficult and important tasks in NASA's 60-year history and get a deeper understanding of just how impressive space truly is. Listen to DiCaprio provide a unique insight into the Hubble Space telescope and how this one piece of equipment has changed the way we view the universe and ourselves. It's the perfect event for any budding astronaut, so reach for the stars and get hold of a ticket today!

astronaut film at science museum for world space week

4. See the stars for free at the Royal Observatory with London Pass

Gather your mini astrologists and space cadets and prepare for the ultimate fun, free day at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. When you use your London Pass you don't have to pay anything on the door - everything is already paid for, and you'll save precious time not having to book separate tickets! Stand on the historic Prime Meridian Line and take an iconic family selfie where East meets West, get your minds blown at one of the many shows at London's only planetarium, or explore the free astronomy centre galleries and find out how stars are born!

royal observatory free entry with london pass world space week

5. Learn all about the universe you live in with A Beautiful Planet 3D

With tickets from as little as £12, book now to see this brilliant immersive IMAX screening at the Science Museum, featuring images of Earth taken from the space station, narrated by Academy Award-winning Jennifer Lawrence. The film features footage of crew members on the International Space Station and gives you an insight into their lives and work on board. Learn what it takes to survive in space as astronauts share their most memorable experiences, including how they eat Christmas dinner on the ISS! See how humanity has impacted the natural world from a whole new perspective and leave the screening utterly mesmerised and in awe of this universe we call home.

kids eating popcorn at the cinema at science museum


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